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Troubleshooting - Craftsman 875.199850 Owner's Manual

Pneumatic 3/4" anvil drive impact wrench


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Tool runs slowly or will not operate
1. Grit or gum in tool
1. Flush the tool with air tool oil or gum
2. No oil in tooI
3. Low air pressure
4. Air hose leaks
5. Pressure drops
6. Worn rotor blade in motor
7. Worn ball bearing in motor
2. Lubricate the tool according to the lubrication
in this manuai
3. a. Adjust the regulator on the tool to the maxi-
mum setting
b. Adjust the compressor regulator to tool
maximum of 90 psi.
4. Tighten and seal hose fittings if leaks are found
use teflon tape.
5. a. Be sure the hose is the proper size. Long
hoses or tools using large volumes of air may
require a hose with an I.D. of 1/2" or larger
depending on the total length of the hose
b. Do not use a multiple number of hoses
connected together with quick connect fittings.
This causes additional
drops and
reduces the tool power. Directly connect the
hoses together
6. Replace rotor blade
7. Remove and inspect bearing for rust, dirt and
grit. Replace or clean and grease bearing with
bearing grease
Moisture blowing out of tool exahust
1. Water in tank
1. Drain tank. (See air compressor
manual). Oil tool
and run until no water is evident. Oil tool again and
run 1-2 seconds
Impacts slowly or will not impact
1. Lack of lubrication
1. Lubricate the air motor and the impact mechanism.
(See Lubrication section of this manual)
2. Adjust the regulator on the tool to the maximum
2. Tool regulator set in wrong
3. In-line regulator or
set too low
3. Adjust regulators in the air system
Impacts rapidly but
1. Worn impact mechanism
1. Replace worn impact mechanism
will not remove bolts
Does not impact
1. Broken impact mechanism
1. Replace
broken impact mechanism

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents