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Installation Of The Tft Tv To The Wall - Hitachi L32A01 A Instructions For Use Manual

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Installation Of The TFT TV To The Wall

1- To install the TFT TV on the wall, first of all, foot assembly should be removed. (Figure 1). Unscrew the 6
screws (M4 x 12) that attach the foot assembly to the TFT panel and remove the foot assembly from the
TFT panel.
2- Decide the place on the wall where the TFT panel would be placed. Fix the wall mounting stencil on the
The stencil is used for placing the wall hangers on the wall, properly.
3- Level and mark with a pencil the 4 mounting points on each wall hanger.
Drill pilot holes for the plastic anchors (7x30) and then fix the wall hangers with 8 screws
(4 x 30).
4- Raise the TFT panel and hang it to the holes on the wall hanger from the 4 hanging screws at the rear of the
TFT panel.
1. Please follow the installation instructions carefully as failure to do so may result in injury or damage to the
2. If you do not feel confident in carrying out the installation yourself, please ask a specialist installer to carry
out the installation for you.
3. The wall anchors provided are for solid (brick, concrete etc) walls only. For all other wall types please obtain
the correct fixings for the wall type from your hardware retailer. If you are unsure which anchors to use,
please seek professional advice.
4. To avoid potential injury it is advisable to have assistance from another person to carry out this installation.
5. Hitachi assumes absolutely no responsibility for injuries or damages that may occur due to improper
installation and handling.
Figure 1
GB - 9 -
(M4 x 12)


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