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Craftsman evolv 15206 Operator's Manual

Craftsman evolv 15206 Operator's Manual

3 gallon oil-free compressor with brad nailer and inflation/blowgun kit
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Operator's Manual
3 Gallon Oil-free Compressor
with Brad nailer
and inflation/blowgun
item 15206
Read the Safety Guidelines
and All Instructions Carefully Before
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our Craftsman
Rev. o o7/29/o9



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  • Page 1 3 Gallon Oil-free Compressor with Brad nailer and inflation/blowgun item 15206 CAUTION: Read the Safety Guidelines and All Instructions Carefully Before Operating. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: N032601 Rev. o o7/29/o9...
  • Page 2 Sears store or other Craftsman Evolv outlet in the United States for free replacement.This warranty does not cover expendable parts such as o-rings or driver blades that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.
  • Page 3 Motor 120V 60Hz, 2.6-amp Running Horsepower 1/3 Hp Tank Size 3-gallon Air Hose Type 25' recoil, MAX. Air Delivery 1.0 SCFM @ 40 PSi 0.6SCFM @ 90 PSI Cut-in Pressure 85 PSI Cut-out Pressure 100 PSI Max. Pressure 100 PSI Power Cord 6ft, 3-prong, 18 AWG Unit Weight...
  • Page 4 '" " RISK OF EXPLOSION OR FiRE WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT iT It is normal for electrical contacts Always operate the compressor in a within the motor and pressure well ventilated area free of combus- switch to spark, tible materials, gasoline, or solvent vapors.
  • Page 5 Exposure to chemicals in dust cre- 2 Work in an area with good cross ventilation. Read and follow the ated by power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other con- safety instructions provided on the struction activities may be harmful. label or safety data sheets for the materials you are spraying.
  • Page 6 Attachments & accessories: Exceeding the pressure rating of Follow the equipment manufacturers recommendation air tools, spray guns, air operated and never exceed the maximum accessories, tires, and other inflatables can cause them to allowable pressure rating of explode or fly apart, and could attachments.
  • Page 7 RiSK FROM FLYING OBJECTS WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT IT The compressed air stream can 1/1 Always wear certified safety equip- cause soft tissue damage to ment: ANSI Z87.1 eye protection exposed skin and can propel dirt, (CAN/CSA Z94.3) with side shields chips, loose particles, and small when using the compressor.
  • Page 8 RiSK OF UNSAFE OPERATION WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT iT Unsafe operation of your air com- Review and understand all instruc- pressor could lead to serious injury tions and warnings in this manual. or death to you or others. Become familiar with the operation and controls of the air compressor.
  • Page 9 Cut-In Pressure: While the motor Become familiar with these terms is off, air tank pressure drops as you before operating the unit. continue to use your accessory. When CFM: Cubic feet per minute. the tank pressure drops to a certain SCFM: Standard cubic feet per min- low level the motor will restart auto- ute;...
  • Page 10 Unpacking 2. Inspect the tool carefully to make sure no This product has been shipped completely breakage or damage occurred during shipping. assembled. 3. Do not discard the packing material until you have carefully inspected and satisfactorily 1. Carefully remove the tool and any operated the tool.
  • Page 11 HOW TO SET UP YOUR UNIT Inspect the plug and cord before each use. Do not use if there are Location of the Air Compressor signs of damage. Locate the air compressor in a If these grounding instructions are clean, dry and well ventilated not completely understood, or if in area.
  • Page 12 _Risk of unsafe operation. Certain air compressors can be operated on a 15 amp circuit if the following conditions are met. 1. Voltage supply to circuit must comply circuit breaker or 15 amp time with the National Electrical Code. delay fuse. 2.
  • Page 13 OPERATING COMPRESSOR Slightly open the water TURNING COMPRESSOR Drain Valve to blow air and moisture 1. Pull and release the Air Release out of the Tank. Opening it all the way Safety Valve to verify it does not stick. may cause it to be blown off. 2.
