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LG LA181CNW Owner's Manual

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Air Conditioner
and thoroughly
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  Summary of Contents for LG LA181CNW

  • Page 1 website lmp:/i_ ww.1 Air Conditioner • • and thoroughly ,airconditioner. future referent, after...
  • Page 2: For Your Records

    FOR YOUR RECORDS Wrffe the m_eli and _r_l nu_rs hers: Model # _rial You can find them o.n a _abel!on the side of each un_. _aler's Name Da_ Purchased Ill Staple your receipt to this. _ in the eve_ .you need it to prove d_te of purchu_ or for warranty issues.
  • Page 3: Installation

    To prevent the iniu_ of the u_r or other pe_,le and property _mage, the fo,llllowingi_4ructions m_t be followed [] i_orrect _erafion due to ignori_ inst_c_io_ wili cause, harm or damage, T_ sefi_sness is cfassffied by the following indications. WARNING CAUTION Thi, 0y_bol iodi0o_o0 the po,,ibili_j...
  • Page 4: Operation

    Sa'te_ Precautions ° Sharp _ges could cause injury., • There is dsk of fire, ele_ic ° iltmay _u_ injury, accident, or Be espedaHy careful of t_ shock, expl_ion,, or iniu _. dama_ fo t_ product, case e_es and t_-__ns. on Me _n_nser and evaporator.
  • Page 5 Safety Precautions • There iisdsk of fire or e_ectdcal •There is ri_ of fire o: e:ectrical • There is risk of fire and e_ectric shock. s_¢k. shock. • There is risk of fire o_ f_llu_ o ff may cau_ There is risk of °Oxygen deficiency couldoccur, fin, _ailure ofthe produ_, or pr_uct..
  • Page 6 Sa'fe_ Precautions • There is ffsk of fire _ e_ec_ical • There is nsk _ ph'ysi_l injury, sheik, elecJric _ock, or iPr_uct failure_ •There is nsk _ electnca_ shock_ • 'This could result in pJersona_ •There is risk ofprodu_ damage injurt and product damage_ failure, or unintended...
  • Page 7 Safety Precautien,s • it may cause a problem for your "Avoid pemo_l injury • it may cause corrosion on the f_ighbors, product Corrosion, p,a_cularhj on the conder_er and evaporator fins, ceuld cause product mal_nction or i_fficient operation. [] Operation - This could ,damage,your health. .
  • Page 8 Sa'te_Precautions , A dirty lifter reduces t_ •Them are sha_ and moving • It is no'_sanita_ and _uld cau_ sed_s heallth is_es. efficien W of fhe air conditioner parts t_t could cause personal and could cau_ product inju_. malfunction or damage - Be careful and avoid i_rson_ inju_., •Them is risk of fire or explosi_...
  • Page 9 Prior to O_ration 1, Contact an installati_ specialist for installation, 2, Plug in the power plug properly, 3,..Use a dedicated circuit, 4. Do not use, an extensi_ _rd. 5. Do not s_rt/stop operation by p,Juggin_unplugging the power cord. 6, If the co,rd/p,fugiis. damaged, it with only an authorized replacement pa_i, _pilace 1.13eir@ exp_ed...
  • Page 10 Introduction This symbol alerts you to, the risk of el_tric shock, This symbol alerts you to, hazards that may cause harm to the air conditio, ner, This symbol indicates sp,_iall notes, WARNING: This ap,plia_e sh_lid _ instali_ in accordance with n_io_l wiling regul_ions.
  • Page 11 This appliance must be pro_rly grounded. To minimize the dsk of el_ric sh_k, you musl alway plug into a grounded _let, Preferred method Ensure proper ground exists before use, Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from the power plug. Attaching the adapter ground terminal to.
  • Page 12 We strongly discourage the u_ of an a_pter due to potentiall _fety hazards. For tempora_ c_cti_s, use only a UIE4isted a_pter, available from most IOrCaJ Ihar_are stores.. IEnsure that the lar_ s_otin the a_pter is aligned with the large slot in the receptacle for a proper po_adty connexion, To disc_nect the power cord from t_ adapter, use one hand on each to avoid damaging the ground...
  • Page 13 Operating Instructi,ons 1, Remove the bakery cover by pulling it:according to the arrow dire_ion. 2. inse_ new batteries, making sure ti_.3tthe (+) and (-) d battery are ir_tal_ corredy. 3. Reattach the cover by sliding it back into Ipos_ion. U_ 2 AAA(l1.5voP,)batteries. Do not _.._e reci_rgeab, le b_eries.
  • Page 14: Operation Mode

    Operating Instructions The controls will look like the following, 1, STARTISTOP BUI_ON O_ration starts when this bison is p,r_sed and Mops when the button is Fessed again, 2, OPERATION MODE SELECTION DUll'tON Used to se_ct the o_tation m_e_ 3. ROOM TEMPERA_RE S_NG BUTTONS Us_ to,se_ct the r_m tem_rature,...
  • Page 15: Cooling Operation

    Operating Instructions Cooling operation ÷ O,p_ the d_r _ the remote,control_r. To _lect Cooling Op,etat_on, pros _e Ope_-ationM,_e _lection b_on. Each time the button is pr_, the operation mode is shiff_ in _e dire_ion _ the arr_. CIo_ the d_r _ the r_ote co.roller.
  • Page 16: Auto Operation

