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Reverse Osmosis Dimensions; Plan The Installation; Tools And Materials Needed; Location Requirements - Whirlpool WHER12 Installation And Operation Manual

Reverse osmosis drinking water system
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Reverse Osmosis Dimensions
1 5"
Plan the Installation
Tools and Parts Needed
Assemble the required tools be*k_restarting installation. Read and follow the instructions providedwith
any tools listed here.
Larger adjustable jaw pliers
Electric drill and drill bit
Location Requirements
Pipe wrench
Plumbers putty (for sink, if necessary)
Consider all of the following when selecting an installation location for the reverse osmosis.
For optimum performance
your reverse osmosis system should be installed on softened water.
To provide supply water to the RO system inlet use the feed supply fitting (provided) or buy and
install pipe fittings for tubing connection.
See "Install Cold Water Supply Fitting" section.
A refrigerator
ice maker may not operate properly when connected
to a reverse osmosis system
that has been installed on a water system that operates outside of the specified pressures listed. See
"Product Specifications"
Chlorine in the water can adversely effcct the RO membrane life. Most cities add chlorine to the
water supply to kill bacteria. The prefilter removes chlorine up to the limits shown in the specifica-
tions before it enters the RO membrane.
It is important to replace the prefilter cartridge at least
every 6 months.
See "Product Specifications"
Check your water supply. The cold water supply to the RO system must be within certain quality
See "Product Specifications"
section. If supply water is not within limits, the RO system
can not make product water as it should and reduced RO membrane life will result.
Remote Locations
A basement area underneath
the sink
Parts needed for remote location:
An adjacent room or closet
Longer lengths of tubing, see "Repair Parts" section
Telephone style wire extension (purchase separtately)
may be needed
Telephone style wire extension must consist of a male connector on one end and
a female connector on the other to keep proper polarity. Polarity may be reversed
if a coupler is used and the monitor will not work.


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