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Models Only - Frigidaire CGLES389FB3 Use & Care Manual

Drop-in/slide-in models
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Oven Racks
Oven door
Clean Seal
Do Hand Clean Door
Oven racks should be removed, or else their finish will dull and their color turn slightly
blue, if they do go through the self=clean cycle, wait until the oven has cooled, then remove
the oven racks and rub their sides with wax paper or a cloth containing a small amount of
baby or salad oil; this wiii make the oven racks glide easier back in and out of their
To clean oven door, wash with hot, soapy water and a clean cloth, DO NOT immerse the
door in water,
DO NOT clean the oven door gasket, The oven door gasket is made of a woven material,
on self cleaning models, which is essential for a good seal, Care should be taken not to
rub, damage or remove the gasket,
- Coil Surface
To Remove
and Replace
E_ements and Drip Bow_s (some
ATTENTION: Never have covers on the coil ebments as they couUdbe permanentUy dam-
Be careful
not to bend terminal ends
when replacing elements
after cleaning.
aged if the coil is turned on by accident,
Pdor to cleaning
the colt elements
make sure they are cold and that control knobs are
turned to OFF
Coil elements clean themselves when they are turned on,
Coil elements and drip bowls are removable and allow to clean the drip bowls,
To remove a coil element, push against the front edge and lift element up and out,
To clean by hand, wash the drip bowls in hot sudsy water, For hard to remove spots, use ny=
ion scrubber with soap, Rinse and dry will still warm,
Never immerse coil elements in water,
Porcelain ename!
Use a damp sponge or dampened soap pad, rinse
(cooktop, surface under
steel wool pads,
and dry,
Insert - Control Panet
Hot, soapy water or cleaner
Use a clean soapy, dampened cloth or paper towel,
remove soil and dry, Do not use abrasive products,

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