Miele H 136 MB Operating Instructions Manual

Microwave combination oven
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Operating Instructions

Combination Oven
H 136 MB, H 137 MB
H 146 MB, H 147 MB
It is
to read these
operating instructions before
installing or using the machine, to
avoid the risk of accident, or damage
to the machine.
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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Microwave Combination Oven H 136 MB, H 137 MB H 146 MB, H 147 MB GiZWO It is to read these operating instructions before installing or using the machine, to avoid the risk of accident, or damage to the machine.
  • Page 3 a Function selector for: Light H Fan heat D Grill n Microwave + Grill h + n Microwave + Fan heat h + D Microwave mode h b Indicator light for heating c Temperature selector for functions with Fan heat d Display A Rack, B Glass tray, C Boiling rod e Minute minder button l...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    ......... 2 Accessories .
  • Page 5 ............37 Fan Heat D .
  • Page 6 Im- the new cable must be fitted by a proper use of the appliance can, Miele approved service technician. however, present a risk of both per- sonal injury and material damage. Do not use the microwave function...
  • Page 7 Always ensure that food is suffi- technicial approved by Miele in accor- ciently cooked or reheated. Many dance with local and national safety factors will affect the overall cooking regulations.
  • Page 8: Accessories

    Always remember that cooking Food left in the oven to take advan- times in a microwave oven are usu- tage of residual heat should always ally considerably shorter than with tradi- be covered to avoid it drying out, and tional methods of food preparation. Ex- to avoid a possible build-up of conden- cessively long cooking times can lead sation which could adversely affect the...
  • Page 9 Do not use the oven to heat up the When heating liquids, the boiling room. Due to the high temperatures rod provided should be placed into radiated, objects left near the oven the container. could catch fire. When using kitchen appliances connected to sockets near the oven ensure that the cable cannot get trapped in a hot oven door, which could...
  • Page 10 Do not use any containers or cut- Food with a thick skin or peel, such lery made from or containing metal, as tomatoes, sausages, jacket po- aluminium foil, lead crystal glassware, tatoes, aubergines, should be pierced temperature-sensitive plastics, wooden or cut in several places to allow steam utensils or cutlery, metal clips or wire to escape and prevent the food from ties.
  • Page 11 Wait until the element has cooled down before lowering it for clean- Bottling should only be undertaken by ing. an experienced cook who has received Do not use force to pull it down as proper training in this method of pre- this can cause the element to serving fruit and vegetables in an oven break.
  • Page 12 Old appliances may contain materials which can be reclaimed or recycled. The transport and protective packing Please contact your dealer, your local has been selected from materials which waste collection centre or scrap mer- are environmentally friendly for disposal chant about potential recycling and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 13 All food contains moisture molecules which, when subjected to microwave Microwave cooking offers the benefits energy, start to oscillate 2.5 thousand of speed, convenience and nutritional million times a second. The friction advantages when food does not require caused by this vibration creates heat, browning or crisping.
  • Page 14 Fan Heat D Microwave + Fan Heat h + D Grill n Microwave + Grill h + n These cook and brown the food. The combination programmes enable the grill or the fan setting to be used in conjunction with the microwave facility. The fan circulates heat constantly A microwave power level and cooking time are programmed together with ei-...
  • Page 15 After the appliance has been con- nected to the power supply or after a power cut 0•00 with AUTO on the left will Midnight (24 hours) is shown as 0•00. flash in the display. ^ Press the g and h buttons at the same time.
  • Page 16 ^ Wipe out the oven interior with hot water and a little washing up liquid. Dry using a soft cloth. Do not shut the oven door until the interior is completely dry, to avoid odours and the possibility of corro- sion developing.
  • Page 17 Microwaves The material and shape of containers used affect cooking results and times. Heat distribution is more even in round and oval shaped dishes than in rectan- gular containers, providing better re- sults. Metal containers, aluminium foil and – are reflected by metal, metal cutlery, or china with metallic decoration such as gold rims or co- balt blue must not be used in micro-...
  • Page 18 Decorated earthenware is only suitable Make sure that the aluminium foil is if the decoration is beneath an all-over at least 2 cm from the oven walls at glaze. all times. It must not touch the walls. Earthenware can get very hot, and Metal meat skewers or clamps should may crack.
  • Page 19 Plastic containers must only be used for Roasting tubes should be about 40 cm Microwave mode alone and not in con- longer and roasting bags about 20 cm ventional oven mode. longer than the food being roasted, and carefully tied with string. Turn the ends Plastics must be heat-resistant to a min- over and secure them.
  • Page 20: Microwave H

