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Other Features; Tv Status; Mute Indicator; Pip And Pap Modes - Hitachi L42VP01S Instructions For Use Manual

42" digital lcd colour television
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Other Features

TV Status

Programme Number,
Sound Indicator and Zoom Mode are displayed
on the screen when a new programme is entered or
button is pressed

Mute Indicator

It is placed in the upper side of the screen when
To cancel mute, there are two alternatives; the first
one is pressing the
increasing the volume level.

PIP and PAP modes

Press the
button to switch to PIP mode.
At PIP Mode, a small picture (PIP picture) is displayed
on the main picture. Aspect Ratio of the PIP window is
fixed and 4:3.
When PIP Mode is entered, the default active window
is PIP window and the active window is indicated by
a white frame around it. The active window can be
changed by pressing
OSD belongs to active window. The place of the sta-
tus OSDs are same for both windows.
Press the
button again to switch PAP mode.
At PAP Mode, two pictures with equal sizes are dis-
played on the screen. Aspect Ratios of the windows
are fixed.
When you switch to PAP Mode, Main window in PIP
Mode is displayed on the right side of the screen. The
active window can be changed by pressing
Press the
button again to exit the PAP mode.
NOTE: In all HDMI modes, Pip and PAP are not vis-
ible. In YPbPr 1080i , Pip is not visible.
NOTE: See Appendix C for all PIP/PAT modes.

AV Modes

You can switch your TV to AV modes by using re-
lated buttons on the remote control.
First, press
button till INPUT OSD is displayed
on the screen. You can then use; AV1, AV2, AV3,
AV4, AV5, HDMI1 or HDMI2 buttons on your remote
control to select the desired source (except being in
Programme Name,
button and the second one is
button. The status info
Note that in PIP/PAP modes, pressing
will directly change sources.

Freeze Picture

You can freeze the picture on the screen by pressing
button on the remote controller. At PIP and
PAP layouts, only the main picture can be frozen.

Zoom Modes

Zoom mode can be changed by pressing the "
Aspect ratio" button. You can change the screen
size according to the picture aspect ratio. Select the
optimum one from the following ZOOM modes.
NOTE: InYPBPR and HDMI modes,while in 720 and
1080 resolutions, Full 1 and Full 2 modes
will be visible.
NOTE: When in "Full 1" mode; if picture defects in
top and bottom lines occur because of the
broadcast, switch to "Full 2" mode to avoid. If
such defects in the edges of picture are not
experienced, it is advised that you watch in
"Full 1" mode.
NOTE: You can only choose 4:3 and FULL in PC
When a WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) signal,
which shows the aspect ratio of the picture, is in-
cluded in the broadcast signal or the signal from an
external device, the TV automatically changes the
ZOOM mode according to the WSS signal.
• When the AUTO mode does not function correctly
due to poor WSS signal quality or when you want to
change the ZOOM mode, change to another ZOOM
mode manually.
This uniformly stretches the left and right sides of a
normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) to fill the wide TV
• For 16:9 aspect ratio pictures that have been
squeezed into a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio),
use the Full mode to restore the picture to its original shape.
Use to view a normal picture (4:3 aspect ratio) as this
is its original shape.
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