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GE JGP989 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

Gas downdraft cooktop
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Safety Instructions
.... 2-7
Vent System
. .l 0
(;as Surface
Your Cooktop
Care and Cleaning
l l
Caps and Heads
. .11
Vent Grille
Glass Surface
13, 14
Vent Filter
. ...........
23, 28, 29
Final Assembly
the Cooktop
the Gasket
Power Supply
1 7-19
Safety Precautions
the Cooktop
Write the model and serial
numbers here:
Model #
Serial #
Find these
on a label
the cooktop,
on the side
of the vent chamber:
33, 34
_4'arranty .............
49-80388 12-05JR



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  Summary of Contents for GE JGP989

  • Page 1 Safety Instructions ..2-7 Troubleshooting Tips ....31,32 Operating Instructions Downdraft Vent System . .l 0 Consumer Support Features ....Consumer Support ../(;['989 (;as Surface Burners ..Product Using Your Cooktop ..Registration ..33, 34 _4'arranty .....
  • Page 2: Important Safety Information

    iMPORTANT SAFETY iNFORMAtiON. READALL iNSTRUCtiONSBEFORE USING WARNING! For your safe_, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. WARNING: If the information in this manual is not...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Notice

    IMPORTANT SAFETY N OtiCE The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to publish a list of substances known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. SAFETY P RECAUTIONS '_!{? Nexer use tile cooktop as a cutting board. _ CAUtiON: Items of interest children should not be stored ill cabinets _7_: Do not use wamr on grease fires. Never pick up a flaming pan.
  • Page 5 GLASS COOKTOP SURFACE ron s ome mode/s) Use care when touching the glass cooktop surface. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the controls have been turned off. _{:: Avoid sciatching tile glass cooktop surface. _{:_ C lean tile cooktop smfitce with caution.
  • Page 6: Surface Burners

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READALLINSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! SURFACE BURNERS Use proper pan size--a void pans that are unstable or easily tipped. Select cookware ha ving flat bottoms large enough to cover burner grates. To avoid spillovers, make sure cookware is large enough to contain the food properly.
  • Page 7 SURFACE BURNERS Adjustthe bumerflame s_e so #does notextendbeyondthe edge ofthe cookware. Excessiveflame _hazardous. _]_:_ Do ]eme plastic items on the cooktoI>-- _t;:_ Ne_er ]emejars or cans of/_t drippings they \ent. on or near your cooktop. may melt if left too close to file ;_i:,: Do not...
  • Page 8: Featuresof Your Cooktop

    Featuresof your cooktop. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. ¢ ¢ Explained Feature Index on page Vent Grille Vent Filter (located under the vent grille) Simmer Spillproof Burner 9, 11 Spillproof Burners 9, 11 High Power Spillproof Burner 9, 11...
  • Page 9: Usingthe Gas Surface Burners

    Usingthe gas surface burners, gecom Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. How to Light a Gas Surface Burner Push the control knob down and mrn it When one burner is tttnmd to LITE, to tile LITE position. all the burners spark.
  • Page 10: Using Your Cooktop

    Usingyour cooktop. Wok This Way Werecommend t hat youusea flat-bottomed rise a I']at-bottoilled wok,available at yourlocalretailstore. support ring. Placing tile ring over tile Use a flat-bottomed wok. burner or grate nlay cause tile burner Only a flat-botton/ed wok should tlsed, work inlproperly, resulting...
  • Page 11: Care And Cleaning Of The Cooktop

    Care and cleaning of the cooktop, Be sure electrical power is off and all surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the cooktop. Sealed Burner Assemblies Turn all controls OFF befiwe removing tile burner parts. Tile burner grates,...
  • Page 12: Burner Grates And Vent Grille

    Careand cleaning of the cooktop. Burner Grates and Vent Grille Replacement i,ifl off when cool. Grates grille should be washed regularly and, getore repladng tile ;'ent grille, make coui_e, after sl)illove_. Wash r/era in hot, grille gasket is properly sure installed soal/y water...
  • Page 13: Control Knobs

    Control Knobs Molded flatarea The knobs can be cleaned in a Thecontrol knobsmay be removed for easlar dishwasher or they may also be washed cleaning. with soap and water Make sure the Make sure the knobs are in the OFF...
  • Page 14: Glass Surface--Potential For Permanent Damage

    Cleaning the glass cooktop. Heavy, Burned-On Residue Allow tile cooktop to cool. After scraping with tile razor scrape_; spread a Few drops Remoxe tile burner grates, xent CER,_d'vIA BRYTE _Ceramic grille xent grille gasket. Cooktop Cleaner to tile entire burned residue area.
  • Page 15: Safety Precautions

    Gas Downdraft Ilnstallation nstruct ons Cooktop If you have questions, call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737) or visit our Website at: IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS INTHECOMMONWEALTH OFMASSACHUSETI'S: The cooktop has been design certified by CSA • This product must be installed by a licensed International.
  • Page 16: Installation

    Installation Instructions UNPACKING YOUR COOKTOP PARTS INCLUDED (PACKED BELOW THE COOKTOP) • Vent filter • Blower assembly • Burner caps • Blower plenum • Vent grille gasket (1 small, 2 medium, 1 large) • (4) Nuts (10-32 keps - nuts •...
  • Page 17: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions PREPARATION TOOLS AND MATERIALS YOU WiLL NEED • • Duct tape • Measuring tape or scale • Carpenter's square • Adjustable wrench or socket set (7/16" socket and ratchet) • Drill and drill bit • 1/4"nut driver • Sheet metal screws •...
  • Page 18: Cabinet Preparation

