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Installing/Replacing The Battery; Charging The Battery; Removing The Battery - Epson P-2000 User Manual

Epson digital camera user manual
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Installing/Replacing the Battery

Follow these steps to install or replace the Lithium ion battery:
1. Turn the P-2000 upside down and slide the battery cover to
the left to open it.
2. If you need to remove the battery, follow the instructions
below, then return here to step 3.
3. Insert the battery into the compartment as shown. Make
sure the gold contacts on the battery go in first.
4. Close the battery cover and slide it to the right until it

Removing the Battery

If you need to replace the battery or plan to store the P-2000
for an extended period of time, follow these steps to remove
the battery:
1. Make sure the P-2000 is turned off.
2. Remove the AC adapter if it is connected to the P-2000.
Never remove the battery while the P-2000 is turned on. Doing
so may cause files to be lost or damaged.
3. Open the battery cover.
4. Push the catch down. The battery pops out.
5. Pull out the battery. Then close the battery cover.

Charging the Battery

After installing the battery, you need to charge it using the AC
adapter. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the battery
when the P-2000 is off. It takes longer when the P-2000 is on.
light is green while the battery is being charged.
When the battery is fully charged, the light turns off.
To charge the battery, connect the AC adapter as shown
below. Connect the other end to the power cord, and plug it
into an electrical outlet.
Caution: Do not connect the AC adapter when the battery is not
installed; this can damage the P-2000.
The battery status is displayed in the top right corner of the
LCD screen when the P-2000 is on.
Battery is fully charged.
Battery power is about half full.
Battery power is low.
Battery power is running out. The P-2000 will shut down
automatically. Charge the battery using the AC adapter.
Battery is charging.
Note: The P-2000 stops charging if the battery becomes hot when
charging while it is on. It will start charging again when it cools down.
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