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Iscsi Connectivity Support; Powervault Md3000I Storage Setup And Configuration - Dell PowerVault MD3000i Configuration Manual

Configuration for vmware esx server software
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3. iSCSI Connectivity Support

Operating System
VMware ESX Server 3.5

4. PowerVault MD3000i Storage Setup and Configuration

Create virtual disks on MD3000i using steps described in:
After opening the Modular Disk Storage Manager and selecting the MD3000i storage array to be
configured, select the Configure tab.
Note: in the examples to follow the Storage array "sg23_training" is an MD3000i with
virtual disks already configured using the Create Virtual Disks selection. The new server
being added to an existing host group is named "Valhalla".
From the Configure tab
1. Select Configure Host Access (Manual).
2. Enter the host name for the server which has the ESX Server software is installed.
3. Select Linux as the host type.
From the next screen, specify the iSCSI Initiator by selecting the New button (lower right on
screen). On the Enter New iSCSI Initiator screen enter a name for the iSCSI initiator name. The
label is auto-populated from the server name.
Host Group configuration starts from the following screen titled "Configure Host Access (Manual)
– Specify Host Group". For ESX servers supporting VMotion, HA, and DRS, a host group must be
defined so the MD3000i storage subsystem has a configured iSCSI path to each of the hosts.
Select "Yes: This host will share access to the same virtual disks with other hosts"
If a new host group is desired select the radio button for that option and enter in a name
for your host group using standard host naming conventions (e.g. no spaces etc).
Should you already have one or more host groups assigned, select the radio button
enabling selection from a drop down list of existing host groups. This option is to be
used when configuring the second, third, etc. host in a group. Once the host group is
selected previously configured hosts for that host group will be displayed. Note that
Dell Inc
iSCSI software initiator with ESX Server
Figure 2: iSCSI Initiator Window
Host Bus Adapter
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