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Service Telephone Numbers - GE 333 Owner's Manual

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ServiceTelephone Numbers.
GEAnswer Center _ /nthe U.S.: 800.626.2000
The (,E Ans_e_ Ceme_
is open 24 horn s a da_, / days a week
In Canada, _ontad: Manager, Consumer Relations, Cameo INC., l Fa_ U)U I.ane, Suite 3 l (t,
Mon_ Urn, N.B., E l C 3Ma.
In-HomeRepairService/ntheU.S.: 8 00-432-2737
Expert (;E repair servi( e is only a phone (all away.
In Canada, (all 1-8011-361-3400,
Specbl NeedsServiceInthe U.S.: 800.626.2000
GE offers, fiee of dlarge, a brodmre to assistin planning a banier-tiee kiuhen fi)r persons
with limited mobility, In the U.S.,call 800-TDD-GEAC (800-833-&322).
In Canada, c ontact: Manager, Consumer Relations, Cameo Inc., 1 Factoi T I,ane, Suite 310,
Moncton, N.B., E1 (9M3.
ServiceContracts/n theU.S.: 800-626-2224
Putdlase a (;E servk e _ontra(t while your warranty is still in effe(t and you'll re{ eive a
substantial discount. (;E ( onsumer Set_dce xdll still be there after your warranty expires.
InCanada,call 1-8011-461-3636.
PartsandAccessories/n the U.S.: 800-626-2002
Individuals qualified to setYice their o_11 appliances can have pmts or accessories sent directly
to thdr homes (VISA, MasterCmd
and Discover cmds are accepted).
Instructions containedin thismanualcoverprocedures tobeperformed by anyuser.Otherservicing
generallyshouldbereferredtoqualifiedservicepersonnel. Caution mustbe exercised, since
improper servicingmay causeunsafeoperation.
Pleaseconsult your yellow pages for your local Camconumber
If you are not satisfied with the service you receive flOln GE:
contact the people who set_-iced y{)ur appliance.
Next, if you me still not pleased, in the U.S.,x_aiteall the details-including
your phone number-m:
Manager, ( ustomer Relations, GE Appliances, Appliance Prok, I,ouisville, KY 40225; or,
in Canada,to Director, Consumer Relations, Camco Inc., 1 Facto U I _ane, Suite 310, M oncton, N.B.,
E1 C 9M3.
Printed in Canada



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