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Troubleshooting; Accessories - Maytag CWE4800ACS14 User Instructions

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Donotuse oven cleaners.
Food spills should becleaned when oven cools. Athigh
foods react withporcelain and staining, etching,
pitting orfaint w hite spots canresult.
Cleaning M ethod:
• Self-Cleaning
cycle: See "Self-Cleaning
Cycle" first.
Cleaning Method:
Steel-wool pad
For racks that have discolored and are harder to slide, a light
coating of vegetable oil applied to the rack guides will help
them slide.
First try the solutions suggested here or visit our website and reference Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
to possibly avoid the cost of a service call.
Nothing will operate
Has a household fuse blown, or has a circuit breaker
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem
continues, call an electrician.
Display shows messages
Is "BAKE" or "LOCK" flashing
in the display?
There has been a power failure. Clear the display. On some
models, reset the clock, if needed. See "Clock" keypad feature
in the "Feature Guide" section.
Oven will not operate
Is the electronic oven control set correctly?
See "Electronic Oven Controls" section.
Is the control lock set?
See "Oven Control Lockout" section of the "Electronic Oven
Controls" section.
Has a delay start been set?
See "Timed Cooking" section.
On some models, does the cooling fan run during Bake,
Broil or Clean?
It is normal for the fan to automatically run when the oven is in
use. This helps cool the electronic control.
Oven temperature
too high or too low
Does the oven temperature
calibration need adjustment?
See "Oven Temperature Control" section of the "Electronic
Oven Controls" section.
Oven indicator
lights flash
Do the oven indicator lights flash?
See "Control Display" in the "Electronic Oven Controls"
section. If the indicator light(s) keeps flashing, call for service.
See cover for contact information.
cycle will not operate
Is the oven door open or unlocked?
Close the oven door all the way and lock the latch.
Has the function
been entered?
See "Self-Cleaning
Cycle" section.
Oven cooking
results not what expected
Is the proper temperature
the recipe in a reliable cookbook.
Is the proper oven temperature
calibration set?
See "Oven Temperature Control" section of the "Electronic
Oven Controls" section.
Was the oven preheated?
See "Baking and Roasting" section.
Are the racks positioned
See "Positioning Racks and Bakeware" section.
Is there proper air circulation around bakeware?
See "Positioning Racks and Bakeware" section.
Is the batter evenly distributed in the pan?
Check that batter is level in the pan.
Is the proper length of time being used?
Adjust cooking time.
Has the oven door been opened while cooking?
Oven peeking releases oven heat and can result in longer
cooking times.
Are baked items too brown on the bottom?
Move rack to higher position in the oven.
Are pie crust edges browning
Use aluminum foil to cover the edge of the crust and/or reduce
baking temperature.
Steel Cleaner
and Polish
(stainless steel models)
Order Part Number 31462
All-Purpose Appliance Cleaner
Order Part Number 31682
Broiler Pan
Order Part Number 12500100



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