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Samsung UN46C6800UFXZA User Manual Page 36

6 series; 6800 series.
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Advanced Features
Playing movie continuously (Resume Play)
If you exit the playing movie function, the movie can be played later from the point where it was stopped.
If you press the ENTERE button (Chaptering) during playing the file, you can explore scene divided into 5 chapters
you want.
If the index information is damaged or unsupported, you will not be able to use the Chaptering function.
1. Select the movie file you want to play continuously by pressing
the ◄ or ► button to select it from the file list section.
2. Press the � (Play) / ENTERE button.
3. Select Play Continuously (Resume Play) by pressing the Blue
button. The Movie will begin to play from where it was stopped.
The Blue button is available when resuming play.
If the Continuous Movie Play Help function is set to On
in the Settings menu, a pop-up message will appear
when you resume play a movie file.
Playing Music
1. Press the ◄ or ► button to select Music, then press the
ENTERE button in the Media Play menu.
2. Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ button to select the desired Music file in
the file list.
3. Press the ENTERE button or � (Play) button.
– During music playback, you can search using the ◄ and ►
– � (REW) and µ (FF) buttons do not function during play.
Only displays the files with MP3 and PCM file extension. Other
file extensions are not displayed, even if they are saved on the
same USB device.
If the sound is abnormal when playing MP3 files, adjust the Equalizer in the Sound menu. (An over-modulated MP3 file
may cause a sound problem.)
Creating My Playlist
1. Press the ◄/►/▲/▼ button to select the tracks you want to add and press the
2. Select Add My Playlist.
3. When the Add My Playlist menu appears, select New My Playlist.
To add to an old play list, simply select the play list you want to add music to.
4. The newly created or updated playlist will be in the main Music page.
Playing My Playlist
Select the My Playlist folder and it will play automatically. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select a different music file within the
play list.
00:04:03 / 00:07:38
Movie 01.avi
Play continuously
Resumes playing from the last viewed
Play continuously E Chaptering L Jump T Tools R Return
I Love you
I Love You
Music 1
1st Album
No Singer
Music 2
No Singer
Music 3
No Singer
Music 4
01:10 / 04:02
No Singer
Music 5
No Singer
E Pause L Jump T Tools R Return


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