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Routine Maintenance; Prefitter And Post Filter Cartridges - Whirlpool WHER12 Installation And Operation Manual

Reverse osmosis drinking water system
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Routine Maintenance
To keep your reverse osmosis system operating and producing high quality water, you must make sure
supply water is always within the limits shown in the specifications.
Good supply water helps to assure
longer life from the RO membrane cartridge, prefilter and postfilter cartridges. However, each of these
will wear out in time and need replacement.
This reverse osmosis system contains a replaceable treatment component critical for effective re-
moval of total dissolved solids. The monitor faucet feature provides continuous analysis of the sys-
tems performance.
For systems not equipped with the monitor faucet function, have your water
tested at least every 6 months to verity your system is perfi)rming properly. TDS test kits are avail-
able by calling 1-800-826-8553
ext. 47, or check the water testing section of your local phone
If the RO assembly is wall mounted, you may be able to replace parts with the assembly left on the wall.
If not, simply lift the RO assembly from the mounting washers and lay on the cabinet floor when replac-
ing the prefilter and post filter cartridges
and RO membrane.
To prevent spillage, place a container under the RO assembly, or put the RO assembly
in a container
to catch the water.
Before disconnecting
parts, be sure to close the water supply valve to the RO and
close storage tank valve.
Prefilter and Post Filter Cartridges:
Filter life varies depending on local water conditions
and the volume of water used. Wc recommend
you change your filters every 6 months. However, they can be replaced earlier if there is a drop in pres-
sure at the faucet.
To replace the filter cartridges:
Turn off the water supply and open the RO faucet to relieve pressure.
Be careful . . .the sumps are full ofwater.
Remove and discard the inner cartridges
in a proper manner. Flush the insides of the sumps with
fresh water. Do not lose the large o-ring seals.
Insert new cartridges with o-ring seals towards the top, and with lubricated o-rings in place, turn
to the right to reattach the sumps.
Use a food grade lubricant or petroleum jelly.
Remove and replace batteries to reset counter and timer (monitor models).


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