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GE GSS22VGM Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

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Models 20, 22 and 25
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE GSS22VGM

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents Safety Information Adapter Plugs ....Electricity ....... °_ Models 20, 22 and 25 Extension Cords ....Proper Disposal ....Safety Precautions ..... 2, 3 C6te fi c6te Operating lnstructions Rdfrigdrateurs Automatic Icemaker .... Controls ....... Crispers and Pans ....Ice and Water Dispenser ..
  • Page 2 IMPORTANTSAFETY INFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. A WARNING! Use this applianceonlyfor its intended purpose as described in this Owner's Manual. SAFETY PRECAUtiONS When using electrical appliances, b asic safetyprecautions shouldbe followed,including the following: IllThis refrigerator must be properly installed [] Keep fingers out of the =pinch point" areas; and located in accordance with the Installation dearances...
  • Page 3 ww_. GF-.Appliance_ A DANGER!RISK OF CHILDENTRAPMENT PROPER DISPOSAL OFTHE REFRIGERATOR Child entrapment and suffocation are not problems CFCDisposal of the past.Junked or abandoned refrigerators Your old refrigerator may have a cooling system still dangerous...even if they will sit for "just a few that used CFCs (chlorofluorocarbous).
  • Page 4: Electricity

    IMPORTANTSAFETY INFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. A WARNING! HOWTOCONNECT ELECTRICITY Do no_ under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. For personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded. The power cord of this appliance is equipped with This provides the best performance and also...
  • Page 5 Aboutthe controlsontherefrigerator. ,,,_.OF_Appli,,,_,o,, Initially, set the fresh food control at 5 and the freezer control at 5 and allow 12 hours for the temperature to stabilize. Several adjustments may be required. Adjust the controls one increment at a time, and allow 12 hours after each adjustment for the refrigerator to reach the temperature you set.
  • Page 6: Icemaker

    About the water filter cartridge. On some models Water Filter Cartridge Lining up the arrow on the cartridge and the cartridge holder, place the The water filter cartridge is located in the top of the new cartridge up inside back upper right comer of the refrigerator the holder.
  • Page 7 ww_.GEAppliance_cmn Rearranging the Shelves Reldgeretor Shelve_" ToRemove ToReplace Freezer S helves: Freezer Basket_ TO Remove TO Remove Remove the basket by pulling it forward, lifting up the front, and sliding it past the stop location. Slide-Out Spillproof Sheff /onsomemodels) The slide-out spillproof shelf allows you to Makesereyou pushtheshelves all the wayback reach items stored behind others.
  • Page 8: Crispers And Pans

    About the additional features. Not all features are on all models. ShelfSaver Rack Use this rack to store beverage cans for easy access, It can also hold a 9" x 13" baking dish. About the crispers and pans. Not all features are on all models. Fruit and Vegetable Crispers Excess water that may accumulate in the bottom of the drawers should be wiped dry.
  • Page 9 Aboutcrisperremoval Not all features are on all models. CrisperRemoval Crispers can easily be removed by tilting up If the door prevents you from taking out slightly and pulling past stop location. the crispers, the refrigerator will need to be rolled forward until the door opens enough to slide the crispers out.
  • Page 10: Ice And Water Dispenser

    About the ice and water dispenser. On some models To Use the Dispenser Select CUBED ICE _, CRUSHED I CE Locking the Dispenser (onsomemodels) or WATER _. Press the LOCK Press the glass gendy against the top of the CONTROLpad for 3 dispenser cradle.
  • Page 11: Care And Cleaning

    Careandcleaningof the refrigerator. , .6 linnca, , Cleaning the Outside The door handlesand _m. Clean with a Thedispeneer ddp area, (on some models) beneath the grille, should be wiped dry.Water cloth dampened with soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth. left in this area may leave deposits.
  • Page 12 Care and cleaning of the refrigerator. Behind the Refrigerator Be careful when moving the refrigerator When pushingtherefrigerator b ack,makesure away from the wall. All types of floor youdon'troll overthepowercordor icemaker supply line (onsome models). coverings can be damaged, particularly cushioned coverings and those with embossed surfaces.
  • Page 13 Replacingthe lighthulbs. Turning the control to the 0 (off) position does not remove power to the light circuit. Fresh Food Compartment--Upper Light 9) Unplug the refrigerator. 0 Plug the refrigerator backin. The bulb is located behind the contloh. Replace with an appliance bulb of the same or lower wattage.
  • Page 14: Installation Instructions

