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Setup - Toshiba SD-R1512 User Manual

Cd-rw/dvd-rom combo drive


SETUP – SD-R1512
The following steps must be performed to properly install your drive:
Set Drive Jumper Settings
Connect Audio Cable
Attach IDE BUS Cable
Attach Power Cable
Mount Drive
Jumper Settings
The mode select jumpers are 6 straight angle pins located on the rear of the Combo drive.
By placing a jumper on the pins, you can select the following functions:
In most installations, jumper should remain in the MA position (factory default). It is recommended that
you install your Combo drive only on the secondary IDE BUS. If you are installing on primary IDE BUS,
your hard drive would then be the Master, and you should set your Combo drive to the Slave position
Drive is configured using host interface signal CSEL
Configures drive as Slave
Configures drive as Master (default mode)
Figure 1.Mode Select Jumper
Figure 2.Jumper Locations