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Cleaning; Heat And Flames; Lightning; Replacement Parts - Hitachi L32HC04U Instructions For Use Manual

32” lcd colour television
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Before cleaning, unplug the TV set
from the wall outlet. Do not use liquid or
aerosol cleaners. Use soft and dry cloth.
The slots and openings on the TV set are intended for
ventilation and to ensure reliable operation. To prevent
overheating, these openings must not be blocked or
covered in anyway.

Heat and Flames

The set should not be placed near to open
fl ames and sources of intense heat such
as an electric heater. Ensure that no open
fl ame sources, such as lighted candles,
are placed on top of the TV. Batteries
should not be exposed to excessive heat
such as sunshine, fi re or the like.


Before a storm and lightning or when going
on holiday, disconnect the power cord and
aerial lead from the wall sockets.

Replacement Parts

When replacement parts are required, make sure that
the service technician has used replacement parts,
which are specifi ed by the manufacturer or have the
same specifi cations as the original one. Unauthorized
substitutions may result in fi re, electrical shock or
other hazards.


Please refer all servicing to qualified
personnel. Do not remove the cover
yourself as this may result in an electric

Waste Disposal

Instructions for waste disposal:
• Packaging and packaging aids are recyclable and
should principally be recycled. Packaging materials,
such as foil bag, must be kept away from children.
• Batteries, including those which are heavy metal-
free, should not be disposed of with household
waste. Please dispose of used battery in an
environment friendly manner. Find out about the
legal regulations which apply in your area.
• Cold cathode fluorescent lamp in LCD PANEL
contains a small amount of mercury; please follow
the local laws or regulations for disposal.
Information for Users in European
Union Countries
The above mark is in compliance with
the Waste Electrical and Electronic
E q u i p m e n t D i r e c t i v e 2 0 0 2 / 9 6 /
EC (WEEE). The mark indicates
the requirement NOT to dispose
the equipment including any spent
or discarded batteries as unsorted
municipal waste, but use the return
and collection systems available. If the batteries or
accumulators included with this equipment display
the chemical symbol Hg, Cd, or Pb, then it means that
the battery has a heavy metal content of more than
0.0005% Mercury, or more than 0.002% Cadmium or
more than, 0.004% Lead.

Headphone Volume

Excessive sound pressure from earphones
and headphones can cause hearing loss.


To prevent injury, this device must be securely
attached to the wall in accordance with the installation
instructions when mounted to the wall (if the option
is available).

LCD Screen

The LCD panel is a very high technology product with
about a million thin fi lm transistors, giving you fi ne
picture details. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels
may appear on the screen as a fi xed blue, green or
red point. Please note that this does not affect the
performance of your product.
Connection to a Television
Distribution System (Cable TV etc.)
from Tuner
Device connected to the protective earthing of the
building installation through the mains connection or
through other apparatus with a connection to protective
earthing-and to a television distribution system using
coaxial cable, may in some circumstances create a
fi re hazard.
Connection to a cable distribution system has
therefore to be provided through a device providing
electrical isolation below a certain frequency range
(galvanic isolator, see EN 60728-11).
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