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EPSON Perfection 1240U
EPSON Perfection 1240U PHOTO

Scanner Basics


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Scanner Basics

    EPSON Perfection 1240U EPSON Perfection 1240U PHOTO Scanner Basics...
  • Page 2: Copyright Notice

    SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this EPSON scanner. EPSON is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other scanners.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Install the Scanner Software and Bonus Software Install Adobe PhotoDeluxe Viewing Your Electronic Manuals Viewing Your HTML Reference Guide Viewing Your EPSON Smart Panel PDF Manual Scanning from Start to Finish Placing Your Original Document Using the Scanner Buttons Using EPSON Smart Panel...
  • Page 4 Scanning Projects Scanning and Converting a Text Document Scanning a Document to E-mail Scanning and Copying Scanning for Creativity Scanning with EPSON TWAIN Selecting TWAIN from Your Application Using EPSON TWAIN Selecting TWAIN Settings Tips for Getting the Best Scan...
  • Page 5 Problem Solving Scanner Light and Buttons Problems and Solutions Setup Problems Scanner Problems Software Problems Scanning Problems Where To Get Help EPSON Technical Support Bonus Software Technical Support Requirements and Notices System Requirements Windows Macintosh Important Safety Instructions ENERGY STAR Compliance...
  • Page 6: A Complete Scanning Solution

    EPSON’s proprietary Micro Step Drive delivering crisp, precise images. The EPSON Perfection 1240U PHOTO includes a transparency unit to make scanning slides, negatives, and positives simple. References to the EPSON Perfection 1240U also apply to the EPSON Perfection 1240U PHOTO.
  • Page 7: Cautions, Notes, And Tips

    If you need more information or have questions not covered in these resources, please see “Where To Get Help” on page 67. For a list of software included with your scanner, see the inside front cover of this manual. Cautions, Notes, and Tips Please follow these guidelines as you read your documentation: Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment.
  • Page 8: Setting Up Your Scanner

    Transparency Unit” on page 45 for installation instructions. Unpack Your Scanner Remove the scanner from the box, then remove the packing material from your scanner. Save the packaging in case you need it later. Your EPSON Perfection 1240U comes with the items shown below. scanner...
  • Page 9: Choose A Good Place For Your Scanner

    Choose a Good Place for Your Scanner Here are some points to consider: Place the scanner on a flat, stable surface. If the scanner is tilted, it can’t operate properly. Be sure to place the scanner and AC adapter where you can easily unplug the power cord, and where the USB cable can reach your computer.
  • Page 10: Unlock And Initialize The Scanner

    When the indicator light stays green, the scanner has completed its initialization. If the scanner does not work as described, make sure the power cord is firmly plugged in, and then try again. DC inlet indicator light...
  • Page 11: Connect The Scanner To Your Computer

    Unplug the scanner when you have finished using it. If you need to plug the scanner back in after unplugging it, wait at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Rapidly plugging in and unplugging the scanner can damage it.
  • Page 12: Install The Epson Twain Driver

    Your system may not work correctly if you use a USB cable other than the one supplied by EPSON or if you connect your scanner through more than one hub. ® For Macintosh users: If you connect the scanner before installing the...
  • Page 13: If You're Running Windows 98

    If You’re Running Windows 98 . . . You may be asked to insert your Windows 98 operating system CD-ROM during the scanner installation. Please have this CD-ROM handy, in case it is needed. If you don’t have your Windows CD-ROM, see page 57 in “Problem Solving.”...
  • Page 14 CD-ROM, then click 6. When you return to the Add New Hardware Wizard, click 7. Windows finds the driver for your scanner and you see this screen: Click Next 8. Depending on your system, you may be asked to insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM.
  • Page 15 9. After the scanner software installation is complete, the Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. For the best results from an EPSON ink jet printer, leave the default setting of 1.8. If you are using a different printer or your printouts don’t match what you see on screen, you can...
  • Page 16: If You're Running Windows Millennium Edition

    If You’re Running Windows Millennium Edition . . . 1. Make sure your scanner is plugged into a power source and connected to your computer; then turn on your computer. The Add New Hardware Wizard screen appears. 2. Insert the scanner software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM or DVD drive.
  • Page 17 8. After the scanner software installation is complete, the Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. For the best results from an EPSON ink jet printer, leave the default setting of 1.8. If you are using a different printer or your printouts don’t match what you see on screen, you can change the...
  • Page 18: If You're Running Windows 2000

