Auto Operation - LG LA181CNW Owner's Manual

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Operat#_g I nstructions
Auto operation
m el
Press t_ Start/Stop bLaZon.
The un_ wil! res_,nd with
a beep,
O_n the _or of the remote controller. To _l_
Operation, press the o_atJon mode sele_on button_
Each time the button is pre_,
the operation m_e is
in the directbn of t_ arrow,
The temperature and 'fan speed are automatJc_ly set _ the
electronic controls bas_ on the actual ro_
temperature_ If
you want to change the, set temperature_ press the R_m
Temperature Se_ng buttons. The c_ler or warmer you feel,
the moiretim_ (up to _o times) you sho_J[dpre_ the _on,
The set t_perature
wBibe chang_ autom_ica[_
During Auto Operation
I_3 Y_ cannot contro,i the Jnd_r fan speed, it has a_rea_ _en set by the Fuzzy rule,
iJ ff the system is not operating as desired, manual!ly switch to another mode,. The system will nol_
automatJcaBy swffch from the cooBng m_e _ the heating mode, or from he_ing m_e
to cooling
m_e, it must be done by manuialllyreset_jng.
13Durir_ Auto Operati_
pr_sing the c_os swi_ b_on
mak_ the _riz®_l
buv_s swing up and
down automatJc_ly. Illyou want to _op, auto-swing, press the chaos swing _Jtt_ again.
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