    The c symbol appears above the dot. ^ Press the Start/Stop button. If in doubt as to whether glass, earthen- ware or porcelain plates or dishes are The oven interior light comes on. The suitable for use in a microwave oven, a time entered counts down in the display simple test can be performed: in second steps.
  • Page 21 Sealed glass containers, such as – prevents too much steam escaping, jars of food, must be opened before especially when cooking food which they are placed in the oven. needs longer to cook, such as pota- toes, – shortens and evens out the cooking –...
  • Page 22 Enter a time for the microwave process as follows: ^ Press the g button. 0•00 appears in the display for approx. 4 seconds. ^ Within these 4 seconds set the re- quired time using the + or – button. You can enter a maximum of 99 min- utes 59 seconds.
  • Page 23 If the food is still not cooked, leave the function selector pointing to Microwave The cooling fan prevents the build- mode. Repeat the other steps in the fol- up of condensation in the warm ap- lowing order: pliance. Leave the cooling fan on ^ Press the g button.
  • Page 24: Traditional Oven Functions

    The traditional oven functions can be used with or without the timer. You can use the timer at any time to set If you have set the timer for a specific the length of time for the fan heat to be time the appliance will heat during this on.
  • Page 25: Grill N.

    At the end of the time a beep sounds three times and the AUTO symbol flashes. Press any button to cancel them. The heating and the oven lighting go out. If the food is still not cooked: ^ set a new time, ^ and press the Start/Stop button.
  • Page 26 You can enter a maximum of 99 min- utes 59 seconds. The cooling fan prevents a build-up of condensation in the warm appli- ance. Leave the cooling fan on until the oven has cooled down suffi- ciently. ^ Turn the function selector to "0". This The time entered appears in the display will also turn off the cooling fan.
  • Page 27: Combination Programmes

    Microwave mode is combined with one If this power level is not suitable alter it of the traditional oven functions, (Fan using the + or – button. heat or Grill). The following power levels can be se- lected: A microwave process can only start 80 W, 150 W, 300 W, 450 W.
  • Page 28 The c and AUTO symbols stay on con- stantly and the time entered counts down. The oven door is locked. To deactivate the door lock, you have to At the end of the set time the micro- interrupt the process. wave function, the heating and the oven ^ Press the Start/Stop button.
  • Page 29: Microwave + Grill H + N

