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Sharp FU-60SE-P Operation Manual

Plasmacluster floor / tabletop type
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Floor / Tabletop type
*Plasmacluster is a trademark of
Sharp Corporation.



  Summary of Contents for Sharp FU-60SE-P

  • Page 1 FU-60SE-P AIR PURIFIER OPERATION MANUAL Floor / Tabletop type *Plasmacluster is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Depending on the usage environment, Thank you for purchasing the SHARP FU- the air outlet odor may become strong after several months. 60SE-P. Please read this manual carefully for If this odor persists, this is because the correct usage information.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Fire, electrical shock and/or bodily injury may occur if not. For repair, contact your dealer or the nearest Sharp Service Center. • Periodically remove dust from the power plug Accumulated dust on the power plug may cause bad insulation from humidity, etc.
  • Page 5: Cautions Concerning The Operation Of This Product

    CAUTIONS CONCERNING THE OPERATION OF THIS PRODUCT • Do not block the intake and air outlet. • Do not use the unit near or on hot objects, such as a stove. Also, do not use the unit where it may come into contact with steam. •...
  • Page 6: Part Names

    PART NAMES AUTO Operation Fan Level Indicator MAIN UNIT DISPLAY Indicator Light Light OFF Timer Display Indicator Lights (set using remote control) Filter Indicator Light If the Filter Indicator Light is lit, it indicates filter replacement period. PLASMACLUSTER INDICATOR LIGHT Plasmacluster ion operation is selected using the remote control.
  • Page 7 Pollen Mode Indicator CLEAN-SIGN LIGHT Light The color changes according to the air condition. Clean (Green) Slightly Impure (Orange) Very Impure (Red) CLEAN-SIGN CLEAN-SIGN CLEAN-SIGN ABOUT THE CLEAN-SIGN • The sensors display a CLEAN-SIGN depending on relative changes to the environment from the time the power plug is inserted into the wall outlet and thereafter.
  • Page 8: Back

    PART NAMES BACK Purified Air Louver Handle • The purified air discharge can be changed Air Outlet to the directions indicated by the arrows as desired. Power Cord Power Plug ACCESSORIES Remote Control Battery (1 unit) (R6(AA) battery X 2) •...
  • Page 9: Preparation

    PREPARATION INSERTING BATTERIES IN THE REMOTE CONTROL Remove the back cover Press and slide the back cover to re- move. Insert batteries Insert batteries with shown below. Close the back cover Battery Information • The batteries for this remote control are for initial use only . Change the batteries when necessary.
  • Page 10: Filter Installation

    PREPARATION • Be sure to remove the power plug from the wall outlet. Be sure to remove the power plug from the wall outlet. FILTER INSTALLATION To maintain the quality of the filters, they are placed in the main unit within plastic bags.
  • Page 11 Filter Installation Tabs After the HEPA Filter is removed from the plastic bag, place it within the Filter Frame with the tabs facing up. HEPA Filter (See the diagram to the right.) Filter Frame Ensure that the filter is installed correctly. Do not install the filter backwards or the unit will not operate properly.
  • Page 12: Operation

    For the first 30 seconds after the power plug is in- OPERATION serted into the wall outlet, the unit will check the condition of the air. If operation is set to ON during this time, the CLEAN-SIGN LIGHT will alternately flash green, orange and red.
  • Page 13: Remote Control Operation

    Operations available with the Remote Control • AUTO • MANUAL • POLLEN REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION • OFF TIMER • DISPLAY ON/OFF Plasmacluster ion mode • When you press the POWER ON/OFF Button, a short beep will selections sound and operation will start. As the initial operation mode, it •...
  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE (To maintain optimum performance of this product, please clean the unit including its sensors and filters periodically.) When cleaning the unit, be sure to unplug the power cord, and never handle the plug with wet hands. Electrical shock and/or bodily injury may occur as a result. DUST SENSOR MAIN UNIT ODOR SENSOR...
  • Page 15: Filter Replacement Guidelines

    FILTER REPLACEMENT GUIDELINES The filter replacement period is indicated by the Filter Indicator Light. (The Indicator light will light up in about 5 years, when using the unit for 12 hours daily.) • The operation hours are saved in memory even when removing the power plug for transpor- tation to another room, etc.
  • Page 16: Operation Guide

    OPERATION GUIDE ODOR SENSOR GUIDELINES • The Odor Sensor responds to cigarette and pet odors, as well as other scents such as Insec- ticide, cosmetics, spray, alcohol, or sudden changes in temperature or humidity. • When the unit is in Auto Mode and room is in a closed environment the sensor will respond to some odors by increasing the air flow.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling for repair, please review the list below, since the problem may not be a unit malfunction. SYMPTOM REMEDY (not a malfunction) • Have the batteries been depleted? The Remote Control does not • Are the batteries inserted correctly? work •...
  • Page 18: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model FU-60SE-P Power supply 230V / 60Hz Fan Level Adjustment High Medium Silent Fan Level Rated Power 53 W 19 W Operation Fan Level 218 m /hour 95 m /hour 43 m /hour 360 m /hour Applicable Floor Surface ~46m Cord Length 2.5m...
  • Page 20 SHARP CORPORATION OSAKA, JAPAN Printed in Japan TINSEA003KKRZ 03GO 1...