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o Assembly
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. Repair Parts
P, DEBU6-_
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  • Page 1

    Sears maliiual _RRFTSN_N_ CAUT . CHAJ Read SAFETY TILLE RULES and iNSTRUCTIONS carefully o Assembly o Operating ®Maintenance . Repair Parts ..IIIl/l' 8F__._RS, P, DEBU6-_ 03., Cht_I1. 60684 U_.A. S_NS-SEARS LI_MYI2!D, Toronto, Canada i,,,i,ii ........,,,,.,,?, PRINTED IN U,S,A,, PART 770_7763...

  • Page 2

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY For one year from the date of purchase, Sears will repai_ any defect in material workmanship in this TILLER at no charge If the TtLLER is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for onry thirty days from the date of purchase.

  • Page 3

    IMPORTANT __is suggested that this manual be read in its entirety before attempting to assemble or operate Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference and for ordering replacemen! parts This unit is shipped WITHOUT GASOLINE orO1L After assembly, see operaiing section of this manual...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    UNDEX Warranty ........Operation ........Safe Operation Practices ..... Tilling .......... Introduction ........Tilling Hints ........Contents in Hardware Pack ......Maintenance ......... Tiller Identification ........ Off-Season Storage ......Assembly Instructions ......Transmission--Repair Parts ....Adjustments ........Tiller-- Repair Parts ........ Con trots ........

  • Page 5

    FIGURE 2, (SHOWN IN FULL SCALE) NOTE LETTERS LISTED BELOW WILL REFERRED TO THROUGHOUT THE FOLLOWING TEXT EASIER HARDWARE IDENTiFICA- TION, LIST OF CONTENTS IN HARDWARE PACK: A (2) Shoulder Bolts (1) Gear Shift Knob (1) Compression Spring B (2) Flat Washers K (2) Hair Pin Cotter C (2) BeltevitleWashe_s L (2) Serf Tapping...

  • Page 6: Tiller Identification

    TILLER IDENTIFICATION Depth Slake Adj..stmen{ Shield Klick Pin Tine Belt Assemblies Cover 3ounter Weight...

  • Page 7: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY tiller forward, rests INSTRUCTIONS counterweight Slide depth stake through titler as shown in figure Pull Handle Assembly depth stake adjustment tiller Place the handle assembly in p,:;s,'",k)n Or: lock in place the tiller so that the holes in handle Ime up w_th holes in mountir, g bracket Place flat washer (B} and bellevi_le washer (C) over...

  • Page 8

    Thread ferrule other er_.d of gear shift See figure Secure ferrule in gear shift lever (as shown in figure 11) with llair pin cotter (K), FIGURE 8. H. Thread hex jam nut (P) on one end of gear shift rod, then thread gear shift rod into ball...

  • Page 9: Adjustments

    2, Change oil after first 2 hours of operation every 25 hours thereafter_ Check oil every 8 operating hours. FIGURE 13. FIGURE 15. Place throttle control lever up through the handle panel and secure with two self tapping screws (L), 3- Fill fuel tank with clean fresh regular grade of using a 1/4"...

  • Page 10

    Handle Adjustment Lever. (See figure t9 ) NOTE Figure 19 is _,iewed from the bottom of handle panel A_ Use if not enough free play B. Normal setting° C, Use If pin wilt not withdraw completely from bracket. FIGURE 17. Pull the depth bar adjustment pin and move...

  • Page 11

    Neutral (N)--Move lever to center detent CONTROLS See figure Location and Use° Gear Shift Lever: The gear shift lever located in the center of handle Dane!. Forward (1 thru 5)--Move the lever to the left and forward for each gear See figure L_CAUTtON DO not attempt...

  • Page 12

    4 HandleAdjustment: The handleacljus[men_ releaseis located on the right hand handle bar_ See figure FIGURE 25, 3. Choke: The choke is located on the engine just below cleaner, choke engine pull the choke lever out., See figure 26. FIGURE 28. FIGURE 26.

  • Page 13: Operation

    Drive position is when klick S(;ue,:,_:'e hat]die adiustmen! iever _:nd place ',he handle n_ne inserted into lhe _nside hole of ;,,,heel shall ;:,OSilionS _Igures 30 a,"_::_ 2,1 (hole in wheelilub) as shown m figure Drive position iS used for tilling NOTE Figure 28 is viev,.ed...

  • Page 14: Tilling

    TILLING TILLING HINTS Soil conditions are important for proper tilling The lines will not readily penetrate dry, hard soil This may contribute to excessive bounce difficult handling of the tiller Hard soil should moistened prior to tilling, Extremely wet soil will cause soil to bali up or...

  • Page 15

    REMOVING REPLACING BELTS 1_ Remove bell cover remove three boils, nuts and !wo fiat washers. See figure 36. _CAUTION muffter in the area belt cover Only remove the belt cover when engine is cool FIGURE 38, Place the gear shift lever in one o! the forward gears (as far forward as possible) Pull the idler pulley down by hand and remove...

