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    ..35 Genera[ Care & Cleaning ..35-38 Before You Ca[[ Questions? t-800-944-9044 (United States) Solutions to Common Problems ......1-800-668-4606 (c_d_) Visit the Frigidaire Elements Web Site at: Warranty ......Back Page http://www.frigidairee[ READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS pin 316417026...

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    Congratulations on your purchase of a new range! At Ebctrolux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are completely committed to providing you with the best service possible, Your satisfaction is our number one priority, We know you'll enjoy your new range and Thank You for choosing our product, We hope you consider us for future purchases, PLEASE CAREFULLY...

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    Important Safety Instructions Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. This manual contains important safety symbols and instructions, Please pay a_tention to these svmbob and follow all Ins_ruc_onsgwen, This symbol wHI help abrt you to situations that may cause serious bodily harm. death or property damage. This symbol wiii help alert you to situations that may cause bodily injury or property damage.

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    mMPORTANT mNSTRUCTmONS FOR USmNG YOUR mMPORTANT mNSTRUCTmONS FOR USING YOUR COOKTOP OVEN ,, Know which knob controls each surface heating unit= Place a ,_Use Care When Opening Oven Door or Warmer Drawer (if pan of food on the unit before turning it on, and turn the unit off equipped)--Stand to the side of the range when opening the door before removing the pan.

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    ® ®® ....... @_ Your E_ectric Range Features hcmude: Electronic Oven Control with Kitchen Timer. Left Front & Bridge Element Control & Digital Display (some models) or Dual Element Control (some models). Left Rear Single Element Control & Digital Display or Dual Element Control (some...

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    OVEN VENT Oven Vent Location The oven vent is located under the left side of the control paneJ (See Fig, 1), When the oven is on, warm air passes through the vent, This venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results, DO NOT BLOCK OVEN VENT, Removing &...

  • Page 7

    About the Ceramic Glass Cooktop The ceramic cooktop has radiant surface elements located below the surface of the glass, The design of the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface element underneath (See Fig, 1 ), Make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the element outline on the cooktop (See Fig, 2), Heat is transferred up through the surface of the...

  • Page 8

    The E_ectronic Surface E_ement Controm (ESEC) The Electronic Surface EUementControU("ESEC") feature incUudes 4 digitaU dispUaywindows, The ESEC feature provides a numeric digitaU setting for 4 of the radiant surface eUement positions on the cooktop, These settings work the same way as normaU knob setting indicators work except the settings are dispUayed in digitaU windows (Figs, 1 thru 4), The available...

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    ESEC Hot Emement hdicator Message (HE} After using any of the single, dual or Bridge radiant element positions the cooktop wiii become very hot, Even after turning the control knob to OFF, the cooktop will remain hot for some time, The ESEC control monitors the temperature of the cooktop and displays the message "HE"...

  • Page 10

    (all models) The Dual Radiant Elements ® The cooktop is equipped with one or more dual radiant surface SmaL[ Large elements, Symbols on the control panel (See Fig, 4) are used Etement Etement to indicate which coil of the dual radiant element will heat, The symbol shown in Fig, 1 indicates that only the inner coil will Fig.

  • Page 11

    Setting Surface Controls Operate the Bridge E_ement (some modeb): Place correctly sized cookware on the Bridge surface • ® ebment, Bridge Push in and turn the control knob counterclockwise (See Figs, 1 & 2) to heat the portion of the Bridge ebment for normal shaped cookware or clockwise (See Figs, 3 &...

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    Operating the Warming Zone (some models) The purpose of the Warming Zone is to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature, Use the Warming Zone to keep cooked foods hot such as; vegetabbs, gravies, casserobs, soups, stews, breads, pastries and oven-safe dinner pUates, AUways start with hot food, It is not recommended to heat coUdfood on the Warming Zone, AHfood pUaced on the Warming Zone shouUd be covered with a Hdor aUuminum foil to...

  • Page 13

    Using proper cookware *CORRECT mNCORBECT The size and type of cookware used wHU influence the setting needed for best cooking resuUts, Cookware shouUd have flat bottoms that make good contact with o Curved and warped pan 1" 1" the entire surface heating ebment (See Fig, 2), Check bottoms, for flatness by rotating a rubr across the bottom of the ®...

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    ¸ Contro/ Pad Features READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE OVEN. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various features and functions of the oven as described below, Detaited instructions for each feature and function foltow tater in this Use & Care Guide. OVEN UGHT--Use TIMERON/...

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    Setting Oven Controls _ Oe_ Conveet_on D_gita[ Cook_g _::m_nq Speed Oven Timer CLean Light On/Off Bake Start Broil Bake Keep [Lean Time T_me Warm 5TART Max× CLock Cony Bony Cenv Faverite Clear Clean Convert Bake Roast Setting Setting the CLock The CLOCK _ pad is used to set the clock, The clock may be set for 12 or 24 hour time of day operation,...

