Frigidaire CPDF4085KF2 Use & Care Manual

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Surface Cooking ....................................................
Setting Surface Controls ......................................
Before Setting Oven Controls ......................
Setting Main Oven Controls .....
Notes ...................
Major Appliance Warranty .......
USA 1-800-944-9044
Canada 1-800-265-8352



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  • Page 1 Surface Cooking ............ Notes ....Setting Surface Controls ........Before Setting Oven Controls ...... Major Appliance Warranty ..Setting Main Oven Controls ..www, USA 1-800-944-9044 www, Canada 1-800-265-8352...
  • Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of a new appliance! At Product Registration Electrolux Home Products, we are very proud of our product and are completely committed to providing you Register Your Product with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our The PRODUCT number one priority.
  • Page 3: For Your Safety

    Read all instructions before using this appliance. Save these instructions for future reference. • All appliance can tip. • Injury to persons could result. • Install anti=tip bracket packed with If the information in this manual is not followed your appliance. exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing = See Installation Instructions.
  • Page 4 • Do Not Use Water or Flour on Grease Fires. Smother the fire with a pan lid, or use baking soda, a dry chemical or foam=type extinguisher. Stepping, leaning,sitting or pulling down on the e When heating fat or grease, watch it closely. Fat door or the drawer of this appliance...
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS YOUR COOKTOP USING YOUR OVEN • Know which knob controls each surface heating • Use Care When Opening Oven Door--Stand to the unit. Always turn the knob to the LITE position when side of the appliance when opening the door of a hot igniting the burner.
  • Page 6 = Clean in the self=cleaning cycle only the parts of CONVERSION TO LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM the appliance listed in this Owner's Guide. Before GAS (L.P. GAS) using the self-cleaning cycle of the appliance, remove This natural gas range is designed to allow for conversion all utensils or foods from the appliance.
  • Page 7 YOUR BUILT-IN RANGE FEATURES: Electronic oven control with kitchen timer. Auxiliary oven On/Off indicator light. Auxiliary oven control knob. Automatic oven door light switch. Self-clean door latch. Broil element. Oven interior light with removable cover. Convection bake cooking system. Self-cleaning oven interior. Manual cleaning oven interior.
  • Page 8 PROPER COOKWARE USING A WOK Cookware should have fiat bottoms that make good contact Woks with flat bottoms suitable for use on your cooktop with the entire surface heating element. Check for flatness are available in most cookshop or hardware stores by rotating a ruler across the bottom of the cookware (See (Figure 3).
  • Page 9 CANNING TIPS & INFORMATION Use tested recipes and follow instructions carefully. Check with your local Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service or a manufacturer of glass jars for Canning can generate large amounts of steam. Use the latest canning information. extreme caution to prevent burns. Always raise the lid Use fiat-bottomed canners only.
  • Page 10 PLACEMENT OF BURNER BASES CAPS PLACEMENT OF BURNER GRATES Your Cooktop isequipped with three different sizes of burners: Place grate over burner pans. Hake sure that the groove Power Burner, Standard Burner and Simmer Burner. under grate fits over the raised lip of the burner pan. The Place the burner base over each gas opening, matching rounded corners of the grates should be placed toward the the burner base size with the gas opening size.
  • Page 11 OPERATING THE GAS SURFACE CONTROLS SETTING PROPER SURFACE BURNER Place cooking utensil on surface burner. FLAME SIZE Push the surface control knob down and turn For most cooking, start on the highest control setting and counterclockwise out of the OFF position (See Figure 1). then turn to a lower one to complete the process.
  • Page 12: Rack Positions

    OVEN VENT LOCATION ARRANGING OVEN RACKS ALWAYS ARRANGE OVEN RACKS WHEN THE OVEN IS Each oven has its own vent as shown below (Figure i). When the oven is ON, warm air is released through COOL (PRIOR TO OPERATING THE OVEN). Always use the vent.
  • Page 13 CONTROL PAD FEATURES READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE OVEN. For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various features and functions of the oven as described below, Detailed instructions for each feature and function follow later in this Use & Care Guide. Self-Clean pad--Use to select the self cleaning...
  • Page 14: Clock - Time

    MINIMUM MAXIMUM CONTROL PAl) SETTINGS All of the features listed below have minimum and maximum time or temperature settings that may be entered into the control. An ENTRY acceptance beep will sound each time a control pad is touched (the acceptance beep on the Oven Lockout pad is delayed 3 seconds).
  • Page 15: Operation

    SETTING MINUTE TIMER SETTING SILENT CONTROL OPERATION The DELAY START and SELF CLEAN pads control The Timer on.offpad controls t he MinuteTimer feature. The Minute Timer serves as an extra timer in the kitchen theSilent Control operation f eature. T he Silent C ontrol that will beep when the set time has run out.
  • Page 16 SETTING BAKE Convection Baking Tips: - When using convection bake, adjust the cook time The Bake pad controls normal baking. The oven can be for desired doneness as needed. Time reductions will programmed to bake at any temperature from 170°F to vary depending on the amount and type of food to be 550°F (77°C to 288°C).
  • Page 17: Setting Convection

    SETTING CONVECTION CONVERT SETTING CONVECTION ROAST The Convect convert pad is used to automatically The Convect roast pad isdesignedto giveoptimum convert a standard baking recipe for convection baking. cookingperformanceforthis feature. T he oven can be When set properly, this feature is designed to display the programmed forConvection Roasting atany temperature actual converted (reduced) temperature in the display.
  • Page 18: Setting Bake Time

