Automatic Sprinkler System Controller
Outdoor Model
GreenKeeper 212 Features:
• Easily Expandable Up To 12 Stations
Indoor Model
User's Guide
with 2-Station Plug-in Modules
•3 Watering Programs With:
- Calendar, Interval and Odd/Even Days
- 1 Min. to 4 Hrs. Station Run Time
- 4 Start Times Per Program
•Battery Back-Up
•Automatic Pump Start
•Seasonal Run Time Adjust
•Rain Delay
•Rain Sensor Ready
•Remote Control Ready
•Snap-in Wire Connectors

   Summary of Contents for Toro GreenKeeper 212

  • Page 1

    User’s Guide Automatic Sprinkler System Controller GreenKeeper 212 Features: • Easily Expandable Up To 12 Stations with 2-Station Plug-in Modules •3 Watering Programs With: MANUAL NEXT START PROGRAMS - Calendar, Interval and Odd/Even Days - 1 Min. to 4 Hrs. Station Run Time - 4 Start Times Per Program •Battery Back-Up •Automatic Pump Start...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Filling Out the Watering Schedule Form..10-11 Connecting a Pump Start Relay....28 Watering Schedule Form ......12 Connecting the Power Source ....28–29 Programming Before Installation .....13 Connecting a Toro Rain Switch .......29 Installing the Battery ........13 Controller Operation Selecting Optional Features ......14 Automatic Operation ........30 24-Hour Clock Mode ........14...

  • Page 3: Controller Components

    GreenKeeper 212 Introduction and Set Up Controller Components BATTERY...

  • Page 4: Greenkeeper 212 Components

    GreenKeeper 212 Components 2 - Control Buttons The following are brief descriptions of the controller com- ponents and display elements. Each of these items will button – Increases the time display, scrolls for- be explained in further detail within the appropriate pro- ward through the program information and selects gramming, operating and installation sections of this watering days.

  • Page 5

    11 - Sensor Connection Terminals – Snap-in connec- Controller Components tors for connection of an (optional) Toro Rain Switch. 3 - Control Dial Positions (continued) 12 - Valve Common Connection Terminal – Snap-in – Enables the run time of all SEASON ADJUST wire connector for the valve common wire.

  • Page 6: Controller Components


  • Page 7: Sprinkler System Basics

    Sprinkler System Basics The three main components of every automatic sprinkler system are the controller, station control valves and sprinklers. Valve 1 The controller is the brain of the system, telling the control Controller valves when and how long to supply water to the sprin- klers.

  • Page 8: Watering Program Basics

    Watering Program Basics Watering Program Diagram A watering program requires three basic instructions to operate automatically: Program • What days to water –called watering days Starts - 5:00 • When to water – called a program start time Station 1 •...

  • Page 9: Watering Program Details

    you can choose which day of the week will be the first day Watering Program Details of the Interval. The number of days in the Interval deter- mines the available start days. For example, if you have This section covers in detail each of the three parts of a selected a 3-day Interval and today is Sunday, you may watering program –...

  • Page 10

    Selecting Program Start Times Setting the Station Run Time A program start time is the time of day you select to A station run time is the length of time the station (con- begin an automatic program watering cycle. trolled by the valve) will water during the program water- It is important to remember that a program only ing cycle.

  • Page 11: Planning Your Watering Schedule, Filling Out The Watering Schedule Form

    between the mounting bracket and the back of the con- Planning Your Watering Schedule troller housing. It is always helpful to plan your watering schedule on Refer to the example form shown on the opposite page and fill out your form in a similar manner with the follow- paper before beginning the programming steps.

  • Page 12


  • Page 13: Watering Schedule Form


  • Page 14: Programming Before Installation, Installing The Battery

    Programming Before Installation The GreenKeeper 212 utilizes a 9-volt battery to retain its 2. The display will begin flashing 12:00 . Press the button to stop the display from flashing. The watering program information in the event of a main power interruption.

