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Toshiba SD-R1512 User Manual page 9

Cd-rw/dvd-rom combo drive
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Figure 2.Inserting Disc Vertically
Removing a Disc
To remove a disc from the Combo drive, perform the following steps:
1. Open the Loading Tray by pressing the Eject Button.
2. Slide disc holders away from disc.
3. Grasp disc by edges, and lift out of loading tray.
4. Press Eject Button again to close Loading Tray.
When you purchase the SD-R1512 as a Kit, it will include Nero6 OEM Suite Software, which is used to
create CDs and view DVDs.
Usage Guidelines
Keep the disc tray closed when not using the Combo Drive.
Do not press down on the disc tray when opening or closing it.
Do not place objects on the disc tray.
Never use a damaged, broken, or deformed disc.
Do not press the Open/Close button while the drive is playing a DVD movie or accessing a disc.
To stop a DVD movie, click Stop button in the DVD player application program.
NOTE: High-speed drives spin the disc at a high rotational speed. If a disc has printing on only half of the
disc, or if there is a slight imbalance in the disc, the imbalance is greatly magnified by the high speed,
causing the drive to vibrate or produce a fan-like noise. These effects are inherent in the high-speed
technology and do not indicate a problem with the drive.



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