    Operat#_g I nstructions Auto operation m el only) (Coo|Jng Press t_ Start/Stop bLaZon. The un_ wil! res_,nd with a beep, O_n the _or of the remote controller. To _l_ Auto ® Operation, press the o_atJon mode sele_on button_ Each time the button is pre_, the operation m_e is sh_d in the directbn of t_ arrow,...
  • Page 17: Auto Changeover

    Operating Instructions _i Auto changeover operation(Heat pump model only) © Press the S_Stop _Jtt_. The unit w[]llre_po_ with a _p., © Openthe d®_ d the r_ote controller,, To selectAuto, C hangeover Op, eration p_ess the.Opera,on ModeSe_tio_ huron. Each_me_e bu_® is press_, _e ,operation m_e is shift_ in the dir_flon d _e arre_v, Clo_ tt'_ d_r of the remote con_ol]er.
  • Page 18 Operating lnstruc#on,s Healthy ,d,ehumidification operation Press the S_'Stop The unit willi r _po_ with a _p. Open t_ do_ d the rem_e con#o_ler.. T o se_ct Healthy Dehumidification ,Operation, press the O,perat_on Mode _I_on button, Eachtimethebu_o,n ispr_d, theoperation m_e is shifted inthe,dir_flon _ thearrcrw.
  • Page 19: Heating Operation

    Operating Instructions Heating operation (Heat pump model only) Pre_ the St_Sto,p _on. The unit wit_ r_por4 with a b_p_ Open the door of the remote c_trol_r.. To _lect, Heating O_ration, press the O,p_ation M_e _lect_on button. Each time the button is press_ t_'_ op_ation mode. is shiffedlin the direction _ the arrow.
  • Page 20 Operat#_g Instructions operation PressMe S_rt!Stop button. The unit wBIirespo_ with a _IP, Press Me J_ _o_ b_on to_r_e the sp_d c_[i_ mode andMe unit: wiBo_rate atsu_r high fans_d ® on c_liing mode for 30 min_es, To ounce4the Jet Cool mode, press the Jet _o| butt_, the.
  • Page 21 Opera'ting Instructions Jet heat o_ration (Optional) SitaWStop The unit wi!l with respond a b_p. ® Open the door of the remote co_ro_er. To, _le_ Heat|rig Ope_t|on, ® ¸ ÷ Auto Co,oli_ changeover s_ed he,a_ng mode and t_ unit will operate, at super high fan _eed on _ating mo_ fo_ _ minutes.
  • Page 22 Operating Instructions NEO PLASMA purification operation(Optional) _ u_ Press the StaWStop bL_,on_ The un_will respond with a b_p, Open the d_r of the remote contrdler Press.the PLASMA b_o,n. Oper_ion wil_stad when _e button is p,_d and stop when 'the buflon is p,_d again.
  • Page 23 Operating Instructions 2n,d F opemtio, n Pre_ the S_WStop button,, The unit wiUrespond w_h a _p,, Open t_ donof Me rem,_e control and press the 2nd ® Fun_ion b, u tton_ to o_rate fun_ons _nted in bl_ u_er buttons. (Check Me i_ic_bn of 2rid function on the disp,_ay of the remote _ntroller ), These buttons can _ Me timer as folbws:...
  • Page 24 Operating Instructions Sl p 1, Press the Sl_p Mode Auto, b_J_ to set the time you want the unit to st_ automatica_j_ 2, The Timer is pr_rammed in one_hour incremen_ by pressing the Sl_p M_ A_o button ! to 7 tim_, The s[_p mode is availaNe for 1 to 7 times°...
  • Page 25: Air Circulation

    Operating Instructions Airflow dir tion control De upldown and Hght/_ft airflow can _ adjusted by Pre_ Chaos Swing I_J_ and the louvers will swing, using the remote _ntroi!, Press the b_on ag_n a_ tt'_ Iouve_ will stop, After minutes_the _vers return _othe maximum aiffl_ Press the StarVStop b_on to start t_ unit, _sition automati_lly...
  • Page 26: Auto Restart

    Operating Instructions Forced operation Operation procedures w_n the remote c_trol can't _ used The operation wil_I_ started if the.power button _ pre_, if you want to stop operation, re-press tlr_ button. Heat _mp _e Cooling_del O_r_ mode C_iin9 Cso_i_ Hea_y D,_umidifi_tion H_ngi H_lh High...
  • Page 27: Air Filter

    Maintenan,_andSe_ice WARNING: Turn the system _ _fore cleaning° To ,clean, wi_ w_h a soft, dry cloth° Do r_t we bleach or abirasiv_, Supply power must _ di_onne_ed before cleaning the in_r Air filter The air fixers _hind Me front grill should _ c_cked and clean_ once every 2 weeks or more _en if n_ssa_ 1.
  • Page 28 Maintenan_ andServioe . _endled _e pe_odl " About 3 mor_lhs 1. Lift the front panel, hold it ,upand pull the Air fiff,er. 2 Remove the Plasma Filters. WARNING: to_h the PLASMA RIter within 10 s_onds after o_ning the inlet grille, it may came el_tfic s_ck.
  • Page 29 Maintenan,_ and Service Before calling for _ice If you have problems witlh your air conditioner read the following information and try to solve the problem, if you cannot find a solution, turn off the air conditioner and contact your dealer. Air c_diitioner does not ,o_r_e 1, Ensure that the air conditioner is p, l ugged into a proper o, u tlet,...
  • Page 30 Maintenan_ and Service The air conditioner may be operating abnormally when: Make sure the air conditioner plug [s into pushed completely the outlet ,, Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker, ,, if power failure occurs, turn the mode...
  • Page 31 P/No.: 3828A20535J...

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