Electrolux E30MO65GSSA Use & Care Manual

Built-in convection microwave oven
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux E30MO65GSSA

  • Page 1 Care Guide Bui[t-in Convection Microwave Oven...
  • Page 2 (3) door seals and sealing surfaces. (d) The oven should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except properly qualified service personnel. @2003 Electrolux Home Products. Inc. Post Office Box 212378. Augusta. Georgia 30917 USA All right reserved. Printed in the USA...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Finding Information TABLE OF CONTENTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..CONVECTION AUTOMATIC OPERATION 20-22 AUTO BROIL .............. 20 UNPACKING &...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    18. If the oven light fails, consult an ELECTROLUX a swimming pool, or similar locations. AUTHORIZED SERVICER. 12. Do not immerse cord or plug in water.
  • Page 5: Unpacking & Installation Instruction

    If there is any damage, do not operate the oven and contact your dealer or ELECTROLUX AUTHORIZED SERVICER. Safety door latches Door seals and...
  • Page 6: Grounding Instructions

    1. If you have any questions about the grounding or electrical instructions, consult a qualified electrician or service person. 2. Neither Electrolux nor the dealer can accept any liability for damage to the oven or personal injury resulting from failure to observe the correct electrical connection procedures.
  • Page 7: To Know

    Information You Need To Know ABOUT YOUR OVEN After using convection, automatic mix or broil, you This Use and Care Guide is valuable: read it care- will hear the sound of the cooling fan. The fan may fully and always save it for reference. continue to operate as long as 5 minutes, depend- NEVER use the oven without the turntable and ing on the oven temperature.
  • Page 8: About Children

    8 Information You Need To Know ABOUT CHILDREN Children should be taught all safety precautions: Children below the age of 7 should use the use potholders, remove coverings carefully, pay Convection Microwave Oven with a supervising special attention to packages that crisp food person very near to them.
  • Page 9: About Utensils And Coverings

    Information You Need To Know ABOUT UTENSILS AND COVERINGS It is not necessary to buy all new cookware. Many pieces already in your kitchen can be used successfully in your Convection Microwave Oven. The chart below will help you decide what utensils and coverings should be used in each mode.
  • Page 10 A microwave-safe thermometer will assist you in determining correct doneness and assure you that foods have been cooked to safe temperatures when using microwave-only cooking. Electrolux is not responsible for any damage to the oven when accessories are used.
  • Page 11: About Speed Cooking And

    Information You Need To Know 11 ABOUT SPEED COOKING CONVECTION COOKING The oven cabinet, cavity, door, accessories and • Do not cover turntable, low rack or high rack with aluminum foil. It interferes with air flow that dishes will become hot. To PREVENT BURNS, cooks food.
  • Page 12: Part Names

    Part Names OVEN PARTS 1 Ventilation openings (Rear side) 7 Waveguide cover: DO NOT REMOVE. 2 Oven door with see-through window 8 Door open button 3 Oven light 9 Auto-Touch control panel It will light when the door is opened or when 10 Lighted digital display oven is in operation.
  • Page 13: Control Panel

    Part Names CONTROL PANEL Interactive Display Words will light in the display to indicate features and cooking instructions. Indicators 18-19 Number next to the control panel illustration indicates pages on which there are feature descriptions and usage information.
  • Page 14: Before Operating

    Before Operating • Before operating your new oven make sure you read and understand this operation manual Touch the STOP/CLEAR completely. • Before the oven can be used, follow these 1. Erase if you make a mistake during procedures: programming. 2.
  • Page 15: Manual Operation

    Manual Operation TIME COOKING • Suppose you want to defrost for 5 minutes at 30%. Your Convection Microwave Oven can be pro- PROCEDURE grammed for 99 minutes and 99 seconds (99.99). Always enter the seconds after the minutes, even if they are both zeros. 1.
  • Page 16: Manual Defrost

    Microwave Features DEFROST automatically defrosts foods shown in 6. After the 2nd stage, open the Defrost Chart. the door. Shield any warm START • Suppose you want to defrost a 2.0 Ib steak. portions. Close the door. TOUCH ON Touch START/TOUCH PROCEDURE 7.
  • Page 17: Microwave Features

    Microwave Features SENSOR COOKING SELECTING FOODS 1. The sensor works with foods at normal storage The Sensor is a semi-conductor device that detects temperature. For example, food for dinner plate the vapor (moisture and humidity) emitted from food reheat would be at refrigerator temperature and as it heats.
  • Page 18: Automatic Cooking

    Automatic Cooking • Suppose you want to pop a 3.5 oz bag of popcorn. This sensor setting works well with most brands of microwave popcorn. You may wish to try several PROCEDURE and choose your favorite. Pop only one bag at a time.
  • Page 19: Automatic Cooking

    Automatic Cooking SENSOR COOK • Suppose you want to cook a baked potato: PROCEDURE START 3. Touch START/TOUCH TOUCH ON Touch COOK. When sensor detects the vapor emitted from the food, the remainder of cooking time will 2. Select desired sensor setting. appear.
  • Page 20: Convection Automatic Operation