    (see page 19) and view your electronic manuals (see page 23). If You’re Running Windows 2000 . . . 1. Make sure your scanner is plugged into a power source and connected to your computer; then turn on your computer.
  • Page 19 CD-ROM drive Specify a location 5. Click Browse 6. Browse to the \TWAIN 5\WIN2000 folder on the CD-ROM drive; then click Open 7. Click to continue with the installation. Setting Up Your Scanner options and check . Then click Next...
  • Page 20 10. After the scanner software installation is complete, the Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. For the best results from an EPSON ink jet printer, leave the default setting of 1.8. If you are using a different printer or your printouts don’t match what you see on screen, you can change...
  • Page 21 Found New Finish Hardware Wizard. 13. If you see this screen, click your computer. 14. Now you can install the rest of your software (see page 19) and view your electronic manuals (see page 23). Setting Up Your Scanner to restart...
  • Page 22: If You're Using A Macintosh

    Then turn on your Macintosh and turn off any virus protection programs. If you see a message stating that you need to install the software for your scanner, click and continue with step 2 (if you are using OS 8.6, or earlier, click Cancel 2.
  • Page 23 9. Click to register the calibration setting. Your Macintosh restarts. The EPSON Screen Calibration utility will not appear if it is already on your system from a previous installation of the EPSON Perfection 1240U or other EPSON scanner.
  • Page 24: Install The Scanner Software And Bonus Software

    Install the Scanner Software and Bonus Software Now that you’ve installed EPSON TWAIN, you’re ready to install the rest of the software on the CD-ROM. Before you begin, make sure any virus protection programs are turned off. Be sure to install EPSON Smart Panel, ScanSoft Adobe PhotoDeluxe to take advantage of your scanner’s one-touch...
  • Page 25 Install instructions on the screen to install EPSON Smart Panel. 7. When the installation is complete, you return to the EPSON Smart Panel install screen. Click If the EPSON Smart Panel folder is open, close or minimize the folder so you can continue with the software installation.
  • Page 26 13. Click the application name for the program you want to install (the example shown is for EPSON ™ Software Film Factory 14. The install screen appears for the application you selected. Click the button to install the Install selected software. (You can skip the installation by clicking the button.)
  • Page 27: Install Adobe Photodeluxe

    CD-ROM icon, if necessary. 2. Double-click the icon. Installer 3. Follow the steps on the screen and then restart your computer. Setting Up Your Scanner , then double-click the My Computer folder and double-click icon, then double-click the English CD-ROM icon.
  • Page 28: Viewing Your Electronic Manuals

    Viewing Your HTML Reference Guide Your scanner software CD-ROM includes an electronic Reference Guide for your scanner. The manual is in HTML format, so you need a browser—such as Internet Explorer 3.0 or later or Netscape Navigator a different browser, the pages may not display correctly. (A browser is not included on the CD-ROM.)
  • Page 29 If you copied the manual to your hard drive, you can access it at any time, as follows: Windows: Select Start Macintosh: Open the Reference Guide Setting Up Your Scanner View Install ) and view it from , and double-click Programs EPSON EPSON Perfection 1240U PF1240U Guide folder and double-click View...
  • Page 30: Viewing Your Epson Smart Panel Pdf Manual

    Guide in Netscape Navigator, click the Reload button to load the graphic. Viewing Your EPSON Smart Panel PDF Manual You always have easy access to your EPSON Smart Panel electronic manual—it is automatically copied to your hard drive when you install the software.
  • Page 31 (The box to the left of the scroll bar displays the current page number.) For more information, see your Acrobat Reader online guide. Setting Up Your Scanner previous page next page first page...
  • Page 32: Scanning From Start To Finish

    Scanning from Start to Finish Scanning with the EPSON Perfection 1240U lets you turn pictures and text into digital files on your computer just by pressing the ] Start, t Copy, or s Scan button on your scanner. You can use the buttons in conjunction with the EPSON Smart Panel, which has a convenient on-screen control panel.
  • Page 33: Using The Scanner Buttons

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition), see page 30. t Copy If you have an EPSON ink jet printer connected to your computer, you can press the t Copy button to automatically scan and print a document. For more details, see page 35.
  • Page 34: Using Epson Smart Panel

