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Preparation For Use - Electrolux W 345 B/M Manual For Use And Maintenance


To replace brushes carry out the following
sequence of operations:
The machine should be switched on but all
functions switched off.
Raise the brush unit by pressing down the brush
lift/lower pedal and latching in its lowest position.
Press the brush release push button momentarily
and the brushes at present fitted will be unloaded
from the machine.
Move the machine backward by rolling the
traction control rearward until the brushes are
visible in front of the machine.


Lower the brush unit by pushing the pedal to the
right to unlatch it. Then allow it to rise as far as it
will go. Push the machine forward then back
about 50mm (2") to ensure the drive has located
in the brushes.
Press the brush "on/off" push button: the indicator
will light and the brush motors will engage the
Once the brushes have locked on, raise the brush
unit by pushing the pedal down and latching it at
its lower position.
Press the brush "on/off" push button again (see
previous picture); the green indicator will wait for
the motors to spin down to stop before going out.
Note : The motors do not stop immediately.
The brushes are now loaded onto the machine.

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