Frigidaire FPCC3685KSA Use & Care Manual
Frigidaire FPCC3685KSA Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire FPCC3685KSA Use & Care Manual

30"/36" model


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Important Safety Instruction
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Before SeEing Surface Controls ..........................
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Major Applianc
SeEing Radiant Surface Controls ........................
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  • Page 1 Welcome & Congrat Important Safety Instruction Cooktop Features ....Before SeEing Surface Controls ......Setting Surface Controls ........Major Applianc SeEing Radiant Surface Controls ......www,frigidaire,com USA 1-800-944-9044 www,frigidaire,ca Canada 1-800-265-8352 .._ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
  • Page 2: Product Registration

    Congratulations on your purchase of a new appliance! At Product Registration Electrolux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are completely committed to providing you The PRODUCT with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. REGISTRATION CARD _ R_@_-_...
  • Page 3 Read all instructions before using this appliance. • Proper Installation. Be sure your appliance properly installed and grounded by a qualified Save these instructions for future reference. technician in accordance with the National DEFINITIONS Electrical Code No. 70 = latest edition in the This is the safety alert symbol.
  • Page 4 Never Leave Surface Units Unattended, Boilovers ® cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite, or a pan that has boiled dry may melt. Never use your appliance for warming or heating Protective Liners, Do not use aluminum foil to line ®...
  • Page 5 Read these instructions carefully before using the cooktop INDUCTION ELEMENT CHARACTERISTICS The Cooking Zones may appear to be cool while turned ON and after they have been turned OFF. The glass (RIGHT FRONT AND REAR ELEMENTS) su trace may be NOT from residual heat transferred A COOLER COOl(TOP- A unique feature of the Induc- from the cookware and burns may occur.
  • Page 6 About the Ceramic Glass Cooktop The ceramic cooktop has inductors and radiant surface elements located below the surface of the glass. The design of the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface element underneath. Make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the element outline on the cooktop (See Figs.
  • Page 7: Surface Cooking Settings

    The Electronic Surface Element Control (ESEC) The Electronic Surface Element Control CESEC '_) includes digital display windows. The ESECprovides a numeric digital setting for the surface element positions on the cooktop. These settings work the same way as normal knob setting indicators work except the settings are displayed in digital Fig.
  • Page 8: Operating The Single Surface Radiant Elements

    Operating the Single Surface Radiant Elements The cooktop has 1 or 2 SINGLE radiant surface elements: the LEFT REAR position and the center rear position (on the 36" model only). The left rear element may also be used with the Bridge element (Figures i and 2). To Operate Single Radiant...
  • Page 9: Operating The Bridge Surface Radiant Element

    Operating the Bridge Surface Radiant Element The cookLop is equipped with a "BRIDGE" surface element located aL the left front and middle (See Figures 1 & 2) positions. The Bridge can be used when cooking with rectangular (like a griddle) or oval shaped cookware. The element will maintain an even temperature setting across both portions of the Bridge.
  • Page 10 Operating Induction Surface Elements The cooktop is equipped with 2 inductionsurface elements: the RIGHT FRONT and REAR positions (Figure 1 and 2). To Operate the Induction Surface Elements Place the correctly sized cookware of the proper material on the induction surface element. Push in and turn the surface control knob in either direction to the desired setting (Figure 3).
  • Page 11: Use The Correct Cookware Type

    Use the Correct Cookware Size Use the Correct Cookware Type For the induction zones, the magnetic Cooking Zone The Cooking Zones available on the Induction Cooktop sensors located below the cooktop surface require the use require a MINIMUM pan size to be used at each location. of cookware made with magnetic material in order to start The inner ring of each Cooking Zone is your guide to the the heating process on any of the Cooking Zones.
  • Page 12: Cookware Recommendations

    Cookware Recommendations Selecting Surface Cooking Cookware Be sure to follow the following recommendations The cookware used with the Induction Cooktop should have using cookware as shown: fiat bottoms that make good contact with the entire surface of the Cooking Zone. Check for flatness by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the cookware (See Fig.
  • Page 13: Cleaning Various Parts Of Your Cooktop

    Cleaning Various Parts of Your Cooktop Before cleaning any part of the cooktop, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the cooktop isCOOL, REMOVE SPILLOVERS AND HEAVY SOILING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, REGULAR CLEANINGS NOW WILL REDUCE THE DIFFICULTY AND EXTENT OF A MAJOR CLEANING LATER, Stainless Steel Wipe the control panel dean...
  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning Of Stainless Steel

    Plastic or foods with a high sugar content: Cleaning Recommendations for the These types of soils need be removed immediately if Ceramic Glass Cooktop spilled or melted onto the ceramic cooktop surface. Permanent damage (such as pitting of the cooktop surface) may occur if not removed immediately.
  • Page 15 Before you call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. The list includes common ii!i!i!iiiii i ili!i : !: ii i!i ii! iliiiii!i!i!!!!i !i! Entire cooktop does House fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Check/reset breaker or replace fuse. If not operate, the problem is a circuit overload, have this situation corrected by a qualified electrician.
  • Page 16 Yourappliance i s covered b ya oneyearlimited warranty. Foroneyearfromyouroriginal d ateofpurchase, Electrolux will payall costsfor repairing or replacing anypartsof this appliance that proveto be defective in materials or workmanship whensuchappliance i s installed, u sed andmaintained i n accordance withthe provided instructions. Exclusions This warranty does not cover the following:...

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