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    Setting Oven Controls Setting Continuous Sake or 12 Hour Energy Saving oven The TmMER ON/OFF _ and CLEAN _°_/pads controU the Continuous Bake or 12 Hour Energy Saving features, The controU has a factory preset built-in 12 Hour Energy Saving feature that wHU shut off the oven if the oven controU is Uefton for more than 11 hours and 59 minutes, The oven can be programmed to override this feature for Continuous Baking, INSTRUCTIONS PRESS...

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    Setting Oven Contro/s Setting Oven Lockout Feature The _ pad contro(s the Oven Lockout feature, The Oven Lockout feature automat(ca((y (ocks the oven door, prevents the Warm(ng Drawer and most oven contro(s from be(ng turned ON, (t does not d(sab(e the dock, K(tchen T(mer or the (nter(or oven ((ght, (NSTRUCT(ONS PRESS...

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    Setting Oven Controls I_vne {oo_t Convection DigitalCooking _' Speed Oven Timer C_ean Light On/Off Bake Start Broil Bake Keep C_ean Time Warm Time Ma×x Cenv Cone Bony Favedte CLear START Clean £(,ock Lock Coove_ Bake Roast Betting _on_ols Setting SHent Contro( Operation pads control the Silent Control operation feature, The Silent Control operation The START T(ME Ts_ and CLEAN _/...

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    Setting Oven Controls I _!/nk Cenve_iee I!v_ Digital Ceaking Yect_ mla! Speed Oven Timer Ctean Light 0n!eft Bake Start Broi{ Bake Keep Ciea. Time Time Warm START Ma×a C&eck Cony Cony Cone Favorite Ctear Clean Lock Convert Bake Roast Betting Setting Bake The BAKE _...

  • Page 20

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Timed Bake The BAKE _ and BAKE TiME _ pads control the Timed Bake feature, The automatic timer of the Timed Bake feature wH[turn the oven OFF after cooking for the desired amount of time you selected, mNSTRUCTmONS PRESS DISPLAY...

  • Page 21

    Setting Belayed Timed Bake The BAKE _, BAKE TIME _ and START TIME C_[_ pads controUthe DeUayedTimed Bake feature, The automatic timer of the DeUayed Timed Bake wHU turn the oven ON and OFF at the time you seUect in advance, mNSTRUCTmONS PRESS DISPLAY...

  • Page 22

    Setting Broil even The _ro_ pad controls the Broil feature, When broiling, heat radiates downward from the oven broiler for coverage, The Broil feature is preset to start broiling at 550°F however, the Broil feature temperature may be set at any temperature between 400°F and 550°F, For optimum browning results...

  • Page 23

    BenefitsofConvectionBake: --Somefoodscookupto25to30%faster, s aving timeandenergy, --No speciai pans orbakeware n eeded, Setting Convection Bake The CONV BAKE _ pad controls the Convection Bake feature, Use the Convection Bake feature when cooking speed is desired, The oven can be programmed for Convection Bake at any temperature between 325 °...

  • Page 24

    Setting Convection Roast pad is designed to give optimum cooking performance for this feature, The Convection Roast pad The CONV ROAST _ combines a cook cycle with the convection fan and eUement to roast meats and poultry, Preheating is not necessary for meats and poultry, Heated air circulates around the food from all sides, sealing in juices and flavors, Foods are crispy brown on the outside while staying moist on the inside, mNSTRUCTmONS...

  • Page 25

    set the Convection Convert Feature The _ CONV CONVERT pad is used to automatically convert a standard baking recipe for convection baking, When set properly, this feature is designed to display the actual converted (reduced) temperature in display. Convection Convert may ONLY be used with a Bake, Timed Bake or a Delayed Timed Bake setting. When used with a Timed Bake or a Delayed Timed Bake setting, the Convection Convert feature will display a "OF"...

  • Page 26

    i}t}{ {{ }/ /{/: ::3 Setting Oven Controls Using the Favorite Settings Feature The @ FAVORITE SETTING pad is used to record and recall your favorite recipe settings, This feature may store and recall from 1 to 3 different settings, The Favorite Betting feature may be used with Bake or a Timed Bake, This feature will not work with any other function including a Delayed Timed Bake setting, mNSTRUCTmONS PRESS...

  • Page 27

    Setting the Sabbath Feature (for use on the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) The @ BAKE TIME and @ START TIME pads are used to set the Sabbath feature, The Sabbath feature can onUybe pad, The oven temperature may be set higher or Uowerafter setting the Sabbath feature (the oven used with the _ temperature adjustment feature should be used only during Jewish Holidays), however the display will not visibly change and no audiMe tones wHU be provided when a change occurs, Once the oven is properly set using Bake with the Sabbath...