  • Page 15: Selecting Optional Features, Hour Clock Mode, Second Run Delay, Odd/even Watering Days

    Selecting Optional Features About the GreenKeeper 212 Memory 24-Hour Clock Mode The GreenKeeper 212 has a permanent watering sched- ule within its memory to assist you in two ways. First, it The GreenKeeper 212 is Figure 3 will restore watering operation in case your watering pro- set to display time in the gram is lost due to a power interruption lasting longer 12-hour clock mode.

  • Page 16: Resetting The Controller Memory, To Clear The Memory

    Resetting the Controller Memory The GreenKeeper 212 program memory can be reset to Figure 4 the permanent program values or cleared completely at any time without removing power. Resetting the permanent program erases all user input and replaces it with the permanent program values. Clearing the program memory sets all program values to Off (i.e., no active days, program start times or station run times).

  • Page 17: Setting The Current Time And Day Or Date

    Example 1 Programming the Controller Setting the Current Time and Day or Date Note: To select the 24-hour clock mode, see page 14. Turn the control dial to the CURRENT TIME position (the hour digits will begin flashing). To adjust the display, press the +/ button to scroll the digits forward or the –/ button to scroll the...

  • Page 18: Setting The Watering Day Schedule, Setting A Calendar Schedule

    Setting the Watering Day Schedule For each program, you can select Calendar, Interval Odd, Even or Off. To set a Calendar schedule, continue PGM A here. To set an Interval schedule see page 18. To set an SU MO TU WE TH FR SA Odd or Even schedule see page 19.

  • Page 19: Setting An Interval Schedule

    Setting an Interval Schedule Turn the control dial to the WATERING DAYS position. PGM A Check the switch setting. If necessary, PROGRAMS reposition the switch to select the desired program. The current watering schedule will be displayed. If Int (Interval) is not displayed, press the +/ –/ button as needed to select Int.

  • Page 20: Setting An Odd Or Even Schedule, Turning Off A Program

    Setting an Odd or Even Schedule Turning Off a Program Note:The Odd/Even Selector Jumper must be removed Note: Turning off a program does not alter or erase a for this type of watering schedule. See page 14 for details. preset watering day schedule. Selecting Off simply places the program on hold until one of the watering day Turn the control dial to the WATERING DAYS...

  • Page 21: Setting Program Start Times

    Setting Program Start Times Turn the control dial to the PROGRAM START TIME position. PGM A Check the switch setting. If necessary, PROGRAMS reposition the switch to select the desired program. 3 5 7 Program start time number 1 will begin flashing. The current program start time or OFF will be displayed for start time number 1.

  • Page 22: Setting Station Run Times

    Setting Station Run Times Turn the control dial to the STATION TIMES position. PGM A Check the switch setting. If necessary, PROGRAMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 reposition the switch to select the desired program. Station number 1 will be flashing and its current run time or OFF will be shown.

  • Page 23: Indoor Model Installation

    Controller Installation Note: The GreenKeeper 212 indoor controller is not weather resistant and must be installed indoors or in a protected area. For outdoor installation of an indoor model, a weather-resistant outdoor cabinet is available. Order model number GK212-CAB-01 for domestic controllers or GK212-CAB-02 for export controllers.

  • Page 24: Connecting The Valves

    Connecting the Valves PROGRAMS 1. Route the valve control wires between the valves and the controller. Note: Using 18 AWG (1.0mm ) multi-wire sprinkler BATTERY valve connection cable is recommended. This cable is insulated for direct burial and is color-coded to sim- plify installation.

  • Page 25: Connecting A Pump Start Relay

    Connecting a Pump Start Relay Connecting the Plug-In Transformer (Optional) Note: For model GK212-26-04, contact your Toro dis- tributor for the recommended transformer. CAUTION: To prevent controller damage, ensure the relay current draw does not exceed CAUTION: Do not plug the transformer into an 0.30 Amps.

  • Page 26: Outdoor Model Installation, Preparing The Cabinet For Installation

    (D) - 1/2" (13mm) for power and equipment ground wires. 1. Remove the lower housing cover (A) by pulling outward on the handle. (E) - 1/2" (13mm) (plugged) for optional Toro Rain Switch wires. 2. Remove two phillips screws from the transformer (F) - 3/4"...

