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CRAFTSMAN 247.23000 Operator's Manual

208cc engine rear tine tiller electric start.
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208cc Engine
Rear Tine Tiller
Model No. 247.23000
this product,
read this
and follow
and operating
Sears Brands
Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179, U.S.A.
Visit our web site:
FORMNO. 769-06779C


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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 247.23000

  • Page 1

    SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION CAUTION: Before using MAINTENANCE this product, read this PARTS LIST manual and follow o ESPANOL safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our web site: FORMNO. 769-06779C 3/27/12...

  • Page 2

    FORTWO YEARSfrom the dateof purchase,this productis warrantedagainstanydefectsin materialor workmanship, A defectiveproductwill receivefree repairor replacementif repairis unavailable, For warranty coverage details to obtain free repair or replacement,visit the web site: This warranty covers ONLYdefects in material and workmanship. Warranty coverage does NOT include: •...

  • Page 3

    This machinewas built to be operatedaccordingto the safe opera- This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not tion practicesin this manual.As with any type of powerequipment, followed,couldendangerthe personalsafetyand/orpropertyof carelessnessor error on the part of the operatorcan resultin yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual seriousinjury.This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands, beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith toes and feet and throwingdebris.

  • Page 4

    Safe Handling of Gasoline: • Lookdownand behindand usecare whenin reverseor pulling machinetowardsyou. Toavoidpersonalinjuryor propertydamageuseextremecare in handlinggasoline.Gasolineis extremelyflammableand the vaporsare • Start the engineaccordingto the instructionsfoundinthis manual explosive.Seriouspersonalinjurycan occurwhengasolineis spilled and keepfeet well awayfromthe tines at all times. on yourselfor yourclotheswhichcan ignite.Washyour skin and •...

  • Page 5

    NOTICE REGARDING EMISSIONS • Do notchangethe enginegovernorsettingsor over-speed the engine.Thegovernorcontrolsthemaximumsafeoperatingspeed Engineswhich are certifiedtocomplywith Californiaand federal of engine. EPAemissionregulations for SORE(SmallOff RoadEquipment) are Maintainor replacesafetyand instructionlabels,as necessary. certifiedto operateon regularunleadedgasoline,and mayinclude Followthis manual f or safe loading,unloading,transporting, a nd the followingemissioncontrol systems:EngineModification (EM), storageof this machine.

  • Page 6

    SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafetysymbolsthat mayappear on this product. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble operate WARNING-- ROTATING TINES Do not put hands or feet near rotating parts.

  • Page 7

    NOTE:This unitis shippedwithoutgasolineor oil in the engine.Be Raisethefine shieldhinge flapassemblyand insertthe depth stakeassemblyin the slot, underthe fineshieldand up through certainto serviceenginewith gasolineand oil as instructedin the the tine shieldassembly. Operationsectionof this manualbeforeoperatingyourmachine. Insertthe clevispin throughthe fineshieldand depthstake NOTE:Referenceto rightand left hand sideof the Tilleris observed assemblies.Secureit with the cotterpin.

  • Page 8

    2. Place t he handle assembly inposition between the handle Slidethe handleswivelrod throughthe upper handleassembly, mounting brackets. insertthe lowerend of the rod intothe swinghandle linkand 3. Line upthe holes i nthe handle with the holes i nthe bracket and securewith the previouslyremovedhardware. S ee Figure5. secure with the hardware previously removed.

  • Page 9

    5. When the clutch c able i sinplace, secure the cable o nto t he handle Checking and adding oil with the provided cable t ies inthe locations shown inFigure 8. Placethe tilleron a fiat, levelsurface. Removethe oil filler cap/dipstickand wipe thedipstickclean. See Figure9.

  • Page 10

    ADJUSTMENTS Adding Fuel Clutch Cable Checkthe adjustment o f theclutchcable as follows: Use extremecarewhenhandlinggasoline.Gasolineisextremely flammableand the vaporsare explosive.Neverfuelthe machine Positionthe tillerso the front counterweight i sagainsta solid indoors or whilethe engineishot or running.Extinguishcigarettes, object,such as a wall. cigars,pipesand othersourcesof ignition. With the gear selectionleverin NEUTRAL, s tart the engine.Refer to Startingthe Enginein the Operationsection.

