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Nokia 610 User Manual Page 22

Car kit phone installation guide.
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Switching on/off and off mode
begin to search for the remote SIM card of the compatible
mobile phone.
Assign SIM card
Either a remote SIM card or the car SIM card can be assig-
ned to the active user profile.
Car SIM card assigned to active user profile
If you have assigned a car SIM card, i.e. the SIM card inserted in
the radio unit, to the active user profile in the car kit phone and
the message
SIM rejected
appears on the display although a
SIM card has been properly inserted into the radio unit, contact
your network operator or service provider.
If you are prompted to enter a PIN code, enter the PIN code
belonging to the car SIM card. This will appear on the display as
a series of asterisks ****. Press
If the PIN code has been entered correctly, the car kit phone
logs into the GSM radio network using the car SIM card. The car
kit phone then asks if you wish to copy the contact entries on
the car SIM card to the car kit phone memory, if no contact
entries have as yet been saved in the car kit phone memory.
The car kit contact entries represent those in the internal
car kit phone memory and not those on the car SIM card in
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to confirm.
Switching off the phone
When you switch off your car's ignition, the car kit phone will
not be switched off automatically: it remains in service for the
period of time that you have set using the
you are engaged in an active call the car kit phone will not
automatically switch off at the end of this time. The power
down timer will not start to count down until after the active
call is over.
The factory setting for the
Off mode
To change over to off mode when your
car's ignition is switched on:
Press and hold
Then press and hold
When your car kit phone is in off mode, the display as
depicted in the figure above is shown.
To put your car kit phone back into service, press
Follow the instructions shown on the display.
When the car kit phone is in off mode, an established
wireless Bluetooth SIM Access Profile link between the car
kit phone and the compatible mobile phone remains active.
This means that the GSM transmitter and receiver
power down
timer. If
power down timer
is zero


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