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Analogue Tv Menu System; Picture Menu - Hitachi L32HC04U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Manual Channel Scan
In manual channel scan, the number of the multiplex is
entered manually and only that multiplex is searched
for the channels. For each valid channel number, signal
level and signal quality are shown on the screen.
In both manual and auto search any existing channel
in the database is not re-stored to avoid redundant
duplicates of that channel.
Clear Service List (*)
(*) This setting is visible only when the Country option
is set to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
Use this setting to clear channels stored. Press " " or " "
button to select Clear Service List and then press OK. The
following OSD message will be displayed on the screen:
Press OK to cancel. Select Yes by pressing " " or " "
button and press OK to delete all of the channels.
First Time Installation
The user can use this item to load default settings,
which were loaded to the receiver at the factory.
To install factory settings, highlight "First Time
Installation" menu item and press "OK" button,
then you will be asked whether or not to delete the
settings. Selecting "Yes" by pressing "OK" button
while the "Yes" is highlighted will delete the existing
channel table.
Then you will be asked to confi rm for deleting all
channels and settings:
By selecting Yes and pressing the "OK" button, the
existing channel table will be deleted. After factory
settings are loaded, "First Time Installation" menu
will be displayed.
The menu which is displayed for language selection
appears on the screen at fi rst. By using " " or " "
buttons, select the desired language option, and press
OK button to activate.
After then, "First time installation" OSD will appear on
the screen. By pressing " " or " " buttons, select the
Country you want to set and press "OK" button
EU countries except
Press the "OK" button to start installation. After search
is completed for digital channels, a message asking
whether to search for analogue channels appears
on the screen.This process is same as described in
Automatic Search section. .

Analogue TV Menu System

Picture Menu

For your viewing requirements, you can set the related
mode option.
Press " " or " " button to select Mode . Press "
" or " " button to choose from one of these options:
Cinema , Dynamic and Natural .
Press " " or " " button to select the desired option.
Press " " or " " button to set the level.
Note : Hue option can only be visible when the TV receives
an NTSC signal.
Colour Temp
Press " " or " " button to select Colour Temp . Press
" " or " " to choose from one of these options: Cool ,
Normal and Warm .
Note :
• Setting Cool option gives white colours a slight blue
• Setting Warm option gives white colours a slight red
• For normal colours, select Normal option.
Noise Reduction
If the broadcast signal is weak and the picture is
noisy, use Noise Reduction setting to reduce the
noise amount.
Press " " or " " button to select Noise Reduction.
Press " " or " " to choose from one of these options:
Low , Medium , High or Off .
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