Heating Operation - LG LA181CNW Owner's Manual

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Operating Instructions
Heating operation
(Heat pump model only)
Pre_ the St_Sto,p _on.
The unit wit_ r_por4 with
a b_p_
Open the door of the remote c_trol_r.. To _lect, Heating
press the O,p_ation M_e _lect_on button.
Each time the button is press_ t_'_ op_ation mode. is
shiffedlin the direction _ the arrow.
Clo_ the d_r of _e remote controller,
Set t_ tem_rr_ure higher'than the room t_perature..
The temperature can be set within a r_ge _ _°F _86:_F
(!6'_C_30°C) at intervals of 2°F(! °C),
Set the fan speed again with the door of the ___
remote controller
still c_osed_ You can
sel!ect the fan speed in four steps-low,
medium, high and CHAOS. Each time the
button is pre_ed, the fan spe_
m_e. is
Nat,urai wind by the CHAOS t_ic
ij F_ fres_r f_Iing,
pres_ the Ind_r
F_n S_d
.and set to CHAOS m_e. In this m_e, the
wind blows like a na_ral breeze b_y a_omaticallly ch_ging fan sp_d according to the CHAOS _ic.
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