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Using the Adapter

If using an emitter, position it where there
will be a clear path to the 3D glasses.
Note: An emitter is not needed for 3D
glasses using DLP Link.
Power on the TV and the 3D video device.
Note: The 3D video device must be powered on before the 3D Adapter
can power on.
If the 3D Adapter does not power on automatically when you power
on the 3D video device, press the POWER button.
If the New Input Found screen displays, assign a name to the
input. If you have an 833 series TV, name the input Game.
Start video from the 3D video device and wait a few moments for an
image to appear.
Enable the TV's 3D mode. For an 833 series TV, 3D settings are in
the FX Gaming menu.
Select the Adapter's 3D mode. Press the 3D MODE button to change.
• For ordinary 2D signals, keep the Adapter powered on and use
3D Mode Normal.
• For automatic detection of HDMI 1.4a 3D signals, use 3D Mode
• For non-HDMI 1.4a 3D signals, press the 3D MODE button
repeatedly until the picture appears correct.

Picture Troubleshooting

Blurry double image,
checkerboard format.
Turn on TV's 3D mode.
Press 3D MODE button to
select 3D Mode Normal.
The Mitsubishi 3D Adapter, Model 3DA-1, may be used to display
3D content only when connected to a Mitsubishi 3D Ready TV or a
Mitsubishi 3D TV. A 3D source device coupled with the Mitsubishi 3D
Adapter is required to support display of 3D games, 3D broadcasts
from terrestrial/cable/satellite and 3D Blu-ray disc content.
Two images, top-and-
bottom format. Press
3D MODE button to select
3D Mode for top/bottom.
For assistance call 1(800) 332-2119
Two images, side-by-
side format. Press
3D MODE button to select
3D Mode for side-by-side.



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