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GE Monogram ZISB420DRK Design And Installation Manual

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Side bySide Refrigeraters
Design Guide
With Instannation instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Installation Instructions Side bySide Refrigeraters Design Guide With Instannation instructions Monogram:...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety information BEFORE YOU BEGBN Skill Level - h_sta]]athm of this refrigerator amid phm_bim_g requires basic mecham_ica], carpem_tr? Read these instructions completely carefully. skills. Proper i m>ta]h_ti(m is the reslxmsibi]it} of the •IMPORTANT- Sa.e hese im/sta]]atiom/ im/sta]]er. Product {hi]m'e <]tie to improper is Nmt covered m_der _pp]iam_ce...
  • Page 3: The Installation Space

    Design Guide THE INSTALLATION SPACE DIMENSIONS AND CLEARANCES 36" Models12" 25-3/8" FramedModels 42" Models18" 35", 41", or 47" _ 25-3/4"StainlessSteel Models 48" Models20" ]._aCase W idth_..] * Shippingheight.The refrigeratorcan be adjustedto fit into a cutoutthat is 83-1/2" min. to 84-1/2"max. •...
  • Page 4: 130° Door Swing

    Design Guide FramelessCabinets: The case trim overlaps cabinets atthe top and sides. Therefore, frameless cabinets may require filler strips to prevent interfeence with cabinet door swing. Refrigerator The opening must allow for filler strips. 23-7/8"From Rearof Refrigerator Csse 3/4" Trim 1/2"...
  • Page 5: 90 ° Door Swing

    Design Guide FramelessCabinets: The case trim overlaps cabinets at the top and sides. Therefore, frameless cabinets may Refrigerator require filler strips to Case Trim prevent interference with cabinet door swing. The opening must allow for filler strips. 23-7/8" FromRearof Refric erator 1/4"...
  • Page 6: Customization Basics

    Design Guide CUSTOMIZATION BASICS: Framed Or Overlay Panels, Custom Handles and Accessory Kits Overlay panels Professional Style Stainless Steel Refrigerators Stainless steel wrapped reti'igerators ha;'e beveled edges also choose to install custom overlay panels and professional style handles. These models fl'om cabinet mantflhcturer.
  • Page 7: 1/4" Framed Panel Dimensions

    Design Guide 1/4" FRAMED PANEL DiMENSiONS 777_ _ Trim Door Reveal lf_ou choose to ira)stall framed ixme]s, they midst clot to the sbowm pam_e]s slide _rd]] im_to the frame o]_ the door amid grille. I/4" Non=Dispenser Models Panel If the cl_stom p;me] is less...
  • Page 8: 3/4" Overlay Panel Dimensions

    Design Guide 3/4" OVERLAY PANEL DiMENSiONS Overlay Panel Door a more c_stom aI)pearam_ce, overlay i)m]els im_sta]]ed on trimmed mode]s_ overlay pam_e] midst be secm'ed to a 1/4'* thick bac] er pam_e] _h]c]] slides im_ to the tri m. A spa cer pan e] 0.
  • Page 9: Raised Overlay Panel Design

    Design Guide DISPENSER MODELS: RAISED OVERLAY PANEL DESIGN 1/4" Backer .10" S_ Whem_ _ _'_dsed p_mel design is to be i_sed, 3/4" OverlayPanel to accept cl_stom w](]e middle _'a]l is _'eql_]_'e(] (]ispem_se_ _ t_'im. • The middle x'_il midst be wide em)l_gh to _dlow fk_ _ the...
  • Page 10: Side Panels

    22 fiat head screws a_(] MATERIALS REOUIRED * 35" ]o_g 2x4 Itin" .M_ti-Tip rapport * ]/4" copper water ]hie tal)i_g or GE SmartCom_ect cv Re{Hgerator T_*bi_g kits s]mt-offva]ve (optiin]a] * Water bm recomme_ded) * Screws to secrete refligerator to cabi_et_ T...
  • Page 11: Step 1, Remove Packaging