    To enter the time: ^ Press the g button. Before starting the combination 0•00 appears in the display for programme you must first select the mi- crowave power level and the time for approx. 4 seconds . the process. ^ Within these 4 seconds set the re- quired time using the + or –...
  • Page 30 If the food is still not cooked, leave the function selector pointing to Microwave The cooling fan prevents a build-up + Grill and repeat the other steps in the of condensation in the warm appli- following order: ance. Leave the cooling fan on until ^ Press the g button.
  • Page 31 If you discover before the start of a pro- If you discover after the process has cess that you have made an error with begun that you have made an error with the data entry then this can be cor- the data entry, press the Start/Stop but- rected.
  • Page 32 You can set the minute minder to time other activities in the kitchen, e.g. boil- If you have entered a wrong time, this ing eggs on a hob. You can also set the can be corrected. minute minder after a process has started.
  • Page 33 The microwave function can be used to defrost food gently and quickly. Allow the food to stand at room temper- The following settings are recom- ature long enough to allow the tempera- mended as a general guide: ture to spread evenly throughout the food.
  • Page 34 Cream – 15 – 20 10 – 15 Butter 250 g – 8 – 10 5 – 10 Cheese slices 250 g – 6 – 8 10 – 15 Milk 12 – 14 – 10 – 15 Quark (Cream cheese) 250 g 10 –...
  • Page 35 The microwave function h can be Always use a lid or cover for reheating used to reheat food. food, except when a drier finish is needed, e.g. breaded poultry / meat. Select the following microwave power settings to reheat food When reheating liquids place the boil- ing rod supplied into the cup or glass.
  • Page 36 For more detailed information on re- Be careful when removing a dish heating consult a good microwave from the oven. It may be hot. or microwave combi-oven cookbook. Although heat is not normally produced in the container itself by the micro- waves, (apart from stoneware and simi- lar dishes), heat transfer from the food to the container may be considerable,...
  • Page 37 Coffee, drinking temp 60 – 65 °C 1 cup, 0.2 l 1 – 1 – – Milk, drinking temp 60 – 65 °C 1 cup, 0.2 l 1– 1 – – Water to the boil 1 cup, 1 – 1 –...
  • Page 38 Microwave, traditional and combination Eggs can be cooked without their shells programmes are all suitable for cook- in the microwave oven only if the yolk ing. membrane has been punctured several times first. The pressure could other- wise cause the egg yolk to explode. This method is suitable for cooking noo- dles, pasta, rice, semolina pudding etc.
  • Page 39 For more detailed information on cooking consult a good microwave or microwave combi-oven cookbook. is suitable if you want a shorter cooking time. is suitable for cooking food which re- quires a crisp finish or browning. Place the cooking container on the glass tray and slide into the lowest run- ner level.
  • Page 40 Goulash (with 750 g of meat) 24 – 26 3 – 5 Liver 200 g – – Chicken in wine sauce approx. 900 g 13 – 18 5 – 8 Chicken in curry sauce approx. 800 g 6 – 8 3 –...
  • Page 41 Paprika boats 10 – 12 Root veg.-Lasagne 22 – 24 Emmental-Noodles – 8 – 12** Vegetable Burger 28 – 30 Potato Dauphinoise – 25 – 27 Breaded fish – 8 – 12** Fish in Cheese Sauce – 14 – 18** 1000 g 45 –...
  • Page 42 For simultaneous defrosting and reheat- ing or cooking the following functions This method is suitable for defrosting are suitable: and then reheating or cooking deep frozen ready made meals, which are to be crisped and browned. Microwave output is limited to 450 watts when This method is suitable for defrosting used with the grill.
  • Page 43 Cream soups 0.75 l 8 – 10 Clear beef broth 0.8 l 10 – 12 with vegetables White fillet 400 g 10 – 12 Sea trout 400 g 10 – 12 in herb sauce Burgers 160 g – Roast 450 g 7 –...
  • Page 44 Bistro Baguettes 250 g 8 – 10 Lasagne 450 g 14 – 16 Potatoes, broccoli and ham in sauce 350 g 14 – 16 Wholemeal pasta bake with vegetables and ham 350 g 16 – 18 Fish fillet 450 g 18 –...
  • Page 45 The following grill settings are suitable Slide the glass tray with the rack for browning food: – into the upper (2nd) runner level for n is suitable for browning dishes flat pieces of food such as cauliflower cheese. It can be –...
  • Page 46 Pre-heat the grill for approx five minutes. Steaks 25 – 30 Burgers 30 – 35 Sausage 20 – 25 Fish fillet 16 – 20 Toast 2 – 4 Toast with topping 5 – 7 Tomatoes 8 – 10 Peaches 7 – 10 1) upper runner level 2) Turn the food half way through grilling.