    Using EPSON Smart Panel Follow these steps to use EPSON Smart Panel to scan your document or photo: 1. Place your original document face down on the document table, as described on page 27. 2. Do one of the following to open the EPSON Smart Panel: Press the ] Start button on your scanner.
  • Page 35: Scanning Projects

    Photo Print only with an EPSON Stylus printer. For detailed instructions on using each of the Smart Panel applications, read your electronic manual for EPSON Smart Panel, as described on page 25. Scanning Projects This section gives examples for four of the Smart Panel scanning applications:...
  • Page 36 2. Open EPSON Smart Panel, if it isn’t already open. 3. From the pull-down menu in the bottom left, select Scan to OCR. The ] Start button icon appears next to Scan to OCR. 4. Click the Scan to OCR Scan to OCR window opens.
  • Page 37 Select the OCR engine that you want to use to recognize and convert the text. If you select additional options. TextBridge Pro does not work with EPSON Smart Panel on Macintosh systems. Use TextBridge Pro by itself, or use the Smart Panel with Presto! OCR.
  • Page 38 8. Click . The OCR engine recognizes the text. Then you see a screen Recognize that lets you choose how you want to save or open the text. 9. To save your documents without opening them, click folder in the File Name and Path box, or leave the default name. For multiple documents, each file is assigned the file name you select with a new number.
  • Page 39: Scanning A Document To E-Mail

    You can scan photos or documents and then attach the resulting files to an e-mail message. Follow these steps to scan to e-mail: 1. Open the EPSON Smart Panel: In Windows, click the On a Macintosh, click the Apple menu icon, then click 2.
  • Page 40: Scanning And Copying

    Scanning and Copying This example explains how to scan and print a document using the t Copy button, EPSON Smart Panel’s Copy utility, and an EPSON ink jet printer. 1. Make sure your printer is turned on and paper is loaded.
  • Page 41: Scanning For Creativity

    Scanning for Creativity This example explains how to scan a photograph using the Scan button, EPSON Smart Panel’s Scan for Creativity, and PhotoDeluxe. If you haven’t already installed PhotoDeluxe, see page 22 for instructions. 1. Place your document on the document table, as described on page 27.
  • Page 42: Scanning With Epson Twain

    Once you’ve started your application, you need to select the scanner “source” you want to scan with. Your EPSON Perfection 1240U scanner comes with the EPSON TWAIN 5 driver. You need to select this driver as the source in your application.
  • Page 43: Using Epson Twain

    Using EPSON TWAIN Once EPSON TWAIN 5 is selected, you can start scanning from your application. Follow these steps to make manual settings in EPSON TWAIN: 1. Start EPSON TWAIN for scanning. Open the File menu and choose...
  • Page 44 You see the following window: 3. Click . The EPSON TWAIN 5 window opens: Manual Mode 4. Select the type of image (such as destination (such as Screen/Web menus. Destination ) and final output Color Photo Line Art ) from the...
  • Page 45 EPSON TWAIN window. Close See “Selecting TWAIN Settings” on page 41 for a summary of EPSON TWAIN settings, or your electronic Reference Guide for a complete description. If the indicator light continues to blink, it may indicate an error condition. See “Scanner Light and Buttons”...
  • Page 46: Selecting Twain Settings

    Selecting TWAIN Settings The illustration below shows the different settings you can adjust in the EPSON TWAIN window, and the preferred order you should adjust them in. Detailed descriptions are given in your electronic Reference Guide. Manually adjust settings in the EPSON TWAIN window in the following order:...
  • Page 47: Tips For Getting The Best Scan

    Tips for Getting the Best Scan Getting the best scan possible depends on several factors, including the quality of your original and the resolution you select. The better your original is, the better your scan will be. While you can make some corrections in your scanning software, you’ll need to do major photo retouching in a program such as Adobe PhotoDeluxe or Adobe Photoshop to correct or mask problems such as a coffee stain on the original image.
  • Page 48: Selecting Resolution

    100 dpi with a 300 dpi laser printer, and up to 200 dpi with a 600 dpi laser printer. For 1440 dpi ink jet printers, such as the EPSON Stylus or Photo series, use a scanning resolution of approximately 300 dpi. Try a scanning resolution of 240 dpi for 720 dpi printing.
  • Page 49: Scanning Something That Doesn't Fit Under The Document Cover