    Copper Tubing J betweel_ 40 m_d ] 2(I p.sJ. * Ro_*te ]/4" copper or GE SmartCo_ect plastic tubi_g betwee_ hoarse cold water ]]_e Shut off the main water supply, th e water co _1_1ecti o_1 ]oca t] oil.
  • Page 12: Step 3, Install Side Panels

    Installation Instructions ISTEP 2AI INSTALLATION WITH I STEP 41 INSTALL ANTI-TIP BRACKETS HOUSEHOLD WATER WARNING: Am,-T,P PRECAUT,ONS FILTRATION SYSTEM The refrigerator is top-heaxy must be secured Skip this step if you do not have a household prexent the possibility of tipping forward.
  • Page 13: Step 5, Level Refrigerator

    Installation Instructions ISTEP 51 LEVEL REFRIGERATOR ISTEP 61 ALTERNATE ANTi-TiP A]] models ha_e 4-po]m_t ]eve]]m_g. The {_'(mt is slq)ported by ]eve]im_g legs, d_e rear is sllpported to prevent The refrigerator must be secured tipping. a(!il_stab]e _d_ee]s. Both are accessible !_'om the !}'omit The anti-tip brackets cmmot...
  • Page 14: Step 8, Adiust Door Swing

    Installation Instructions [STEP71 SECURE REFRIGERATOR [STEP 91 INSTALL GRILLE PANEL TO CABINETRY To im_serth'amed or overlay pam_elimm_the grille: * Raise grille pam_e] to stop positiom _'_ hene_er possible, i_erflwm this step for anti-tip secm'itv or when anti-tip brackets cannot used. refrigerator must secured...
  • Page 15: Step 10, Install Framed Panels

    * Ftemove screws bo]dim_g trim im_[)]ace. * Place tile _'eezer i)am_e] ]m_to the bottom cbam_m_e] amid slide im_to the b]m]ge side trim. * Reh_sta]] trim piece _]tb screws. ------c * T]]ere sets of boles h_ tile bare, die side trim.
  • Page 16: Step Ioa, Install Overlay Panels

    + P,emove the screws hold]m_g the top trim im_i>]ace+ + [>]ace the assembled }_'eezer [>am_e]]m_to the bottom c]]am_m_e] a mid slide im_to the hh]ge side trim+ + Rebus)a)) the top trim piece with scre_s+ + There sets...
  • Page 17 Installation Instructions ISTEP IOA] (continued) ISTEP IOA] (continued) Custom Handles • Carefully place the aluminmn cmer trim into • l{ you are usim/g cl_stom ha,Idles, the ha,Idle midst be s() that recess is aligned with cap. properl_ secm'ed to the orerla_ paN/el before...
  • Page 18: Step 11, Install Dispenser Trim

    _ater to check fl)r leaks. correct pam_el tbick]_ess. I>ages, 7 amid S for p',mel COm_St]'Hctiom_ GE SmartCom_ect'" Tubing: * ]_sert the mok]ed e_d of the mbi_g ]_to the the compression ret_'igerator Tigbte_ m_t m_til it is i_st ha_d tigl]t.
  • Page 19 Installation Instructions [STEP 15] INSTALL TOEKJCK ]STEP 13] CHECK POWER, CLOSE GRILLE PANEL the supplied toekick (shipped * l,ocate taped the side of the re{rige_m_r), h_sta]] with 2 screws • C_heck to be sm'e the power cord is I_]m"°ed_ im_to provided, adjust to desired...
  • Page 20 NOTE: I)F()(hlC1 il_[H-() '(_l]l(_lll iS _[ C()I]I[IIII[I]_ ( II(](;IV(IF (;(_l(ml El(ciric. Th(*r(f(,-(a maledals, s[)(_(i]'i( ;llions sHl!je(_ io (hml_e wil[lolt_ n(>ii( Monogram: 6E Coplsumer & hldl_triai Pub.No. 31-46195 GEApl)fiances General El_cnic Company Dwg.No. 224D1559P002 Louisd/le, 1(Y4(_225 ge cotT_ 11-06JR (_2OOGGE Company...