    SETTING BAKE TIME SETTING DELAY START Bake Time allows the oven to be set to cook for a specific The BAKErCONVECT BAKE1CONVECT ROASTr BAKE length of time and shut off automatically. TIHE and DELAY START pads controlthe Delayed Time Bake The oven will shut off and will beep when the countdown feature.
  • Page 19 SETTING Broil To set a Broil of 550°F = Place the broiler pan insert on the broiler pan (available The BROIL pad controls the Broil feature. When broiling, heat radiates downward from the oven broiler for even cov- by mail order), Then place the food on the broiler pan erage.
  • Page 20 SETTING WARM SETTING FAVORITE The Favorite pad is used to record and recall your favorite Thismode isbestforkeepingoven baked foodswarm for serving after cooking has finished. The Warm pad turns recipe settings. This feature may store and recall from 1 ON the Keep Warm feature and will maintain an oven to 3 different settings.
  • Page 21: Setting The Sabbath Feature

    SETTING THE SABBATH FEATURE (for use on the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) The Bake time and Delay start pads are used to set You may change the oven temperature once baking has the Sabbath feature. The Sabbath feature may only be started by pressing Bake, the numeric key pads for the used with the Bake pad.
  • Page 22 ADJUSTING OVEN TEMPERATURE TO SET THE OVEN CONTROL BACK TO THE FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS The temperature in the oven has been pre-set at the factory. When first using the oven, be sure to follow This function allows you to reset the user defined settings recipe times and temperatures.
  • Page 23: Self-Cleaning

    SELF-CLEANING A self-cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures (well above normal cooking temperatures) which eliminate soils completely or reduces them to a fine powdered ash you can wipe away with a damp cloth. DO HAND CLEAN FRAME Adhere to the following cleaning precautions: •...
  • Page 24 SETTING SELF-CLEAN CYCLE TIME LENGTH TO START THE DELAYED SELF-CLEAN CYCLE The Self clean pad controls the Self-Cleaning feature. If The Self clean and Delay start pads controls the you are planning to use the oven directly after a self- Delayed Self-Clean operation.
  • Page 25 TO BAKE Arrange oven racks while the oven is still coo!. Turn the Temperature Control Knob to the desired Should an oven fire occur, close the oven door and turn oven temperature. When the oven is first turned off the oven. If the fire continues, throw baking soda on on, the oven indicator light below the Temperature fire or use a fire extinguisher.
  • Page 26: Cleaning Various Parts Of Your Appliance

  • Page 27: Porcelain Enamel Oven Cleaning

    PORCELAIN ENAMEL OVEN CLEANING following precautions Adhere to the when us = oven cleaners" (auxUiary oven) 1. DO NOT spray on the electrical controls or switches because it could cause a short circuit and result in sparking or fire. 2. DO NOT allow a film from the cleaner to build up on Adhere to the following cleaning precautions:...
  • Page 28: Glass Cooktop Cleaning

    CLEANING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE CEPJ_HIC GLASS COOKTOP CLEANING & CERAMIC GLASS COOKTOP MAINTENANCE Consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your Ceramic g|ass cooktop, Before cleaning the cooktop, be sure the controls are Prior to using your cooktop for the turned to OFF and the cooktop is COOL, first time, apply the recommended CERAMA BRYTE®...
  • Page 29 CLEANING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE TO CLEAN THE BURNER GRATES, CONTOURED BURNER (CONTINUED) PANS,BURNER CAPS, A ND BURNERBASES, CEI_I_,MIC GLASS COOKTOP Plastic or foods with a high sugar content" The burner grates, contoured burner pans, burner cap, These types of soils need be removed immediately if and burner base should be routinely cleaned.
  • Page 30 CARE CLEANING OF STAINLESS STEEL Some models are equipped with stainless steel exterior parts. Special care and cleaning are required maintaining the appearance of stainless parts. Refer Oven door = to the General Care 8=Cleaning table for detailed cleaning instructions. Hinge_..
  • Page 31: Changing Oven Light

    CHANGING OVEN LIGHT To clean keep warm drawer, gently scour with a soapy scouring pad, this will remove most spots. Rinse with a 1:1 solution of clear water and ammonia. If necessary, cover difficult spots with an ammonia-soaked paper towel for 30 to 40 minutes. Rinse with clean water and Be sure the oven is unplugged and all parts are COOL a damp cloth.
  • Page 32: Oven Baking

    OVEN BAKING For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc. There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance, Baking Causes...
  • Page 33 Beforeyou call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. The list includes common are not the result of defect!ve workmansh!p o r materials in this appliance..............Range is not level. Poor installation. Place oven rack in center of oven. Place a level on the oven rack. Adjust leveling legs at base of range until the rack is level.
  • Page 34 Scratches or Coarse particles such as salt or sand between cooktop and utensils can cause scratches. Be abrasions sure cooktop surface and bottoms of utensils are clean before usage. Small scratches do not cooktop surface, affect cooking and will become less visible with time. cleaning materials not recommended for ceramic:glass Co0ktoP have been USed, see "Cooktop Cleaning - Ceramic Glass Cooktop Models"...
  • Page 36 Your appliance is covered by a one year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.