  • Page 14 OPERATING BRAD NAILER Always disconnect the tool from the air supply before loading. When loading the tool always aim the tool away from yourself and others. Make sure that the trigger is not pressed while the tool is being loaded. 1.Press the magazine release button and slide open the magazine.
  • Page 15 TROUBLESHOOT|NG OF COMPRESSOR Failure Possible Cause Solution 1. Loss of power or 1. Check for proper use of extension Compressor cord will not run overheating 2. No electrical power 2. Plugged in? Check fuse/breaker motor overload 3. Blown fuse 3. Replace blown fuse 4.
  • Page 16 TROUBLESHOOTING OF COMPRESSOR Failure Possible Cause Solution Compressor Loose mounting bolts Tighten vibrates Air output lower 1. Broken inlet valves 1. Have authorized service than normal 2. Intake filter dirty representative repair unit 3. Connections leaking 2. Clean or replace intake filter 3.
  • Page 17 TROUBLESHOOTING OF BRAD NAILER any of the following Disconnect the tool from the air supply problems arise during operation, stop before any repair or adjustment. When using the tool immediately. Only a replacing O-rings or cylinders, lubricate qualified technician or service center with air tool oil before reassembly.
  • Page 18 Air Compressor item 15206 PARTS SHOWN FOR REFERENCE ONLY jjjjT, 18 - ENG...
  • Page 19 Air Compressor item 15206 Item Part No. Description Item Part No. Description 3290408 Flat Washer 3410152 Ball 3220552 Screw, M5x25 3420350 Damping 3410652 Handle 3220150 Screw, M6xl 3220404 Screw, ST4.2x25 3220250 Screw, M6x25 3390250 Copper Tube 3410452 Tooling Cover 3630252 Overload, Protector 3290651...
  • Page 20 Soplado Articulo 15206 PRECAUCl0N: Antes de hacer funcionar esta herramienta lea cuidadosamente lineamientos de seguridad y todas las instrucciones. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 EE.UU. Visite et sitio web de Craftsman en: N032601 Rev. o o7/29/o9...
  • Page 21 Si dentro del a_o a partir de la fecha de compra este compresor, el martillo o sus accesorios Evolv de Craftsman fallan debido a algQn defecto, ya sea en material o mano de obra, devu61valo a cualquier almac6n de Sears o a...
  • Page 22 Motor 120V 60Hz, 2.2 amp. Caballos de fuerza de funcionamiento 1/3 Caballos Tamar_o del tanque 3 galones Tipo de manguera para aire 25 pies MAX, replegable 1.0 pIES/MIN ESTANDAR A 40 LBS/PUL 2 Entrega de aire 0.6 PIESS/MIN EST_,NDAR A 90 LBS/PUL 2 85 LBS/PUL 2 Presi6n de corte de entrada Presi6n de corte de salida...
  • Page 23 RIESGO DE INCENDIO O EXPLOSION QUE PODRIA SUCEDER COMO PREVENIRLO Es normal que los contactos Opere siempre el compresor en el6ctricos dentro del motor y los lugares bien ventilados que est6n interruptores de presi6n produzcan libres de materiales combustibles, chispas, gasolina o vapores solventes.
  • Page 24 La exposici6n a los quimicos dentro 2 Trabaje en &reas con buena ventilaci6n del polvo creado por los chorros de cruzada. Lea y obedezca las arena, aserrado, esmerilado, instrucciones de seguridad que se taladrado y otras actividades de la presentan en las vifietas o en las hojas construcci6n puede ser dafiina.
  • Page 25 Accesorios y utensilios: Exceder la presi6n limite de las Siga las recomendaciones de los herramientas neum&ticas, pistolas fabricantes de los equipos y nunca de rociado, accesorios impulsados exceda la presi6n m&xima permitida de los accesorios. Nunca use el pot aire, Ilantas y otros elementos inflables podria hacer que exploten o compresor para inflar objetos de baja vuelen en pedazos y se provoquen...