  • Page 11

    I Swing Lever Shift Lever _Clutch Lever Lock Depth Stake Tine Shield Air Filter._ End Cover Muffler Rear Tine Shield Fuel Cap_ Oil Fill Cap & Di Air Filter-- Front Counterweic Choke Lever- Throttle Lever- Side Shield Recoil Starter H_ _c,Starter_ _-/<_/ Electr Figure13...

  • Page 12

    OiL FiLL CAP & DIPSTICK HANDLE ADJUSTMENT LOCK Engineoil levelcan be checkedand oil addedthroughtheoil fill. The handlemay be adjustedto the heightdesiredby unlockingthe HandleAdjustmentLock,then movingthe handlebarsto the desired NOTE:This unitwas shippedWITHOUToil in the engine.Oil is positionand then re-lockingthe HandleAdjustmentLock.The handle includedin the plasticbag packedwith the manualin with the unit. shouldbe adjustedso that whenthetiller is digging3 to 4 inches into Add theoil as directedin theGas &...

  • Page 13

    TO STOP ENGINE Pushthe chokeleverto the CHOKEIJl position.If the engineis warm,placethechoke in the RUNI JtI positioninsteadof CHOKE To stopthe wheelsand tines, releasethe ClutchLever. IJl. See Figure15. Movethrottlecontrolleverto slow(turtle) _ position.Whenever possible,graduallyreduceenginespeedbeforestoppingengine. Movethrottlecontrolleverto STOP_ position. Disconnectsparkplug wireand ground itagainst t heengineto preventaccidentalstartingwhilethe equipmentisunattended.

  • Page 14

    SETTING THE DEPTH Avoidthe temptationto pushdownon the handlebarsin an attemptto force the tillerto dig deeper.Doingsotakesthe weight off the poweredwheels,causingthemto losetraction.Without i Be certain sparkplug wireis disconnected and groundedagainstthe thewheelsto holdthe tiller back,thetines will attemptto propel enginewhenperforminganyadjustments. towardstheoperatoror awayfrom theoperator. Whencultivating (breakingup thesurfacesoilaroundthe plants Tillingdepthis controlled bythedepthstakewhichcanbeadjusted to five todestroyweeds,SeeFigure17),adjustthetines to digonly 1"to different s ettings.Adjust t he sideshields as youadjustthedepthstake.

  • Page 15

    Suggested Tilling If the gardensize will notpermit lengthwiseand thencrosswise Patterns tilling, thenoverlapthe first passesby one-halfa tiller width,fol- • Whenpreparinga seedbed,go overthe samepathtwice in the lowedby successivepassesat one-quarterwidth.See Figure20. first row,thenoverlapone-halfthetiller width on the rest of the passes.See Figure18. Figure20 Tilling on a Slope Figure18 Whenfinishedinone direction,makea second passat a right...

  • Page 16

    Terrace Gardening Loading & Unloading the Tiller Tocreatea terrace,start at thetop of the slopeand work down Go back and forth acrossthe first row.See Figure21. Loadingand unloadingthe tillerintoa vehicleis potentiallyhazard- I ous and doingso is not recommended unless absolutelynecessary, _asthis could resultin personalinjuryor propertydamage. If you mustload or unloadthe tiller,followthe guidelinesgivenbelow: •...

  • Page 17

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Followthe maintenanceschedulegivenbelow.This chart describes Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all serviceguidelinesonly. Usethe ServiceLog columnto keeptrackof controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall moving partshavecometo completedmaintenance tasks.To locate the nearest Sears Service a complete stop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainstthe Centeror to scheduleservice,simplycontactSears at enginetoprevent u nintended starting. A lways wearsafety glassesduring 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.

  • Page 18

    Removethespark plug bootand use a sparkplug wrenchto Servicing the Air Cleaner removethe plug.See Figure22. Neverusegasolineor lowflash point solventsfor cleaningtheair cleanerelement.A fireor explosioncould result. The air cleanerpreventsdamagingdirt, dust,etc., from enteringthe carburetorand being forcedintothe engineand is importantto engine lifeand performance.Neverrunthe enginewithoutan air cleaner completelyassembled.Checkthe air cleanerbeforeeachuse.

  • Page 19

    With engineOFF but still warm,disconnectsparkplug wireand Check Engine keep itawayfrom sparkplug. Checkoil beforeeachuse. Stopengineand wait severalminutes Placea funnelunderthe oil drain to avoidgettingoil on the tiller beforecheckingoil level.With engineon levelground,the oil must frame.See Figure26. be to FULLmarkon dipstick. Referto the Assemblysectionof this manualfor instructions on checkingtheoil.

