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Frigidaire FPCC3685KSA Use & Care Manual page 10

30"/36" model


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The cooktop is equipped with 2 inductionsurface elements:
the RIGHT FRONT and REAR positions (Figure 1 and 2).
To Operate the Induction
Place the correctly sized cookware of the proper
material on the induction surface element.
Push in and turn the surface control knob in either
direction to the desired setting (Figure 3).
Note: Turning the knob to Hi from Off will activate the
Power Boost feature. The Power Boost feature is used
to bring large quantities of water or food to cooking
temperature at the fastest speed possible. The Power
Boost feature will give you up to 139% power output
for a set amount of time (approx. 10 min).
Turn the knob to adjust the setting if desired. Start
most cooking operations on a higher setting and then
turn to a lower setting to finish cooking. Each surface
element provides a constant amount of heat at each
When cooking has completed, turn the surface
control knob to OFF before removing the cookware.
Your cookLop is equipped with two induction elements
within one heating section. The Cooking Zones are
powered by an independent induction inverter. The two
Cooking Zones in the heating section share the power of
the inverter. This is called Power Sharing.
For example, if pans are cooking food items on both
Cooking Zones, the last Power Level set will be maintained,
while the first pan may experience a slight reduction in
the power level setting. The element ON indicator light will
turn GREEN when power sharing is enabled.
POWER SHARING TIPS: Remember to set the power level
for the food item you wish to maintain last (See Fig. 4).
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Control knob
shown is
Figure 4
The glass cooktop
may appear to have cooled after
the elements
have been turned
OFF. The induction
elements do not heat directly the cooktop but heat will
be transferred from the cookware to the glass cooktop.
lie (Hot Element) message will turn ON and will continue
to glow until the glass cooktop has cooled down to a
moderate level. The glass surface may still be hot and
burns may occur if the glass surface is touched before the
indicator light has turned OFF. The message may remain
on even though the controls are turned OFF.


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