  • Page 28

    Setting (cont'd) Sabbath Feature Utis recommended that any oven temperature change with the Sabbath feature activated be foflowed with 2 presses of the START pad, This wHU insure the oven remains ON even if the attempt to set the oven temperature was Uoweror higher than the oven controUcan accept, Uf t he oven temperature is set incorrectUy, the oven temperature wHU defauUtto 170°F or 550°F, Try to set the desired oven temperature again, ShouUdyou experience a power failure or interruption, the oven wHU shut off, When power is returned the oven wHU not turn...

  • Page 29

    Dua_ Features of the Bake-n-Warm Double Oven The Bake:n:Warm Doubb Oven is designed to provide two unique food preparation features, The features provide a Mini Oven and a Warmer Drawer using the same bwer oven cavity, drawer and control, The Mini Oven feature is ideal for cooking foods such as pizza, casseroles, baked potatoes and frozen convenience foods, The purpose of the Warmer Drawer feature is to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature, Always start with hot food, it is not recommended to heat cold food in the Warmer Drawer, BE SURE TO READ THE FOLLOWING WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS before using the Bake-n-Warm...

  • Page 30

    To Set the Mini Oven Feature of the Bake-n-Warm Double Oven: Push in and turn the Bake-n-Warm controU knob cUockwise to the desired temperature setting (See Fig, 1), A beep wiUU sound indicating the oven is ON, For best resuUtsaUways preheat the oven drawer before adding food, An empty oven drawer wifl preheat in approximateUy 15 minutes, The indicator Uightabove the control knob wiUU remain ON constantly through the preheat and cooking process,...

  • Page 31

    Bake-n-Warm Double Oven Light Operation (some models): The Bake-n-Warm DouMe Oven Hght operates with the upper oven Hght and automatically turns ON when the upper oven door is opened, Uf e quipped, the Bake-n-Warm DouMe Oven Hght may aUsobe manually operated by pressing the @ pad, To Remove the Bake-n-...

  • Page 32

    Self-Cleaning Oven cycb,theoutside oftherange can A SeUfoCbaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures (well above cooking become veryhottothetouch, D ONOT temperatures) which eliminate soils completely or reduces them to a fine havesmafl c hildren unattended nearthe powdered ash you can wipe away with a damp cloth, appliance, Adhere to the following cJeaning precautions:...

  • Page 33

    Se/f..C]eanin The SPEED CLEAN _), CLEAN _) & MAXX CLEAN _ pads are used to start a SeUfoCUeaning cycle. When used with START TIME/._ pad, a deUayed SeUfoCUeaning cycle may aUsobe programmed. This feature allows for any SeUfo CUeaning cycle times from 2 hours (using Speed CUean), 3 hours (using CUean) to 4 hours (using Maxx CUean). During the SeUfoCUeaning cycle, the outside of the range can become very hot to the touch.

  • Page 34

    mNSTRUCTmONS PRESS DISPLAY When the Se_foC_ean cycle is done: The time of day,"DOOR LOCKED" and "CLEAN" icon wiUU remain in the dispUay, Once the oven has cooUeddown for approximateUy 1 HOUR, and the "DOOR LOCKED" icon is no UongerdispUayed, the oven door can then be opened, Stopping or mnterrupting...

  • Page 35

    Thetemperature i ntheovenhasbeen pre°set a tthefactory, W hen firstusing theoven, b e Note: Th e oven suretofollow recipe times andtemperatures, ifyouthinktheovenistoohotortoocool, t he temperature i ntheovencanbeadjusted, Before adjusting, testa recipe byusing a made with this feature will temperature s etting thatishigher o rlower thantherecommended temperature, Thebaking not change the Self-Clean results should helpyoutodecidehowmuch ofanadjustment isneeded, cycle temperature,...

  • Page 36

    Surfaces Howto Clean For general cleaning, use a soft cloth, clean with mild dish detergent & water or a 50/50 solution G_ass, Painted of vinegar & water. Follow by rinsing the area with clean water; dry & polish with a soft cloth. Plastic Body Parts &...

  • Page 37

    Cooktop Cmeaning & Maintenance Consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your ceramic glass ¢ooktop. Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended cooktop cleaning creme to the ceramic surface (visit for replacment cleaner), Buff with a non-abrasive cloth or no-scratch cleaning pad, This wiii make cleaning easier when soiled from cooking, The special cooktop cleaning cream leaves a protective finish on the glass to help prevent scratches and abrasions,...

  • Page 38

    Do not use the following on the ceramic glass cooktop: o Do not use abrasive cbaners and scouring pads, such as metaUand some nybn pads, They may scratch the cooktop, making it more difficuUt to dean, Do not use harsh cleaners, such as chlorine bleach, ammonia or oven cleaners, as they may etch or discolor the cooktop, Do not use dirty sponges, cloths or paper towels, as they can leave soil or lint on i..

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    Before you call for service, review the following list, It may save you time & expense, The list includes common occurrences (shown in bold) that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance, The possible corrections to these problems are provided with the problem listed: Oven smokes...

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    Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed,...

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