  • Page 20

    LUBRiCATiON BELT REPLACEMENT After every 10operatinghours,oil or greasethe lubricationpoints.Use Yourtiller hasbeen engineered with a beltdesignedfor long life and cleanlubricatingoil (#30 weightmotoroil is suitable)and cleangeneral optimalperformance.Useonly a factoryauthorizedbeltas listed in purposegrease(greasecontaininga metallubricantis preferred,if the Parts List section,an "over-the-counter"belt maynot perform available).See Figure27. satisfactorily.

  • Page 21

    ADJUSTMENTS Removethe idler pulleyby removingthe hexscrewand jam lock nut. See Figure28. Handle Removethe old beltand install the newbelt. Followthe instruc- The handlemay be adjustedto thedesiredheight.Referto the tions in reverseorderto re-installthe belt keeperand belt cover. Assemblysectionfor details. See Figure28. Secondary Clutch Cable Adjustment NOTE:Uponreassembly, m akecertain the beltis routedoverthe idler...

  • Page 22

    idler Pulley Rod Afterthe belttensionhasbeenadjusted, i fthebeltis excessively s tretched, youmayneedtoadjustthe idlerpulleyrod.Thiscanbe checked easily. With theengineoff and the clutchcontrolbail disengaged,shiftthe gear selectionhandleto eachforwardmode. If the indicator bracket touchesthe idlerpulleyrod with theclutchcontrol bail disengaged, thenan adjustmentis necessary. Disconnectand groundthe spark plugwire againsttheengine. Removethebelt coveras describedunderBelt Replacement earlierin this section.

  • Page 23

    Neverstoretiller withfuel in tank indoorsor in poorlyventilatedareasI wherefuel fumesmay reachan open flame,spark,or pilotlightas on a furnace,water heater,c othesdryer, or gas app ance. PREPARING THE TILLER Whenthe tillerwon't be usedfor an extendedperiod,prepareit for Neverleaveengineunattendedwhileit is running. storageas follows: PREPARING THE ENGINE Cleanthe tillerand engine.

  • Page 24

    Before performing anytype d maintenance/service, disengage all controls and stoptheengine.Waituntilall movingpartshavecometo a completestop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgroundit against t heenginetoprevent unintended starting. A lways wearsafetyglasses duringoperation or whileperforming anyadjustments or repairs. Reconnect w ire. Enginefails to start Sparkplugwire disconnected. EngineThrottleControlLeverincorrectlyset. Putleverin STARTposition. Fueltank emptyor stale fuel. Filltank with clean,fresh gasoline.

  • Page 25

    Craftsman Tiller B IViodel No. 247.23000...

  • Page 26

    Craftsman Tiller B IViodel No. 247.23000 2725 CableTie 710-3008 Hex Screw,5/16-18x .75 710-3056 Hex Screw,5/16-18x 3.25 649-04101-0691 UpperHandleAssembly 710-3130 Hex Screw,3/8-16x 3.25 649-04102-0691 SwingHandleTubeAssembly 710-0189 HexScrew,5/16-18x 3.00 712-04063 FlangeLock Nut,5/16-18 710-0859 HexScrew,3/8-16x 2.50 712-04065 FlangeLock Nut,3/8-16 710-0919 HexScrew,#10-16x 0.440 912-0413...

  • Page 27

    Craftsman Tiller -- IViodel No. 247.23000 © \\°...

  • Page 28

    Craftsman Tiller B IViodel No. 247.23000 686-0191 B-0691 786-0064A IdlerPulleyBracket BeltKeeperAssemblyBracket 786-0187-0637 Shift Cover Bracket 686-04044A-0691 BeltCoverAssemblyBracket 710-0170 Hex LockScrew,5/16-24x .625 786-0193-0637 Idler BeltKeeper 786-0238 PositionerGear Bracket 710-0513 HexScrew,1/4-28x .625 710-0502A HexWasherScrew,3/8-16x 1.250 686-0109A Shift CrankAssembly 710-1652 710-1652 Hex WasherScrew,1/4-20x 0.625 HexWasherScrew,1/4-20x 0.625...

