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Electrolux W 345 B/M Manual For Use And Maintenance page 10


Drop the brushes (one or two depending on the
model) roughly side by side in front of the
machine, the actual position does not matter.
Switch the machine on by turning the key in the
key-switch a quarter turn clockwise. Wait
momentarily until the battery condition indicator
above the switch lights.
Note :
The mains machine will have to be plugged in,
the indicator then only shows that power is
Drive the machine forward by holding the hand-
grips, then rolling the thumb wheels forward until
the machine moves completely over the brushes.
To stop release the thumb wheels and they will
return to a neutral position. This will ensure the
brushes are fully located under the drive plates.
Position the new brushes roughly side by side on
the floor in front of the machine.
Move the machine forward until the brushes are
pushed along the floor. Release the brush lift/
lower pedal and allow it to settle at its highest
point. Rock the machine forward and back about
50mm (2") to settle the drive plates into the brush
Press the brush motor on/off push button to
engage the brushes. Press the brush pedal down
and latch it into its lower position, press the brush
push button again to stop the motors.
The machine is now ready for use again.

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