  • Page 47 This method is suitable for baking small This combination programme is suit- cakes, swiss roll, pastry doughs. able for doughs which require longer baking, such as rubbed in and beaten Most types of heat-resistant tins or mixtures, yeast recipes and cheese- dishes are suitable, including thin- cake.
  • Page 48 With metal baking tins there may be Temperature settings, times and micro- sparking. Try positioning the tin differ- wave power settings in the Baking ently on the glass tray, and make sure Chart are suggestions only. Select an the tin does not touch the interior walls. average temperature and time for first attempts and adapt accordingly.
  • Page 49 Victoria sandwich 160 – 165 20 – 25 – – – Farmhouse fruit cake – – 60 – 70 Nut cake (glass tray) 150 – 170 25 – 30 20 – 25 Nut cake (tin) 150 – 170 60 – 70 40 –...
  • Page 50 A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available from Aluminium surfaces and controls the Miele UK Spare Parts Department, may suffer discolouration or damage Part number 98013530, which is suit- able for cleaning surfaces such as if soiling is left on them for too long.
  • Page 51 The controls may suffer discolour- The appliance front and controls are ation or damage if soiling is left on susceptible to scratches and abrasion. them for too long. Remove any soiling straight away. Please observe the cleaning instruc- tions for Avoid: –...
  • Page 52 ^ Gently lift the glass pane and take it If anything has become burnt on, use a non-abrasive mild cream cleaner or a out carefully. proprietary cleaner for stainless steel, ^ Clean in the dishwasher or wash by applied with a non-scouring kitchen hand.
  • Page 53 If the oven interior roof is particularly Always keep the door interior clean. Do soiled, the grill element can be lowered not use any scouring agent. Check the to make cleaning easier. door and door seal at regular intervals for any sign of damage. Wait until the grill element has cooled down before lowering it to If any damage is noticed, the oven...
  • Page 54 Repairs to this appliance should only be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent service technician approved by Miele. Un- authorised repairs could be danger- ous. The following can be corrected without calling the Miele Service Department: ^ Loosen and remove the lamp cover (1.).
  • Page 55 – the colour and composition of the baking tins being used. Try using a different tin next time. ^ Check whether: – the cooking process has been inter- rupted and was not re-started, – if cooking / reheating in microwave When cooked by microwaves, food be- mode the correct time was selected gins to cook from the outside first, the...
  • Page 56 In the events of any faults which you cannot easily remedy, please contact – your Miele dealer – the Miele Service Department. See address on the back page. – When contacting the Service depart- ment please quote the model and se-...
  • Page 57 30 mA (in accordance with DIN VDE 0664, VDE 0100 Section 739). If the cable is damaged a new cable must be fitted by a Miele approved ser- vice engineer.
  • Page 58 (as applicable to the design of plug fitted). The correct rating of the replacement fuses that are ASTA approved to BS 1362 should be fitted. Replacement covers may be purchased from your lo- cal electrical supplier, electricity show- room or Miele service agent.
  • Page 59 All electrical work should be carried out by a competent person, in accordance The wires in the mains lead are col- with national and local safety regula- oured in accordance with the follow- tions. ing code: Depending on the version, the appli- Green / yellow = earth ance is supplied with a mains cable, or Blue = neutral...
  • Page 60 The appliance is suitable for installa- tion: – in a tall unit in combination with an oven, – in a tall unit, – in a base unit. If fitted in combination with a hob, the installation instructions for the hob must also be taken into ac- count.
  • Page 61 ^ Turn off the mains electricity supply for connecting to an isolator. ^ Connect the oven to the electricity supply. ^ Push the oven into the furniture unit as far as the oven trim and align. ^ Open the oven door, and with two screws secure the oven to the side walls of the furniture unit through the holes in the oven trim.
  • Page 64 Alteration rights reserved / 2902 M.-Nr. 05 237 641 / V H 136 MB, H 137 MB, H 146 MB, H 147 MB This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.

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