  • Page 16

    tion of your engine and after each hours of use thereafter to ensure proper lubri- cation of internal parts for trouble free opera- tion prevent costly repair excessive wear. (Take care remove dirt around li!ler plug.) Be sure oil level is maim tained full to point of overflowing Seefig{,re...

  • Page 17

    INITIAL ADJUSTMENT. figure Take air cleaner apart Close needle valve (turn clockwise) then D, Wash element detergent solution open 1_,_ turns (lurn counterclockwise) squeezing similar to a sponge This initial adjustment will permit engine to be started and warmed up before makine final adjustment FINAL, ADJUSTMENT..

  • Page 18: Off-season

    A. The electrodes should be kept clean and 1. Working outdoors, drain all fuel from the fuel free OF CARBON. The presence of carbon tank° Use a clean dry cloth to absorb the small or excess will greatly deter proper amount of fuel remaining in the tank,...

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  • Page 20

    Repair Parts 5 H.P. TilUer ModeB 247.298770 .oT_i O.e _ 0 o,,oceo °4 Plastilube grease, Orderi part no. 737-0133,,...

  • Page 21

    Repair Parts Transmission 04878 ...."R I_-F'-]' PART REF., i PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION NO_ t Ball Bearing 736-0329 L-Wash Scr " i74t"0155 Transmission Ass / --,-q _,. : :::' , :.0-03_8 H_.L Sleeve 3 c 2 ! 04822 i "¸ D O x3..3SLg 3 738-0379 Input Shaft 5,8-...

  • Page 22

    Repair Parts 5°HoPo TiB_erModel 247°298770...

  • Page 23

    5=H.P. Tiller ModeB 247.298770 Repair Parts PART REF. PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION I No.I No. i ....Hex Wash Tan Scr -I-'_ 736-01 t 9 L-Wash,. 5t16" Scr,* 04850 Handle Post[loner Ass'y, x .50" Lg," L-Wash., 3/8' Scr " 736-01 69 Throttle Control A._sy 2 1746-0304 )

  • Page 24

    Repair Parts 5oH.P, TiBBerModel 247°298770...

  • Page 25

    Parts 5=H.P. Tiller Mode 247,298770 PART NO.I DESCRIPTION ....N{L. L__ NO .._ ..DESCRIPTION 752-0668 Engine B & S "' 30} '_ '-"" _ ' '_ .b--_:,1! ..15 7! 3-011B He< Sc" 5 !6-18 x -*-_Lg 04869 Bell Cover SuF'por! Ass y 5 ) i 04:360 Weigh! Mt.._ BrKt...

  • Page 26: Tiller

    TILLER ACCESSORIES Hilling Plow (Must be used with "V" Bar Frame Adapter) Six Tang Cultivator (Recommended use of Depth Gauge Wheels) "V" Bar Frame Adapter (Recommended use of Depth Gauge Wheels) Four Shovel Cultivator(Must be used wilh "V" Bar Frame Adapter) Depth Gauge Wheels Tine Cultivating Shields...

  • Page 27: Repair Parts

    Repair Parts 5-H.P. CHAIN DRIVE TILLER MODEL 247.298770 ENGINE MODEL, 130202 TYPE 08"15-03 !72_6L3 ,_..z";7 6i_) --20! 61_i,_z b 2zil_ _,,5__F- _-_ 31-35B GASKET SET] REQUIRES SPECIAL TOOLS TO INS'FALL SEE REPAIR INSTRUCTIONNtC_NUAL...

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  • Page 29

    Repair Parts 5_H.P** CHAIN DRIVE TILLER MODEL 247.298770 ENGfNE MODEL 130202 TYPE 0815-03 ,19j Z67 f526...

  • Page 30

    Aepair Parts 5-H,P. CHAIN DRIVE TILLER MODEL 247.298770 ENGINE MODEL 130202 TYPE 0815-03 PARTS LIST FOR ENGINE MODEL NO. 130202_0815-03 REF, PART REF, PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION NO,, NO,, 211119 Valve-- Exhau st Cylinder Ass'y. 391977 297565 261044 Valve-- Intake Bushing--Cylinder 260552 NOTE: Requires...

  • Page 31

    Repair Parts 5-H.Po CHAIN DRIVE TILLER MODEL 247.298770 ENGINE MODEL 130202 TYPE 0815.o3 PARTS LIST FOR ENGINE MODEL NO. 130202-0815-03 "EF.j PART DESCRIPTION 221480 Guide--Air 65704 Plunger_ Breaker Point 260661 Link--Governor 93042 Screw--Condenser Clamp 260678 Link--Throttle Mlg, Sem 297718 Crank-- B ell 220366 Cover--Breaker...

  • Page 32

    HOW TO ORDER REPAUR PARTS Sears The Model Number wil! be found slamped on a plate attached ..i i/ chassis. Always mention the Model Number when requesting service repair parts for your fiUer. All parts listed herein may be ordered through SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO manual...

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