    Installation Instructions CABINET PREPARATION [] PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION [] PREPARING THE BASE CABINET Positioning cooktop This cooktop is designed to fit easily into a variety of cabinets. However, the combined The cooktop is designed to look best when centered installation of a downdraft vent and a cooktop...
  • Page 19 Installation Instructions CABINET PREPARATION CUTOUTS [] PREPARING THE COUNTERTOP [] PREPARINGFOR DUCTWORK NOTE: Ductwork MUST be vented to outside. The countertop must have a deep fiat surface to accommodate the cooktop and the vent. DO NOT vent into a wall, ceiling, crawlspace, attic or Countertops with a rolled...
  • Page 20: Ductwork Calculations

    Installation Instructions DUCTWORK CALCULATIONS Equivalent Number Equivalent Duct Pieces Length* Used Length Calculate Total E( uivalent Ductwork Length Equivalent Number Equivalent Duct Pieces to 31/4 " x 10" Length* Used Length 6" round transition 90 ° elbow 20 ft. " round 1 ft.
  • Page 21: Exhaust Blower Ratings

    Installation Instructions EXHAUST BLOWER RATINGS EXHAUST BLOWER SAFETY WARNING Sufficient air is needed for proper combustion and exhausting of gases through the flue (chimney) of other fuel burning equipment to prevent back drafting. Follow the heating equipment manufacturer's guidelines and safety standards such as those published the National Fire Protection Association...
  • Page 22: Ductwork Installation

    Installation Instructions DUCTWORK INSTALLATION (Note: For planning purposes only.) OPTIONAL INSTALLATION: [] iNSTALLiNG THE DUCTWORK REAR WALL VENTING Use galvanized or aluminum duct in 6" round or 31/4 " x 10" size, or a combination of both. 5" round duct may be used on SHORT DUCT runs of 3 feet or less, such as direct...
  • Page 23: Power Supply Locations

    Installation Instructions POWER SUPPLY LOCATIONS GAS SUPPLY: ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: These cooktops are designed to operate natural gas at 4" of water column pressure or on LP gas at 10" of water column pressure. • These cooktops are shipped from _!_7 Electrical factory set for natural...
  • Page 24 Installation Instructions UNPACKING THE COOKTOP/INSTALLING THE GASKET [] iNSTALLiNG THE FOAM GASKET Foam Gasket Installation Notes: AND REFLECTIVE TAPE • The foam gasket tape should be installed -4,CAUTION: within 1/8" of the edge of the glass. Do not Potential risk of fire - stretch or twist the foam...
  • Page 25: Installing The Cooktop

    Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE COOKTOP [] INSTALLING THE COOKTOP CHECKING FOR FLATNESS Inspect the cooktop glass for rocking or uneven gap on all four sides at the countertop surface. Do not attempt CAUTION: force the glass to meet the countertop. DO NOT LIFT FROM VENT...
  • Page 26 Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE COOKTOP INSTALLING THE HOLD-DOWN I-_ INSTALLING THE BLOWER TO THE PLENUM RETAINERS Orient the blower discharge opening NOTE: Check for glass flatness in Step 9 match the ductwork in Steps 5 and 6. Slide before installing hold-down retainers.
  • Page 27 Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE COOKTOP ATTACHING A BLOWER CONNECTING THE DUCTWORK TRANSITION DUCT Connect the ductwork prepared in Steps 5 and Use a blower transition duct for all downward 6 to the blower transition duct. duct installations to connect to 6" round standard ductwork.
  • Page 28 Installation Instructions INSTALLING THE COOKTOP INSTALL THE PRESSURE INSTALL THE PRESSURE REGULATOR REGULATOR (cont.) IMPORTANT: Disconnect the cooktop and the individual shut-off valve from the gas supply piping system during any pressure testing of that system Regulator at test pressures greater than 1/2 psig. Isolate the Solid piping or cooktop from the gas supply piping system by flexible...
  • Page 29: Electrical Connections

    Installation Instructions ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS An adapter may be used only on a 15-amp circuit. Do not use an adapter 120-volt, 60-Hertz, properly grounded branch a 20-amp circuit. Where local codes permit, circuit protected by a 15-amp or 20-amp circuit a TEMPORARY CONNECTION...
  • Page 30: Final Assembly

    Installation Instructions FINAL ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLE BURNERS, INSTALL DOWNDRAFT FILTER, CHECK IGNITION VENT GASKET AND VENT GRILLE Assemble burner as shown. Do not operate the vent without the filter in place. • Place the filter diagonally through the vent opening. Vent Filter //_d_"-//.,_ Curved side Vent...
  • Page 31: Tips

    Before you call for service... Troubleshooting -tips Save time and money! Review the chart on this page first and you may not need to carl for service. Possible Causes What To Do Waterwon'tboil • Cover pan with a lid.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting Tips

    Before you call for service... Troubleshooting -tips What To Do Possible Causes Controlknobs To turn fl'Oln the OFF position, push the knob Controls improperly set. will not turn and then ttu'n. The knob can only be ttu'ned in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Page 33 GE Service Protection Plus rM GE, a name recognized _xorldwide fbr quality and dependability, offsets you Service Protection Plus '"--comprehensive protection on all your appliances-- No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: We TI Cover Any Appliance. • Backed by GE •...
  • Page 34 FAIL[ 7RE TO COMPLETE AND RETI RN Tt tlS CARD DOES NOT DIMINISt t Y()[ 7R ge.cem W.kR1L\N'[_" RIGt iTS. For inlormation about GEA's prixacy and data usage policy, go to and click on "Priva_ 3 Policy" or call 800.626.2224.
  • Page 35: Arranty

    This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for home use within the USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized Servicer is not available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to an Authorized GE Service Location for service.
  • Page 36 Caution must be exercised, since improper servicing may cause unsafe operation. ContactUs If you are not safistied with the service w)u receive fl'om GE, contact us on our _,Vebsite with all the details including your phone numbe_;...