  • Page 27: Installing The Cabinet

    Installing the Cabinet 1. For safe, reliable operation, select an installation site which will provide the following conditions: • Protection from irrigation spray, exposure to direct sun during the hottest hours, wind and snow. • Access to a grounded power source which is not controlled by a light switch or utilized by a high current load appliance, such as a refrigerator or air 6"...

  • Page 28

    Connecting the Valves START PROGRAMS 1. Route the valve wires or wire cable from the valves, into the controller cabinet. Note: Using 18 AWG (1mm ) multi-wire sprinkler valve connection cable is recommended. This cable BATTERY is insulated for direct burial and is color-coded to simplify installation.

  • Page 29: Connecting The Power Source, Connecting A Pump Start Relay

    Connecting a Pump Start Relay Connecting the Power Source (Optional) WARNING: CAUTION: To prevent controller damage, AC power wiring must be installed and connected ensure the relay current draw does not exceed by qualified personnel only. All electrical compo- 0.30 Amps. Do not connect the controller nents and installation procedures must comply directly to the pump starter.

  • Page 30: Connecting A Toro Rain Switch, Connecting The Power Source

    3. Set Sensor Switch (10) as required: ON allows the Rain Switch to interrupt watering; OFF bypasses the The Toro Rain Switch is a remote rain sensor which can Rain Switch input. be connected directly to your GreenKeeper 212 to auto- matically interrupt watering during rain.

  • Page 31

    The Automatic mode is selected when the control dial is in the position. While in the automatic mode, the Controller Operation display will show two types of information: status and operation. The GreenKeeper 212 controller has three modes of This illustration shows the operation: Automatic, Manual and Off.

  • Page 32: Manual Operation, Starting Programs/stations Manually

    Manual Operation Manual operation enables the automatic watering pro- Flashing grams or selected stations assigned to the program to be PGM A B Flashing started manually. During operation, temporary changes 1 2 3 4 5 6 can be made to increase or decrease the station run time, step through the station sequence and pause or stop watering using the “Watering Control Features”...

  • Page 33: Watering Control Features, To Pause Watering, To Resume Watering, To Cancel Watering

    To Cancel Watering Watering Control Features Press the +/ and –/ buttons at the same time - The following watering control features enable you to fur- two times. ther control the watering program during operation. • All watering operations will be canceled and the con- All watering control features apply to watering programs troller will return to the automatic mode.

  • Page 34: Turning Off The Greenkeeper 212, Using The Rain Delay Feature

    Turning Off the GreenKeeper 212 Flashing When the control dial is turned to the position, the controller immediately shuts off any watering operation currently in progress. Leaving the control dial in the position will prevent all automatic and manual watering operations. The controller will continue to track the current time and day of the week.

  • Page 35: Using The Season Adjust Feature

    Using the Season Adjust Feature Changes in season and temperature generally require a change in station run time to maintain a healthy land- scape and conserve water. The season adjust feature enables you to change the run time of all zones assigned to a program, simultaneously up or down, in 10% incre- ments –...

  • Page 36: Replacing The Fuse, Adding A Station Module

    Adding a Station Module Service and Specifications 1. Turn the control dial to the position. 2. Remove the lower front cover from the controller Replacing the Fuse housing by sliding it downward. The fuse protects the controller from damage due to power surges and excessive current draw through the Station Modules.

  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    If you are having a problem with the controller, check the following symptoms, possible causes and remedies. If the problem cannot be resolved or you would like assistance with any Toro irrigation product, call our toll-free Toro Help Line, 1-800-664-4740 Monday through Friday, 7:30 –...

  • Page 38: Specifications

    Specifications Power Specifications (continued): Cabinet Dimensions: Outdoor Model - Export Indoor Model 7.5" W x 8.5" H x 2" D Built-in Transformer, TUV Approved, SAA Approved (19cm W x 21.6cm H x 5cm D) • Input: 230/240 V a.c. 50/60 Hz, 0.1A Outdoor Model •...

  • Page 39: Warranty

    2. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Return the defective part to your local Toro distributor, who may be listed in 3. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to your telephone directory Yellow Pages under "Irrigation Supplies" or "Sprinkler Sys- which the receiver is connected.

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