Operation Guidance - Pullman Holt U10 Operation & Care Instructions Manual

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Operation Guidance:

Figure A
Press the button on hose cuff and take
off connecter.
This machine has a 3-position switch. Press the
switch backwards and the vacuum will start to
operate. Press the switch forward to turn on the
vacuum and brush roll at the same time. When the
switch is in the middle position the machine is OFF.
position, and the machine is left in the upright
position, a safety switch will automatically cut the
machine off.
Remove the hose from the main unit. Turn on
the switch and the hose can be used separate
from the machine.
included for various needs. The combination
Nozzle can be used for cleaning crevices,
corners, baseboards, etc. The Dust Brush
can be used for furniture or other surfaces.
Turn the machine OFF by moving the switch to
the middle position and remove the plug from the
outlet. Return the machine to the upright position
and roll the cord around the cord hooks. Replace
the nozzle and the brush on the handle.
CAUTION: Do not store the machine directly in
the sun or rain.
Dust Empty and Maintenance:
Dust Empty:
If the dust full indicator light is on, replace old bag
with a new bag.
Figure B
Press button on the dust cover.
When the switch is in the forward
Use the attachments
Figure C
Insert the dust bag into the bag housing.
Make sure it is inserted correctly.
CAUTION: This model is equipped
with a safety switch that won't allow the
machine to work without a dust bag.
When replacing the fi lter bag, open the dust cover
and remove the bag. Replace the bag with an
original factory supplied fi lter bag and close the
cover. You may then continue cleaning.
Make sure the machine is completely turned
off before opening the cover.
Properly dispose of the dust bag.
Remove the fi lter from the bottom of the dust cover
and rinse out with water for cleaning. Allow fi lter to
completely dry and then place back in teh machine.
The fi lter should be cleaned every 5-6 days of
use or more if needed.
Do not operate with the dust bag removed.
Check to make sure the dust bag has been
installed correctly and that there is no damage
to bag prior to use.
Make sure the machine is completely turned
off prior to removing the dust bag to ensure no
debris falls into the motor.
To replace the belt and/or clean the brush roll,
remove the screw with a screwdriver and turn knob
to remove the bottom plate and take out the brush
roll and belt for cleaning and maintenance.
The belt should be replaced if it is binding or is
not working properly.
The brush roll needs to be cleaned and free of
any debris or it will not work properly.
Make sure ot unplug the machine prior to any
maintenance on the belt or brush roll.
Figure D
Remove the power cord and plug the
machine in to the outlet. Pull down on
the handle and turn on the machine at
the power switch.



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