  • Page 29

    Craftsman Tiller B IViodel No. 247.23000 29\(_\...

  • Page 30

    Craftsman Tiller B IViodel No. 247.23000 611-0021 921-0378 Shaft Seal,1.0 TineShaft Assembly 611-0128 721-0379 Shaft Seal,.75 JackShaft Assembly 786-0238 PositionerGear Bracket 611-0129 Shift Input ShaftAssembly 611-04074A 726-0277 TaperedCapPlug WheelShaft Assembly 617-0058 732-04778 Compression Spring,.230 ReverseIdlerGearAssembly 617-0059 936-0163 Fiat Washer,1.03x 1.62x .03...

  • Page 31

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 710-04911 MufflerStudM8x36 951-12027 MufflerStudAssembly 951-11285 MufflerGasket 712-04214 Nut,M8 951-12294 MufflerAssembly 710-05002 Bolt...

  • Page 32

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 27__ 710-05101 CarburetorStud M6x110 CarburetorBody 951-11567 CarburetorInsulatorGskt FloatPin 951-11568 CarburetorInsulatorPlate Emulsion Tube 951-11569 CarburetorGasket NeedleValve 951-10797 MainJet CarburetorAssembly 951-11571 CarburetorGasketPlate NeedleValveSpring Control Lever, Choke Float ChokeShaft 951-11589 FuelBowlGasket ChokePlate FuelBowl ThrottleShaft 951-11348...

  • Page 33

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 52-_...

  • Page 34

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 951-11253 PistonRingSet 951-11632 PistonPin Snap Ring 951-12007 Piston 951-11633 PistonPin 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-11113 Air Shield 951-11573 ConnectingRodAssembly 951-11356 GovernorArm Shaft 736-04461 Washer5.2xl.9 951-11574 GovernorSeal 714-04074 CotterPin 951-11575 CamshaftAssy. 951-11369 RadialBall Bearing,6205...

  • Page 35

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000...

  • Page 36

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 710-04968 Bolt M6x16 951-11054 ValveCover 731-07059 BreatherHose 726-04101 Hose Clamp 951-11565 ValveCoverGasket 951-11892 RockerArm Assembly 751-11124 Nut,PivotLocking 751-11123 AdjustingNut ,Valve 951-11893 RockerArm 710-04902 Bolt,Pivot 951-11895 PushRodGuide 951-12000 Retainer, in.ValveSpring 951-12002 Adjuster, ExhValve 951-12003 Retainer, Ex.ValveSpring...

  • Page 37

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 8o--o _ _--. 951-10792 ignitionCoil Assembly 710-04919 BoltM6x25 951-12416 Flywheel 951-10909 Fan,Cooling 951-10911 Pulley, Starter 712-04209 Nut,SpeciaI,M14x1.5 710-04915 BoltM6x12 951-12417 BlowerHousing 736-04455 FiatWasher 710-04974 BoltM6xlO 951-12418 RecoilStarterAssembly 710-04979 BoltM6x18 951-11109 BlowerHousingShield...

  • Page 38

    Craftsman Engine Model 270=V0 For Tiller Model 247.23000 710-04968 BoltM6x16 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-11067 ThrottleControlKnob 951-11914 DipstickDecorationCover 951-12131 PrimerBracket 710-04905 Bolt 710-04928 BoltM6x12 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-11585 951-11381 GovernorSpring Oil FillTubeO-Ring 951-10664 951-11913 ThrottleLinkageSpring Oil FillTubeAssembly(Incl. 100) 951-10665 951-11904 ThrottleLinkage...

  • Page 39

    Craftsman Engine IViodel 270=V0 For Tiller IViodel 247.23000 951-10806 Air CleanerHousing 712-04213 710-05102 Self-Tapping Bolt M4.2x16 951-12135 SilencerPlate 951-10794 Air CleanerFilterAssembly 951-12136 Air CleanerCover...

  • Page 40

    Craftsman Engine Model 270-V0 For Tiller Model 247.23000 _112 _112 710-04914 Bolt M6xlO 951-11680 FlexibleClamp 951-11114 SwitchHousingMountingBrkt 712-04212 Nut,M6 710-04965 Bolt M4x55 710-05182 Bolt M6x32 715-04088 DowelPin 8x8 951-10645A Startup Electromotor...

