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Before First Use; Operating Procedure - Craftsman 226.165290 Operator's Manual

Permanently lubricated tank mounted air compressor
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Open the drain valve fully (counter-clockwise) to permit air
to escape and prevent air pressure build up in the air tank
during the break-in period.
Check Valve: When the air compressor is operating, the
check valve is "open", allowing compressed air to enter the
air tank. When the air compressor reaches "cut-out" pres-
sure, the check valve "closes", allowing air pressure to
remain inside the air tank.
Refer to Figures 6 and 7.
Serious damage may result if the following
break-in instructionsare not closely followed.
This procedure is required before the air compressor is put
into service and when the check valve or a complete com-
pressor pump has been replaced.
Make sure the Auto/Off lever is in the "OFF" position.
NOTE: Pull coupler back until it clicks to prevent air from
escaping through the quick connect.
Figure 6 - Controls
Plug the power cord into the correct branch circuit recepta-
cle. (Refer to Voltage and Circuit Protection paragraph in
the Installation section of this manual.)
:]rain Valve
Figure 7 - Drain Valve
Move the Auto/Off lever to "AUTO" position. The compres-
sor will start.
Run the compressor for 15 minutes. Make sure the drain
valve is open and there is minimal air pressure build-up in
After 15 minutes, move the Auto/Off lever to "OFF" position
and close the drain valve (clockwise").
Move the Auto/Off lever to "AUTO" position. The air tank
will fill to "cut-out" pressure and the motor will stop.
The compressor is now ready for use.
Before attaching air hose or accessories, make sure the
"Auto/Off" lever is set to "OFF" and the air regulator is
Attach hose and accessories.
Compressed air from the outfit may contain water
condensation. Do not spray unfiltered air at an item that could
be damaged. Some air operated tools or devices may require
filtered air. Read the instructionsfor the air tool or device.
Check the manufacturer's maximum pressure rating for air
tools and accessories. The regulator outlet pressure must
never exceed the maximum pressure rating.
Too much air pressure creates a hazardous risk
of bursting.
Before starting compressor, pull the ring on the safety
valve to make sure that the safety valve operates freely. If
the valve is stuck or does not operate smoothly, it must be
replaced with the same type of valve.
If the safety valve does not work properly, over
pressurization may occur, causing air tank rupture or an
Turn the "Auto/Off" lever to "AUTO" and allow tank pres-
sure to build. Motor will stop when tank pressure reaches
"cut-our' pressure.
Open the regulator by turning it clockwise. Adjust the regu-
lator to the correct pressure setting. Your compressor is
ready for use.
Always operate the air compressor in well ventilated areas;
free of gasoline or other solvent vapors. Do not operate
the compressor near the spray area.



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