    Installation Refrigerator Instructions Models 20, 22, 25 I Questions?Carl 800-GE-CARES(800-432-2737)or visit Website at: In Canada, call 1-800-361-3400orvisitourWet_ite BEFORE YOU BEGIN CLEARANCES Read these instructions completely and carefully. Allow the following clearances for ease ofinstalladon, proper air circulation and plumbing and electrical •...
  • Page 15 Installation Instructions DOOR ALIGNMENT After leveling, make sure that doors are even at the top. To make the doors even, adjust the refrigerator door. Using a 5/16" socket wrench, turn the door adjusting screw to the right to raise the door, to the left to lower it.
  • Page 16: Water Line Installation

    Osmosis Water System, the only approved installation the water supply. If using copper, be sure both ends of is with a GE RVKit. For other reverse osmosis water the tubing are cut square. systems, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Page 17 • If you are using a GE SmartConnect Refrigerator Tubing kit, the necessary fittings are preassembled [] DRILL THE HOLE FOR THE VALVE the tubing. Drill a 1/4" hole in the water pipe (even if using a self-piercing valve) using a sharp bit.
  • Page 18 Make sure the tubing is fully inserted into the valve. Tighten the compression nut securely. For plastic tubing from a GE SmartConnect Refrigerator Tubing kit, insert the molded Saddle-Type Shutoff V alve of the tubing into the shutoffvalve...
  • Page 19 C0nc_ti0n Place the compression nut and ferrule (sleeve) [] TURN THE WATER ON AT THE onto the end of the tubing as shown. On a GE SHUTOFF VALVE SmartConuect Refrigerator Tubing kit, the nuts are already assembled to the tubing.
  • Page 20 Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE WATER LINE (cont.) [] PLUG IN THE REFRIGERATOR START THE ICEMAKER power switch to the I (on) position. Arrange the coil of tubing so that it does not vibrate Set the icemaker against the back of the refrigerator or against The icemaker will not begin to operate...
  • Page 21 Notes.
  • Page 22 Normaloperatingsounds. The new high efficiency compressor runs faster and will have a higher pitch hum or pulsating sound while operaung. "_'- The fan circulating air reside the freezer which keeps the temperatures throughout. on the defrost heater causing a sizzling, hissing or popping sound during the defrost cycle.
  • Page 23 wwvz.GEApplianc_com Possible Causes What To Do ll_W" el_rml Normal whe_a refrigerator • Wmt 24 hours for the refrigerator to completely is pl din, coo ldown (Madem nffrilleca_m Often occurs whe_ _ •Thts is normal tV_ m_vtV_ amotmts of food are placed in refrigerator.
  • Page 24: Before You Call For Service

    Before you call for service... Possible Causes What To Do c_a_tw_ramtt=t Icemaker turned off or • Turn on memaker or water supply. wmkloa_we mdels) water supply turned off. Ice cubes are frozen to • Remove cubes. icemaker feeler artm damp, in •...
  • Page 25 ww_.GEAppliance_com Possible Causes What ToDo Ilatait fmm lA_t_m Normal air flow cooling motor. In the refxlger_on proce_ it is normal that heat be expoUed in the area trader the refrigerator. Some floor coverhzgs are sensitlve and will discolor at these normal and safe temperatm_ CtmEDICEw_ Last setfingw"_ CRUSHEDIC/E...
  • Page 26 During ttus _ll five-year s ealed refrigerating s ystem warranty,, GE will also provide, free of charge, all laborand m-homeservzce to replacethe defective part in the sealedrefrigerating system.
  • Page 27: Performance Data Sheet

    Performance Data Sheet GE SmartWater Filtration System GWF Cartridge Health Claim Performance Certified by NSF/ANSI* 100% safety usage) factors bui/t in for unmetered Standard No. 42: Aesthetic Effects Paz-axneter USEPA Influe_nt Effluem % Reduction Average Minimtma Chlorine 1.9 ppm 0.02 ppm 0.05 ppm...
  • Page 28: State Of California Water

    00-1434 Date Issued: May 30, 2000 Date Revised: Febnmry 9, 2001 Trademarl_Model Deslenation ..Revlaeement Elements GE Smart Water Filtration Systems _ G_ _ ;_ GWF06 GE Smart Water Filt mti0n,tty_lam _ W_ _ _'_G_W Manufacturer:, G_'_ Appliances Cysts (...
  • Page 29: Warranty (Canadian)

    800-626-2224 Place your confidence in GE and call us in the U.S. toll-free at for more information. *All brands covered, up to 20 years old, in the continental U.S. here Please place in envelopeand mail to:...
  • Page 30 Complete_dmail Aftermallingthe unlikely event of a Our service number is safety modification. 800 GE CARES (800-432-2737). Model Number Serial Number ,,,,,,,,,,I I,,,,,,,I Important: If you did not get a registration...

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