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3. (OPTIONAL) Add liquid fabric softener.
NOTE: Do not spill or drip any fabric softener onto the
clothes. Undiluted fabric softener can stain fabrics. Always
dilute fabric softener with warm water. Too much fabric
softener can make some items (diapers and towels)
If this happens, do not use it in every load, or
use less of it in each load.
Fire Hazard
Never place items in the washer that are dampened
with gasoline
or other flammable
No washer can compieteJy
remove oil
Do not dry anything
that has ever had any type of oi on
it (including
Doing so can result in death, explosion,
or fire.
Style 1: With liquid fabric softener dispenser (on some
Use only liquid fabric softener in this dispenser. Pour
measured liquid fabric softener into the dispenser.
Softener is added automatically
during the rinse portion
of the cycle. Dilute liquid fabric softener by filling the
dispenser with warm water until liquid reaches the
crossbar in the dispenser opening.
Measure detergent and pour it into the washer. If desired, add
powdered or liquid color safe bleach. Drop a sorted load of
clothes loosely into your washer.
Load evenly to maintain washer balance. Mix large and
small items. Items should move easily through the wash
water. Overloading can cause poor cleaning.
(OPTIONAL) Add liquid chlorine bleach.
Always measure liquid chlorine bleach. Do not guess. Do not
use more than 1 cup (250 mL) for a full load. Follow
directions for safe use. Use a cup with a
pouring spout to avoid spilling.
Style 1: With liquid chlorine bleach dispenser (on some
Pour measured liquid chlorine bleach into the liquid chlorine
bleach dispenser, if needed. Bleach is diluted and
dispensed at the proper time during the wash
NOTE: Use only liquid chlorine bleach in this dispenser.
Style 2: Without Liquid Chlorine Bleach Dispenser (on some
Let the washer fill and begin agitating the load. Add bleach to
the wash cycle so it can be removed in the rinse cycle. Pour
bleach around the agitator, not directly onto the load.
Follow directions on the care labels. Do not use chlorine
bleach on wool, silk, spandex, acetates, or some flame-
retardant fabrics.
NOTE: Undiluted bleach will damage any fabric it touches.
The damage appears as rips, holes, tears, or color loss and
may not show up until several washings later.
Style 2: Without Liquid Fabric Softener Dispenser (on some
In the final rinse ONLY, add fabric softener that has been
diluted with 1/2to 1 cup (125 to 250 mL) warm water.
4. Close the washer lid. Washer will not agitate or spin with the
lid open.
5. Turn the WATER LEVEL selector to the correct setting for your
wash load and the type of fabric being washed. You may
change the load size or water level selection after the washer
has started filling by turning the selector to a different setting.
6. Set the TEMPERATURE selector to the correct setting for the
type of fabric and soils being washed. Use the warmest water
safe for fabric. Follow garment label instructions.
NOTE: In wash water temperatures
colder than 70°F (21°C),
detergents do not dissolve well. Soils can be difficult to
remove. Some fabrics can retain wear wrinkles and have
increased pilling (the formation of small lint-like balls on the
surface of garments).
7. Push in the Cycle Control knob and turn it clockwise to the
wash cycle you want. Reduce the wash time when using a
small load size setting. Pull out the Cycle Control knob to
start the washer.
To stop or restart your washer:
To stop the washer at any time, push in the Cycle
Control knob.
TO restart the washer, close the lid (if open) and pull out
the Cycle Control knob.



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