  • Page 26 RIESGO DE OBJETOSAEROTRANSPORTADOS QUE PODRiA SUCEDER COMO PREVENIRLO 1/1 Use siempre equipo de seguridad El chorro de aire comprimido puede certificado: Protecci6n para los ojos provocar da_os al tejido suave de la ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/CSA Z94.3) con piel expuesta y puede propulsar a cubiertas laterales al usar el gran velocidad suciedad, astillas, particulas sueltas y objetos...
  • Page 27 RIESGO DEBtDO A FUNCIONAMIENTO INSEGURO QUE PODRtA SUCEDER COMO PREVENIRLO El funcionamiento inseguro del Estudie y comprenda todas las compresor de aire puede generar instrucciones y advertencias de este lesiones graves o la muerte a usted manual. u otras personas. Familiaricese con el funcionamiento y los controles del compresor de aire.
  • Page 28 Presi6n de corte de entrada: Mientras Familiaricese con los siguientes t6rminos antes de hacer funcionar la el motor se encuentra apagado, la unidad. presi6n del tanque se reduce cuando PIESS/MIN (CFM pot sus siglas en se continua usando los accesorios. ingles): Pies cObicos pot minuto.
  • Page 29 Desempaquetado 2. Revise la herramienta Este producto se envia completamente cuidadosamente para asegurarse de ensamblado. que no se quebr6 o daft6 durante el envio. 1. Saque cuidadosamente herramienta y los accesorios de la caja. 3. No deseche el material de empaque AsegQrese de encontrar todos los antes de inspeccionar cuidadosamente...
  • Page 30 3. Antes de cada uso inspeccione COMO ACOPLAR SU UNIDAD enchufe y el cord6n. No los use si Ubicaci6n det compresor de aire presentan set, ales de da_os. 1. Coloque el compresor de aire en 4. Si no comprende totalmente estas un b.rea limpia, seca y con buena instrucciones para la conexi6n a tierra,...
  • Page 31 Riesgo debido a funcionamiento inseguro. Ciertos compresores de aire pueden operar en circuitos de 15 amperios si se cumplen las siguientes condiciones: 1. El voltaje suministrado al circuito NOTA: Si el compresor esta debe cumplir las indicaciones conectado a un circuito protegido c6digo nacional sobre electricidad mediante fusibles: use s61o (National Electrical Code).
  • Page 35 RESOLUCI6N DE AVERtAS DEL CONIPRESOR Falla Causas Posibles Soluciones El oompresor Pernos de montaje sueltos Apri6telos vibra Salida de aire 1.V_lvulas de entrada rotas 1. Haga que un representante 2. Filtro de entrada sucio una compa_ia de servicio menor que Io autorizado normal 3.Conexiones...
  • Page 36 RESOLUCION DE AVERIAS EN EL MARTILLO DE CLAVOS PEQUE_IOS .w ,_v Dejedeusarla Antes de efectuar cualquier reparaci6n herramienta inmediatamente si surge o ajuste, desconecte la herramienta del alguno de los siguientes problemas suministro de aire. AI reemplazar aros durante su funcionamiento. S61o t6ricos o cilindros, lubriquelos con t6cnicos o centros de servicio...
  • Page 37 Compresor de aire Articulo 15206 LAS PIEZAS SE MUESTRAN COMO REFERENCIA SOLAMENTE jjjjT, 37 - SP...
  • Page 38 Compresor de aire Articulo 15206 Attic. Pieza Descripci6n Cant Artic. Pieza Descripcion 3an1 3290408 Arandelas planas 3410152 Esfera 3220552 Tornillos, M5x25 3420350 Almohadillas de amortiguaci6n 3410652 Manija 3220150 Tomillos, M6x15 3220404 Tornillos, ST4.2x25 3220250 Tomillos, M6x25 3410452 Cubierta de la herramienta 3390250 Tubo de cobre...
  • Page 39 Your Home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.