    Convection Automatic Operation This section of the operation manual offers 3. Touch number pad to enter instructions for preparing 12 popular foods using quantity. Auto Broil, Auto Roast and Auto Bake. After selecting the desired feature, follow the Follow information in display for cooking infor- directions indicated in the display.
  • Page 21: Auto Roast

    Convection Automatic Operation AUTO ROAST NOTE: Auto Roast automatically roasts chicken, turkey, turkey breast or pork. 1. Auto Roastcan be programmed with More/Less Time Adjustment. See page 28. • Suppose you want to roast a 2.5 pound chicken. 2. If you attempt to enter more or less than the allowed weight as indicated in chart below, an PROCEDURE error message will appear in the display.
  • Page 22: Auto Bake

    Convection Automatic Operation AUTO BAKE Auto Broil automatically bakes cakes, brownies, NOTE: Auto Bake can be programmed with More/ muffins and French fries. Less Time Adjustment. See page 28. • Suppose you want to bake a bundt cake. PROCEDURE Touch Auto Bake. 2.
  • Page 23: Manual Convection And Automatic Mix Cooking

    Manual Convection and 23 Automatic Mix Cooking convection temperature or change to a higher or This section gives you specific cooking instructions and procedures. lower temperature. The oven should not be used without the turntable • Suppose you want to preheat to 350°F, and then cook 25 minutes at 375°F convection.
  • Page 24: Broil

    Manual Convection Automatic Mix Cooking CAUTION: The oven cabinet, cavity, door, turn- table, turntable support, racks and dishes will Preheating is automatic when the Broil setting is become hot. To PREVENT BURNS, use thick used. Only actual cooking time is entered; the oven gloves when removing the food or turntable oven signals when it is preheated to 450°F.
  • Page 25: Automatic Mix Cooking

    Manual Convection and 25 Automatic Mix Cooking AUTOMATIC MIX COOKING TO PREHEAT AND COOK WITH AUTOMATIC This oven has two pre-programmed settings that make it easy to cook with both convection heat and Your oven can be programmed to combine pre- microwave automatically•...
  • Page 26: Helpful Hints For Convection And

    Manual Convection Automatic Mix Cooking AUTOMATIC MIX COOKING: HELPFUL HINTS 1. Meats are best when roasted directly on the CONVECTION low rack. A dish can be placed below the meat AUTOMATIC MiX COOKING if gravy is to be made from the drippings. 2.
  • Page 27: Other Convenient Features

    Other Convenient Features HELP (CONTROL PAD} 6. Touch START/ TOUCH ON. HELP provides 5 features which make using your START The chosen Auto TOUCH Convection Microwave Oven easy because specific Start time will appear instructions are provided in the interactive display. in the display.
  • Page 28: More Or Less Time Adjustment

    Other Convenient Features MULTIPLE SEQUENCE MORE OR LESS TiME COOKING Should you discover that you like any of the The oven can be programmed for up to 4 automatic Sensor, Sensor Cook, Defrost, Auto Broil, Auto cooking sequences for the microwave mode and Roast or Auto Bake settings slightly more done, 2 automatic cooking sequences with preheat for...
  • Page 29: Help (Display Indicator)

    Other Convenient Features HELP (DISPLAY INDICATOR) • Suppose you want to time a 3 minute long Each setting of Defrost, Auto Broil, Auto Roast, Auto Bake, Sensor Cook and Sensor has a cook- distance phone call. ing hint. If you wish to check, touch HELP pad PROCEDURE whenever HELP is lighted in the Interactive Display for these hints.
  • Page 30: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and Care Disconnect the power cord before cleaning or leave the door open to inactivate the oven during cleaning. EXTERIOR INTERIOR - after convection, mix or broil cooking. The outside surface is painted. Clean the outside with mild soap and water; rinse and dry with a Spatters may occur because of moisture...
  • Page 31: Service Call Check 31

    B After the oven shuts off, is inside of the oven hot? If "NO" is the answer to any of the above questions, please check electrical outlet, fuse and/or circuit breaker. If they are functioning properly, CONTACT YOUR NEAREST ELECTROLUX AUTHORIZED SERVICER.
  • Page 32: 32 Specification

    32 Specification E30MOG65SS AC Line Voltage Single phase 120V, 60 Hz, AC only AC Power Required Microwave 1.55 kw, 13.0 amps Convection 1.55 kw, 13.0 amps 900 W Output Power Microwave* Convection Heater 1450 W 2450 MHz Frequency Outside Dimensions 24-5/8"...
  • Page 33: Warranty Information

    State of Alaska) because of service. In the U.S.A., your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Home Products North America, a division of White Consolidated Industries, Inc. We authorize no person to change or add to any of our obligations under this warranty. Our obligations...
  • Page 36 For toll-free telephone support in the U.S. and Canada. 1-877-4ELECTROLUX (1-877-435-3287) For online support and internet product information: www.electrolux.com @2003 Electrolux Home Products, Inc. Post Office Box 212378, Augusta Georgia 30917, USA All right reserved. Printed in the USA...

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