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Solving Equations; Solving An Equation - HP 33s User Manual

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Solving Equations

In chapter 6 you saw how you can use
variable in an assignment –type equation. Well, you can use SOLVE to find the
value of any variable in any type of equation.
For example, consider the equation
If you know the value of y in this equation, then SOLVE can solve for the unknown
x . If you know the value of x , then SOLVE can solve for the unknown y . This works
for "word problems" just as well:
If you know any two of these variables, then SOLVE can calculate the value of the
When the equation has only one variable, or when known values are supplied for
all variables except one, then to solve for x is to find a root of the equation. A root
of an equation occurs where an equality or assignment equation balances exactly,
or where an expression equation equals zero. (This is equivalent to the value of the
equation being zero.)

Solving an Equation

To solve an equation for an unknown variable:
º d
1. Press
equation as explained in chapter 6 under "Entering Equations into the
Equation List."
2. Press
then press the key for the unknown variable. For example, press
X to solve for x. The equation then prompts for a value for every other
variable in the equation.
3. For each prompt, enter the desired value:
– 3 y = 10
Cost = Price
and display the desired equation. If necessary, type the
to find the value of the left–hand
Solving Equations


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