  • Page 41

    Craftsman Tiller IViodel No. 247.23000 777S33508 777123501 777123502 777D15941 777D15942 777D15452 777S33382 777D15944 777120501 777120358 777123259 777123174 77712292 777X43688 DONOT USEE85 ORFUEL CONTAINING MORE 777D15945 777D15943 THANIO%ETHANOL...

  • Page 42

    (Thispage applicablein the U.S.A.and Canadaonly.) Sears Brands Management Corporation (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARD) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997AND LATERENGINES WHICHARE PURCHASED AND USED FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- ELSEWHERE IN THE UNITEDSTATES (ANDAFTERJANUARY1,2001 IN...

  • Page 43

    Look For Relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air index information On Your Engine Emissions Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display information regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Sears Brands Management Corporation makes this information available to the consumer on our emission...

  • Page 44

    Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman® product is designed manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.

  • Page 45

    Durantedos aSosdesdela fechade compra,este productoest_ garantizadocontracualquierdefectode materialeso manode obra. Un productodefectuosorecibir_la reparaci6no sustituci6ngratuitasi la reparaci6nno est_ disponible. Paradetalles sobre la garantia de coberturapara obtener reparaci6ngratuita o reemplazo,visite el sitio web: Esta garantias61ocubre defectos en rnateriaies y mano de obra. Cobertura de la garantiano ineiuye: •...

  • Page 46

    Esta m &quina est& d iseSada para s er u tilizada respetando las normas La presencia deeste s imbolo indica que s e trata d einstrucciones de seguridad contenidas en este m anual. AI i gual que con cualquier tipo seguridad importantes que s e deben respetar...

  • Page 47

    • Si golpea algQnun objeto extra_oo si la m_quinacomienzaa emitir Manejo seguro de la gasolina: un sonidopococomL]no a vibrar,apagueel motorde inmediato. Paraevitar lesionespersonalesy da_os materialestenga muchocuidado al Desconecteel cable de labujia, p6ngalohaciendomasacontrael motor manipularla gasolina.La gasolinaes sumamenteinflamabley sus vapores y siga los pasossiguientes: puedencausarexplosiones.Si se derramagasolinaencimao sobre la ropa se puedelesionargravementeya que se puedeincendiar.

  • Page 48

    ,, Observe lareglamentaci6n ylas normas respecto alaeliminaci6n AVISO REFERIDO A EMISIONES correcta de gasolina, aceite, etc. para proteger elmedic ambiente. Los motoresque est_ncertificadosy cumplencon las regulacionesde • SegQn laComisi6n de Seguridad de Productos para elConsumidor emisionesfederales EPAy de Californiapara SORE (EquiposSmall Off Road los Estados Unidos (CPSC) ylaAgencia...

  • Page 49

    SiIVIBOLOS DE SEGURIDAD En esta p&ginase presentany describenlos simbolosde seguridadque puedenapareceren este producto. Lea,entienday cumplatodaslas instruccionesincluidasen la m_quinaantes de intentararmarlay utilizarla. LEA LOS MANUALES DEL OPERADOR °_ Lea, entienda y cumpla todas las instrucciones incluidas en los manuales antes de intentar armar la unidad y utilizarla.

  • Page 50

    NOTA:Estaunidadse envia singasolinani aceiteen el motor.Antes Inserte el pasador d e horquilla en losmontajes delprotector de dientes de operar la m_.quina cargueel motorcongasolinay aceitecomo se y de laestacade profundidad. Asegure conel pasador d echaveta. indicaen la secci6nFuncionamiento de este manual. Inserteun pernohexagonal e n el orificio superiordel montaje NOTA:Lasreferencias a los ladosderechoe izquierdode la cultivadora de la estacade profundidad.

  • Page 51

    2. Posicione la unidadde lamanijaentrelossoportesde montajede Desliceel eslab6ngiratoriode la manijaa travesdel conjunto la manija. de la manijasuperior,inserteel extremeinferiordel eslab6nen Alineelos orificiosen la manijacon los orificiosdel soportey el enlacegiratoriode la manijay suj_telosconlos herrajesque fijelos conlos herrajesque acabade extraer, extrajoanteriormente. V eala Figura5. ACOPLE DE LA VARILLA DE CAIVIBIO...

