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Electrolux W 345 B/M Manual For Use And Maintenance page 8


For models working with batteries follow
instructions below, whereas in the case of mains
operated models the transformer has already
been placed inside the machine and needs no
further installation.
The batteries are supplied without liquid,
therefore they must be filled up with the
appropriate acid before they can be used.
Take special care when handling the
acid as it is corrosive, If it should come
into contact with skin or eyes, wash
abundantly with water and consult a
The W345B & W355B machines use two 12 volt
batteries, the W365B & W375B machines use
four 6 volt batteries.
Study the
illustrations then fit
the batteries and
connect the links
supplied as
Plug the battery
socket into the
machine as shown.
Fold over the flaps
to cover the battery
tops, then lower the
tank unit to safely
cover exposed
working parts.
The three solenoid valve bodies may be removed
by turning them through 45 degrees and lifting
them away to reveal the plunger and seating of
each valve. These should be cleaned of scale and
of any other foreign matter.
Regularly inspect the squeegee for damage or
wear to the lips. The lips may be easily replaced
by unscrewing the retaining strips, remove the
lips, replace with new, then screw the cover strips
back again to retain them.
Important:periodically clean the suction
filters; this is very important not to
reduce the suction capability of the

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