Craftsman 119.224000 Owner's Manual

12-in. bandsaw 3/4 hp motor
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12-ino BANDSAW
Model 119.224000
Before using this
product, read this manual and
a!l its Safety Rules
and Operating
o Table of Contents
® Full One Year Warranty
® Safety instructions
® Assembly
® Getting to Know Your Bandsaw
® Adjustment
® Operation
o Maintenance
® Electricam Schematic
® Troubleshooting
o Parts List "
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179, U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 ® Safety instructions and Operating instructions. ® Assembly ® Getting to Know Your Bandsaw ® Adjustment ® Operation o Maintenance ® Electricam Schematic ® Troubleshooting o Parts List " Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. www.craftsman,com OM-22400-MI...
  • Page 2 Maintenance ..........................................11 Electrical schematic ........................................ Troubleshooting ........................................Parts list ..........................................If this Craftsman tool fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, CALL 1-800-4-MY-HOME® TO ARRANGE FOR FREE REPAIR. If this tool is used for commercial or rentaI purposes, this warranty will apply for only ninety days from the date of purchase.
  • Page 3 Always Wear Proper Apparel. Never wear loose c!othtr_g or jewelry that might get caught in moving parts, Rubber-soled footwear is recommended for the best footing. Always Use Safety Glasses and Wear Hearing Protection. Also use a face or dust mask if the cutting operation is dusty. Never Overreach.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    1. TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY LIST OF LOOSE PARTS IN BAG Q'ty. Item Description Item Description Q'ty. 2-1/2" Dust port .........._o--_hiUipsScrewdriver ....... 1 Hex. Socket head cap screw M6x12 ....2 Adjustable Wrench ......... 1 Washer 6 ............Square ............1 Blade tension knob..: ........
  • Page 5: Washer 6

    :_ !t4_T_AL ASSEMBLY H_{::machine is supplied partly assembled. Prior to use, the following items have to be installed: Open stand, 2-1/2" dust port, Table, Rip Fa_co, Blade Tension Knob, Foot I;older, and Crank handle. W.#.RN_NG: To avoid injury, do not attempt to run or use this machine until all parts are assembled and working properly. a, A;:;sernbly the opea stand - CI,eck contents against the parts list.
  • Page 6 e.Toassemble theripfence, take thefence carrier(A) and attach i t h. The bendsaw has a 2-I/2" dust port and 4" dust port included. totheguide raiI(B) using t heM8x50 carriage bolt(C) and thewirlg (See Fig. 8) net(D). it is recommended that when in use, the bandsaw is connected to Fitthefence(E) tothefence carrier with thetwoknurled nuts(F) end a suitable dusi collectoL M6x40 c arriage bolts(G) anduse thefence adjusting knob(H) for...
  • Page 7: Blade Tension Knob

    _,Blade tension knob Ig knob Blade tracking knob_ Lock swi Motor 4" Dust 1. CENTERING THE TABLE a. Loosen the four hex. bolts mounting the table to the upper table trunnion. (See FIG. 11) c. Tighten the hex. nut and recheck the saw blade and the table for squareness.
  • Page 8 3. SETTING TABLE SQUARE FRONT AND BACK OF b. Horizontal alignment of the rip fence is made by adjusting the two knurled nuts and the fence adjusting knob. BLADE The fence should be aligned with the table slots along its length.(See FIG.
  • Page 9: Adjusting Blade

    WARNING: To avoid 10, SETTING THE CUTTING HEIGHT injury from unexpected starting, whenever changing the saw blade or carrying out adjustments, switch the bandsaw off a.nd remove the power cord from the main outlet, To a. The upper blade guide should be set as close as practical avoid injury to hands when handling the saw blade, wear gloves against the workpiece.
  • Page 10: Crank Handle

    The Lower Blade Guide For the high speed 3000 ftimin, the belt should be fitted to the rear a. To adjust the lower blade guides, first position the right and left pulley on both the motor and bandwheeL (See FIG.26) roller guides relative to the blade by loosening the lock nut FIG.24 and moving the guide carrier until both roller guides are approxi- mately 1116"...
  • Page 11 WARNING: Before star_ing check if any part of your bandsaw is For best results the saw blade must be sharp. Select the right saw missing, malfuctioning, has been damaged or broken.., such as blade for the job, depending on the thickness of the wood the cut to the motor switch, or other operation control, a safety device or the be made.
  • Page 12: Rip Fence

    Problem Diagnosis Remedy The machine does not work when 1. No power supply. 1. Check the cable for breakage. switched on. 2. Defective switch. 2. Replace the lock switch. 3 Defective motor. 3. Defective motor. The saw blade does not move with the 1.
  • Page 14: Hex, Nut M6

    DESCRIPTION KEY NO. DESCRIPTION KEY NO. DESCRIPTION KEY NO. Door locking knob Cap Brush Fence Hex. Bolt M6x40 Cardage bolt MSxg0 15_0 Carriage bolt M6x40 Motor Washer Door locking knob body Hex, Nut M6 Motor cable Knuded nut M6 Slotted insert Hex.
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