  • Page 52

    5. Cuando elcable d el e rnbrague est6 e nsusitio, suj6telo alarnanija El controly la adici6n de aceite con losprecintos surninistrados enlas ubicaciones que se indican Coloqueel rnanillaren una superficieplanay nivelada. enlaFigura 8. Retireel tap6nde Ilenado/ varillade rnedici6ny Lirnpiela varilla. V6asela Figura9.

  • Page 53

    Carga de combustible AJUSTES Cable del Embrague Tenga rnucho cuidado altrabajar con gasolina. Lagasolina es Cornpruebe el ajustedel cabledel ernbrague de la siguienteforrna: surnarnente inflarnable ysus vapores pueden causar explosiones. Posicionela cultivadoraparaque el contrapesofrontalquede Nunca agregue combustible alarn_.quina eninteriores nirnientras contra un objetos61ido, t al cornouna pared.

  • Page 54

    Palancade giro Palancade cambios de embrague Traba de ajuste de la manija Soporte indicador de carnbios Silenciador Estaca de profundidad Ubierta de los Filtro de aire xtremosde protecci6n Protector de Silenciador Fap6n de combustible _,>,_. /de dientes dientes trasero rap6n de llenado rvarilla de aceite ..

  • Page 55

    TAPON DE LLENADO Y VARILLA DEL NIVEL PALANCA DE BASCULACKSN DE ACEITE La manijade la direcci6nsepuedegiraren ambasdirecciones. E sto permite guiarla cultivadora hastala ilia siguiente. Sueltela manijade la Es posiNecontrolarel nivelde aceitedel motor,asi como tambi6n direcci6n tirandohaciaarribala palancade basculaci6n. Gire la manija agregaraceite,a travesdel Ilenadode aceite.

  • Page 56

    PARA DETENER EL MOTOR Ernpujela palancadel estrangulador a la posici6nCHOKE (cebador)lJl. Si el motorya est,. caliente,ubiqueel regulador Paradetener l as ruedasy losdientes, s ueltela rnanija del ernbrague. en la )osici6n RUN! JtI (funcionarniento) e n lugar de CHOKE Mueva la palanca de control d el regulador hastala posici6n SLOW (cebador)IJl.

  • Page 57

    SUGERENCIAS Y TI_CNICAS DE LABRANZA AJUSTE DE LA PROFUNDIDAD Cerci6resede que el cablede la bujia est,.desconectadoy Antesde la labranza, p 6ngase encontacto conlacornpa_ia telef6nica haciendornasacontrael motorantes de realizarcualquierajuste. o deservicios y pregunte si seencuentra equiparniento o lineas subterr_.neas en suterreno. N orealicelabranza cercade dondehay Laprofundidad de labranza est,.controlada pot la estacade profundidad cables_f6nicas, caSos o man uerasenterrados.

  • Page 58

    Si las dirnensiones del jardfn no perrnitenla labranzaen sentido IViodelos de labranza sugeridos longitudinaly luegoen sentidotransversal,traslapelasprirneras • AI prepararel lechode siernbra,recorrala rnisrnasendados pasadaspor la rnitaddel anchode la cultivadora, c ontinuando vecesen la prirnerahilera,luegotraslapela rnitaddel anchode la con sucesivaspasadasa un cuarto del ancho.Vea la Figura20. cultivadoraen el restode las pasadas.Vea la Figura18.

  • Page 59

    Jardineria en terrazas • Loscargadores deben usarcalzadoresistenteque los ayudea evitar resbalones. Paracrearuna terraza,comienceen la cima de la pendientey • Posicione el vehiculode cargade modoque el _.ngulo de la trabajehaciaabajo. Recorrala hacia tampasea Iom_.spiano posiNe(cuantomenosindinada seala adeiante.Vea la Figura21. tampa,mejor).Apagueel motordel vehiculoy pongael frenode estacionamiento.

  • Page 60

    PROGRAMA DE MANTENIMIENTO Siga el cronograrna de rnantenirniento que se presentaa continuaci6n. Antesde realizar c ualquier t ipo de rnantenirniento o servicio, Estatabla s61o describepautasde servicio.Utilicela colurnnaRegistro desenganche todosloscontroles y detengael motor.Esperea que se de Serviciopara hacerel seguirniento de lastareas de rnantenirniento detengan cornpletarnente t odaslaspiezasrn6viles.