    Scanning Something That Doesn’t Fit Under the Document Cover The self-adjusting scanner cover allows you to place thick documents on the document table glass without removing the cover. If your document is too thick to fit under the cover— such as a photo in an album—you can remove the document cover.
  • Page 50: Using The Transparency Unit

    This section includes basic information on installing and using the transparency unit (B813172) for the EPSON Perfection 1240U. The transparency unit, also referred to as the film adapter, lets you scan negative or positive film strips and slides on your scanner.
  • Page 51: Loading Transparencies

    4. Place the transparency unit on the document table glass so that the hinges face the rear of the scanner and it fits on the document table glass. 5. Connect the transparency unit connector (the arrow on the connector faces up) to the scanner’s option interface.
  • Page 52: Loading 35 Mm Negative Or Positive Film

    You can load transparencies in the film holders or you can place them directly on the document table, as described in the following sections. Three film holders are included with the transparency unit. To place film in the holders, see the instructions for the type of film you’re scanning. To remove a film holder from the document table, lift it out by its tab.
  • Page 53: Loading Brownie Size Film

    Loading Brownie Size Film Brownie size film is 2.4 film in the Brownie size film holder, base side facing down. Loading 4 x 5 inch Film Insert film in the 4 5 inch film holder, base side facing down. Using the Transparency Unit 3.5 inches (6 9 cm).
  • Page 54: Loading Slides And Film Directly On The Document Table

    Loading Slides and Film Directly on the Document Table Hold the film by the edges or use gloves. Touching the film surface with bare hands can leave fingerprints or other marks on the film. You can scan slides and film strips in the 4 5-inch (101.6 127 mm) scanning area of the transparency unit.
  • Page 55 2. Load the slide or film with the base side down on the scanner’s document table in the transparency unit window, as shown below. 3. Close the transparency unit. Leave the narrow calibration window uncovered, otherwise the colors in your scans will be affected.
  • Page 56: Selecting Settings

    Selecting Settings In EPSON TWAIN, select as the Document TPU - neg. Film TPU - pos. Film Source setting, depending on the type of film (35 mm film strips or slides) you are scanning. When previewing images of negatives scanned using a film holder, the color may appear odd.
  • Page 57: Removing The Transparency Unit

    1. Turn off the transparency unit. 2. Remove any film holders or film from the document table. 3. Unplug the transparency unit connector from the scanner’s option interface. 4. Store the transparency unit and film holders in their original packaging.
  • Page 58: Scanner Maintenance

    Cleaning the Scanner To keep your scanner operating at its best, you should clean it periodically. Before cleaning, unplug the power cord. Use a soft cloth to clean the outer case with mild detergent dissolved in water.
  • Page 59: Transporting The Scanner

    1. Remove any optional equipment and replace the document cover. 2. Plug in the scanner and AC adapter and wait until the carriage moves to the home position (toward the back of the scanner).
  • Page 60: Problem Solving

    For more troubleshooting tips, see the “Troubleshooting” section of your electronic Reference Guide. Scanner Light and Buttons The scanner has one light and three buttons. The tables on the next page provide details about the light status and button functions. Start button...
  • Page 61 Scan directly to EPSON Smart Panel or a Smart Panel application. ] Start See your Reference Guide for more information. Scan directly to the Copy utility in EPSON Smart Panel and print on Copy your EPSON ink jet printer. Scan directly to Adobe PhotoDeluxe.
  • Page 62: Problems And Solutions

    If you get the message, “No push button scanner found,” unplug your scanner, shut down your computer, plug in your scanner, and then turn on your computer. You are unable to install EPSON TWAIN in Windows. In Windows 2000, don’t select under Block Control Panel...
  • Page 63 USB port. Use only the USB cable that came with your scanner. If you see your scanner in the Windows Control Panel, but you can’t scan, uninstall and reinstall your scanner as described on page 59.
  • Page 64: Software Problems

    Software Problems You can’t open the EPSON TWAIN driver. Check the cable connection. Also, make sure the scanner’s light is on. Try restarting your computer. Check that your system recognizes your scanner. Check System Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Page 65 You need to reinstall EPSON TWAIN in Windows. You must first uninstall your scanner as described above. 1. Insert your scanner CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. 2. Double-click , then double-click Computer CD-ROM icon. The CD-ROM window opens. Double-click 3. On the Main Menu, select Reinstall TWAIN Driver 4.
  • Page 66: Scanning Problems

