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GE 24991 Instruction Manual

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Universal Remote
Instruction Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 24991 Universal Remote Instruction Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Setup ..............3 Battery Installation ..........3 Battery Saver ............ 3 Code Saver ............3 Code Setup ............3 Button Functions............ 4 DVD Functions ..........6 SAT Functions ..........6 Code Entry............. 7 Direct Code Entry ..........7 Code Search ............ 8 Using Your Remote..........
  • Page 3: Setup

    Setup Battery Installation 1. On the back of the remote, push down on the tab and lift the cover off. 2. Match the batteries to the + and - marks inside the battery case, then insert 2 AAA Alkaline batteries. 3.
  • Page 4: Button Functions

    Button Functions Some buttons on the remote might have functions that are referred to by different names on the device you are controlling. E.G. PREV CH may be called RECALL, or ENTER may be called DISPLAY. These differences depend on the brand and model of your product. Also, this remote can only operate features that exist on your product.
  • Page 5 Button Functions, cont. Red Indicator CHANNEL Up/Down Lights when any but- Changes the channels. ton is pressed. INPUT For some TVs, press repeatedly to select from available viewing sources (antenna, cable box, VCR, etc.). INFO button brings up DVD Display or Control Menu for Chapter/Track/ Title number, Time re- maining/elapsed indica-...
  • Page 6: Dvd Functions

    DVD Functions This remote controls many DVD functions. The descriptions may vary from your original remote descriptions. REW and FF buttons control the speed of Fast Forward and Reverse Playback respectively. CHAN+/CHAN- buttons respectively locate the succeeding or preceding Chapters or Tracks on a disc.
  • Page 7: Code Entry

    Direct Code Entry 1. Press and hold the SETUP button until the red indicator stays on, then release the SETUP button. 2. Press and release the desired mode button ( , etc.). The red indicator blinks, then stays lit. 3. Enter the 4 digit code from the code tables (on separate sheet).
  • Page 8: Code Search

    Code Search If your device does not respond after you have tried all the codes for your brand, or if your brand is not listed, try searching for your code by following these steps. 1. Manually turn on the device ( , etc.) to be controlled.
  • Page 9: Using Your Remote

    Code Identification The Code Identification Feature allows you to identify the 4 digit library code stored under your device key. For example, if you want to find out what 4 digit code is stored under your TV device key, follow the six steps below: 1. Press and hold the SETUP button until the red indicator stays on. Release the SETUP button.
  • Page 10: Shifted Functions

    Ch ). The red indicator blinks for each keypress. Controlling Devices with Separate Power On and Off Buttons Some GE, RCA and ProScan models require you to press the device button for more than one second to turn the device on and the POWER button to turn the device off.
  • Page 11: Volume/Mute Control And Punch-Through

    Using Your Remote, cont. Volume/Mute Control and Punch- Through This remote lets you select which device Mode controls your Volume/Mute buttons. The remote is initially set for all device Modes to use their own Volume/Mute control if present. If the programmed code has no Volume/Mute operation of its own then those buttons will punch-through control to the TV Mode device without needing to change to TV Mode.
  • Page 12: Setting Any Mode For Its Own Volume/Mute

    Using Your Remote, cont. Setting any Mode to use its own Volume/Mute Control This routine can set any Mode to use only its own Volume/Mute control. Note - If your chosen Mode has no Volume/Mute functions of its own then the Volume/Mute buttons will do nothing. 1.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Remote does not operate your product. • Press the mode button of the product you want to control. • Program the remote with a new code. • Install new batteries. (You might have to reprogram your remote after installing new batteries.) •...
  • Page 14 Lost Your Codes? Enclosed with this remote is a sticker on which you should write the codes for each device you programmed. Apply the sticker to the back of the remote or somewhere convenient for future reference. Also on the sticker is our website address which, should you lose your codes or programming instructions, you can find available on our website:
  • Page 15 90 Day Limited Warranty Jasco Products Company warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of ninety days from the original date of consumer purchase. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of this product only and does not extend to consequential or incidental damage to other products that may be used with this unit.
  • Page 16 24991 Universal Remote Instruction Manual Jasco Products Company 10 E. Memorial Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Made in China 24991-10/08...