  • Page 61

    IVlantenimiento del filtro de aire. Retireel capuch6nde la bujia y con una Ilavepara bujiasextraiga la bujia.Veala Figura22. Nunca usegasolina o solventes d e puntodeencendido bajoparalirnpiar e l le ernento de depurador de a re.Podria producirse un incendio o explosi6n. Elfiltrode aireevitael ingreso al carburador d e suciedad, polvo, e tc. perjudiciales y evitaque losrnisrnos seanintroducidos d entrodelmotor.

  • Page 62

    Con el motorapagadopero aQncaliente,desconecteel cablede Inspeccione el aceite del motor bujia y rnant_ngalo alejadode la bujia. Reviseel aceiteantes de cadauso. PareeJmotory espereunos Coloqueun ernbudoen el drenajede aceite para evitarque el rninutosantesde cornprobarel nivelde aceite.Conel motora aceiteen el marcode tirn6n.Wase la Figura26. niveldel suelo,el aceitedebe ser de rnarcaFULLen la varilla.

  • Page 63

    LUBRICACION CAMBIO DE CORREA Despu_sde cada 10 horasde funcionarniento, aceite o engraselos Su cultivadoraha sidoequipadacon una correadise_adaparauna puntosde lubricaci6n-Useaceite lubricantelirnpio(esadecuado vida Otilprolongada y un 6ptirnorendirniento. U se Onicarnente correas el aceitepara rnotores de peso#30) y grasade usogenerallirnpia autorizadaspot el fabricante,cornose rnencionaen la secci6nLista (es preferiblegrasaque contengaun lubricantede metal,si hay de piezas,ya que las correasgen6ricaspuedenno desernpe_arse disponible).Vea la Figura27.

  • Page 64

    AJUSTES Extraigala poleaIoca retirandoel tornillohexagonal y la contratuerca de seguridad. V ea la Figura29. IVlanija Extraigala correausadae instaleuna nueva.Siga las Se puedeajustarla manijaa la alturadeseada.Consultela secci6nde instruccionesen orden inversapara reinstalarel guardacorreas y Funcionamiento para obtenerdetalles. la cubierta de la correa.Vea laFigura29. Ajuste del cable del ernbrague...

  • Page 65

    Polea Ioca de Rod Despu_sde la tensi6nde la correase ha ajustado,si la correaestA demasiadoextendido,es posiNe que necesiteajustarla barrade la poleaIoca. Estose puedecomprobarf_.cilmente. Conel motorapagadoy la libertadbajofianza de controlmotor desembragado, cambiarel manejadorde selecci6nde equipos para cadamodode avance.Si el soportedel indicador toca la barra de la polea Iocacon la libertadbajo fianzade controlde motor desembragado, a continuaci6n, u n ajustees necesario.

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    Nuncaalrnacenela cultivadoraconcombustibleen el tanqueen un espaciocerradoo en _.reas pocoventiladasdonde los gasesdel combustiblepuedanNegar a una Narna expuesta,una chispao un pilotocornoel que tienenalgunoshornos,calentadores de agua, secadoresde ropao algQnartefactoa gas. PREPARACI6N DE LA CLILTIVADORA Si la cultivadorano se va a usarduranteun perfodoprolongado, Nuncadeje el motorsin vigilanciarnientras est,. en funcionarniento. prep_.rela parael alrnacenarniento de la siguienteforrna: PREPARACION DEL MOTOR...

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    Antesde realizar c ualquier t ipode mantenimiento o servicio, d esenganche t odosloscontroles y detenga el motor.Esperea que sedetengan completamente t odaslaspiezasm6viles. D esconecte e l cablede la bujiay p6ngalohaciendo masacontrael motorparaevitarqueseenciendaaccidentalmente. Utilicesiempre anteojos de seguridad durantelaoperaci6n o mientras realizaajustes o reparaciones. El motorno arranca Reconecteel cable.

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    (Esta p _.gina seaplica s 61o enEE.UU. yCanada.). Sears Brands M anagement Corporation, el Consejo de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) y la Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (derechos y obligaciones de la garanfia de defectos del propi=...

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    Busque el periodo de duraci6n de emisiones importantes yla informaci6n de clasificaci6n de aire en la etiqueta de emisiones de su motor Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el periodo de duraci6n de ias emisiones y la clasificaci6n de aire.

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    Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido esta diseSado y fabricado para brindar muchos aSos de funcionamiento confiable. Pero como todos los productos a veces puede requerir de reparaciones. Es en ese momento cuando...

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    Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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