    Scanning Problems The file size is too big. Adjust your scan settings. Try selecting a lower resolution (dpi), or scan only part of the image. Your scanned image is faint or has gaps. Check the brightness setting. Decrease the software or driver’s brightness setting.
  • Page 67 Make sure the document table glass is clean. Make sure the scanner is not tilted or placed on an unstable or uneven surface. Problem Solving Your image scans at an angle.
  • Page 68 The edges of the document are not scanned. Check the position of your source document. Adjust your document’s position so that the image is within the glass area. The document table has non-readable areas around the edges. If part of your document extends beyond the maximum limits marked on the document table edge guides, you may have...
  • Page 69 Change the position of the document. Problem Solving Color of negative film preview images looks odd. Check that your scanner software settings are correct. See your electronic Reference Guide for details. Make sure the narrow calibration window at the top of the transparency unit is not covered.
  • Page 70 If you are printing, your printer may be running out of ink or toner and you need to replace the cartridge. For an EPSON ink jet printer, try cleaning the print head as described in your documentation.
  • Page 71 Dust in the transparency unit’s calibration window will result in a vertical line in the scanned image. Clean the scanner document glass, especially in the calibration window area on your scanner. The printed image is larger or smaller than the original size.
  • Page 72: Where To Get Help

    Where To Get Help EPSON Technical Support EPSON provides technical assistance 24 hours a day through the electronic support services and automated telephone services listed in the following table: Service Access World Wide Web From the Internet, you can reach EPSON Support at
  • Page 73: Bonus Software Technical Support

    Monaco Systems MonacoEZcolor* * Software offer available at a discounted price for EPSON Perfection 1240U/1240U PHOTO owners, for a limited time. Call (978) 749-9944 to order from Monaco Systems. The color management package includes software, a target print, and a corresponding target file. You can install the software and target file from your scanner CD-ROM.
  • Page 74: Requirements And Notices

    Requirements and Notices This chapter includes system requirements, safety instructions, and other important information about your EPSON Perfection 1240U. System Requirements The minimum system requirements for Windows and Macintosh are listed below. For optimum performance, a faster processor and more memory are recommended. If you are scanning high-resolution images, you need more than the minimum available hard disk space and memory listed.
  • Page 75: Macintosh

    Use only the AC adapter that comes with your scanner. Using any other adapter could cause fire, electrical shock, or injury. The AC adapter is designed for use with the scanner with which it was included. Do not attempt to use it with other electronic devices unless specified.
  • Page 76 If you are not going to use the scanner, be sure to unplug the AC adapter from the electrical outlet. Be sure your AC power cord meets the relevant local safety standards. Power-supply cords should be protected from abrasion, cuts, crimping and kinking. Be sure to place your cords to avoid any damage.
  • Page 77: Energy Star Compliance

    NERGY As an ENERGY STAR Partner, EPSON has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. The EPA ENERGY STAR office equipment program is a voluntary partnership with the computer and office equipment industry to promote the introduction of energy-efficient personal computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, and copiers in an effort to reduce air pollution caused by power generation.
  • Page 78: Declaration Of Conformity

    EPSON Dealer or EPSON Customer Care Center. You are responsible for all costs (shipping, insurance, travel time) in getting the product to the service location.
  • Page 79 EPSON is not responsible for warranty service should the EPSON label or logo or the rating label or serial number be removed or should the product fail to be properly maintained or fail to function properly as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation,...
  • Page 80: Index

    EPSON help, 67 to 68 Store, 45, 68 Error, 56 File size, 61 Film holder 35 mm film, 47 5 inch film, 48 Brownie size film, 48 removing, 47 Fluorescent lamp, 6, 57 Help EPSON, 67 to 68 software, 68...
  • Page 81 Image quality problems, 61 to 66 Incorrect colors, 63 to 65 Initialization, 5 Installing scanner software, 7 to 18 scanner software and bonus software, 19 to transparency unit, 45 to 46 Lamp, fluorescent, 6, 57 Lid, 58 Light, scanner, 55 to 56, 57...
  • Page 82 TWAIN installation Macintosh, 17 to 18 Windows 2000, 13 to 16 Windows 98, 8 to 10 Windows Me, 11 to 13 Unpacking the scanner, 3 to 4 USB, 69, 70 Viewing electronic manuals, 23 to 26 Warranty, 73 to 74 Windows...
  • Page 83 Index...

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