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Air Filter - Inspection And Replacement - Craftsman 226.165290 Operator's Manual

Permanently lubricated tank mounted air compressor
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NOTE: Arrow on (bottom of regulator) indicates flow of air.
Make sure it is pointing in the direction of air flow.
Figure 11 - J
Reapply pipe sealant tape to outlet pressure gauge and
quick connect.
Reassemble outlet pressure gauge and quick connect.
Orient outlet pressure gauge to read correctly.Tighten
quick connect with wrench.
Refer to Figures 12 and 13.
Hot surfaces. Risk of burn. Compressor heads
are exposed when filter cover is removed. Allow compressor
to cool prior to servicing.
Keep the air _ter clean at all times. Do not operate the com-
pressor with the air filter removed.
A dirty air filter will not allow the compressor to operate at full
capacity. Before you use the compressor, check the air filter to
be sure it is clean.
To check air filter, loosen six pan head screws (Fig. 13,
Key No. 25) and remove shroud (Fig. 13, Key No. 24).
Using a screwdriver, pry open cover of air filter assembly
(Fig. 13, Key No. 14).
Filter can be cleaned using a mild soap and water solu-
tion. If extremely dirty, replace filter.
The motor has an manual reset thermal overload protector. If
the motor overheats for any reason, the overload protector will
shut off the motor. The motor must be allowed to cool down
before restarting.
If the overload protector shuts the motor oft frequently, check
for a possible voltage problem. Low voltage can also be sus-
pected when:
The motor does not get up to full power or speed.
Fuses blow out when starting the motor, lights dim and
remain dim when motor is started and is running.
Before you store the air compressor, make sure you do the
Review the "Maintenance" section on the preceding pages
and perform scheduled maintenance as necessary.
Set the Auto/Off lever to "OFF".
Turn the regulator counterclockwise an set the outlet pres-
sure to zero.
Remove the air tool or accessory.
Pull ring on safety valve allowing air to bleed from the tank
until tank pressure is approximately 20 psi. Release safety
valve ring.
Drain water from air tank by opening drain valve on bottom
of tank.
Water will condense in the air tank. If not
drained, water will corrode and weaken the air tank causing a
risk of air tank rupture.
After the water has been drained, close the drain or drain
NOTE: If drain valve is plugged, release all air pressure. The
valve can then be removed, cleaned, the reinstalled.
Protect the electrical cord and air hose from damaged
(such as being stepped on or run over). Wind them loosely
around the compressor shroud.
Store the air compressor in a clean and dry location.



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