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Instruction Manual
Safety Information and Introduction ............2
Table of Contents ...........................................6
Connections .................................................12
Turning On & Basic Operations..................21
Advanced Operations ..................................48
Controlling Other Components...................71
Appendix .......................................................77
Internet Radio Guide
Remote Control Codes


   Summary of Contents for Onkyo TX-NR626

  • Page 1

    Contents Safety Information and Introduction ....2 AV RECEIVER TX-NR626 Table of Contents ...........6 Connections ..........12 Turning On & Basic Operations....21 Instruction Manual Playback............29 Advanced Operations ........48 Controlling Other Components....71 Appendix ............77 Internet Radio Guide Remote Control Codes...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Safety Information and Introduction 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized B. If liquid has been spilled, or objects have fallen or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two into the apparatus, WARNING: blades with one wider than the other. A grounding C.

  • Page 3: Precautions

    If water or any other liquid gets –Increase the separation between the equipment cloths, thinners, alcohol, or other chemical inside this unit, have it checked by your Onkyo and receiver. solvents, because they may damage the finish or dealer.

  • Page 4

    –Hereby, Onkyo Corporation, declares that this dispositif rayonnant et le corps (à l’exception des proceed as follows: TX-NR626 is in compliance with the essential extrémités : mains, poignets, pieds et chevilles). requirements and other relevant provisions of The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to For Canadian Models Directive 1999/5/EC.

  • Page 5: Supplied Accessories

    Following the instructions in this manual will esenciales y otras exigencias relevantes de la enable you to obtain optimum performance and –Onkyo Corporation izjavlja, da je ta TX-NR626 v Directiva 1999/5/EC. listening enjoyment from your new AV Receiver. skladu z bistvenimi zahtevami in drugimi –Par la présente, Onkyo Corporation déclare que...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Connection Tips ............17 Remapping Colored Buttons ........72 Displaying Source Information........45 Connecting the Antennas..........19 Remote Control Codes for Onkyo Components Using the Sleep Timer ..........45 Connecting Onkyo RI Components......20 Connected via RI ........... 72 Setting the Display Brightness........46 Using Headphones............20...

  • Page 7: Features

    • 95 Watts/Channel @ 8 ohms (FTC) * Compatible with HDMI IN 1 to HDMI IN 4 only • 160 Watts/Channel @ 6 ohms (IEC) • Onkyo for System Control • 175 Watts/Channel @ 6 ohms (JEITA) • 3 Digital Inputs (1 Optical/2 Coaxial) •...

  • Page 8: Front & Rear Panels, Front Panel

    Safety Information and Introduction Front & Rear Panels Front Panel (North American and Taiwanese models) (European, Australian and Asian models) For detailed information, see the pages in MEMORY button (38) AUX INPUT AUDIO/VIDEO jacks parentheses. TUNING MODE button (38) USB port (32) ON/STANDBY button (21) DISPLAY button (45) SETUP MIC jack (25)

  • Page 9: Display

    Safety Information and Introduction Display For detailed information, see the pages in Tuning indicators NET indicator to 36, 67) parentheses. RDS indicator (excluding North American and Message area Z2 (Zone 2) indicator (70) Taiwanese models) (39) SLEEP indicator (45) AUTO indicator (38) 3D indicator Channel/Unit indicators This lights when a 3D input signal is detected.

  • Page 10: Rear Panel

    Safety Information and Introduction Rear Panel (North American, European, Australian and Asian models) (Taiwanese models) See “Connecting Your Speakers” for connection Power cord (North American, European, (➔ pages 12 to 20). Australian and Asian models) REMOTE CONTROL jack DIGITAL IN COAXIAL and OPTICAL jacks COMPONENT VIDEO IN and OUT jacks GND screw ETHERNET port...

  • Page 11: Remote Controller, Controlling The Av Receiver

    Approx. 16 ft. (5 m) SLEEP button (45) ■ Installing the batteries • You can also use the remote controller to control Onkyo Blu-ray Disc/DVD player, CD player, and other components. See “Entering Remote Control Codes” for more details (➔ page 71).

  • Page 12: Connections, Connecting The Av Receiver, Connecting Your Speakers

    Connections Speaker Configuration To find the best position for your subwoofer, while playing a movie or some music with good bass, The following table indicates the channels you should experiment by placing your subwoofer at various use depending on the number of speakers that you positions within the room, and choose the one that have.

  • Page 13

    Connections Connecting the Speaker Cables/Powered Subwoofers Before connecting the power cord, connect all of your speakers and AV components. A setup wizard Please connect for 5.1-channel surround. is launched upon first-time use to let you perform If you’re using only one surround back the settings.

  • Page 14

    Connections ■ Speaker Connection Precautions • Don’t connect more than one cable to each speaker Bi-amping the Front Speakers terminal. Doing so may damage the AV receiver. • (North American and Taiwanese models) You can connect speakers with an impedance of •...

  • Page 15: Connecting The Tv/av Components

    Connections Use this jack to connect to the Satellite/cable set- Connecting the TV/AV components top box, etc. Use this jack to connect to the game consoles, Before connecting the power cord, connect all of your speakers and AV components. To display the setup etc.

  • Page 16: About Rihd-compatible Components

    ■ • Sharp TV ■ Computer or media server Players/Recorders • Onkyo and Integra -compatible players Do not connect the AV receiver’s USB port to a USB • Toshiba players and recorders port on your computer. Music on your computer •...

  • Page 17: Operations That Can Be Performed With Rihd Connection, Confirm The Settings, Connection Tips

    Connections • On the TV, when you select anything other than the HDMI Operations that can be performed with Confirm the settings jack to which the AV receiver is connected, the input on the RIHD connection AV receiver will be switched to “TV/CD”. 1.

  • Page 18

    Connections Signal Selection Example Video Signal Flow Chart Blu-ray Disc/DVD player, etc. • When a signal is input via HDMI and the corresponding Blu-ray Disc/DVD player, etc. input selector is selected, the HDMI indicator lights. In the case of an optical or coaxial connection, the DIGITAL Composite Component HDMI...

  • Page 19: Connecting The Antennas

    Connections ■ Optical digital audio Connecting the Antennas Optical digital connections allow you to enjoy digital sound such as PCM , Dolby Digital or DTS. The This section explains how to connect the supplied indoor FM antenna and AM loop antenna. audio quality is the same as coaxial.

  • Page 20: Connecting Onkyo Ri Components, Using Headphones

    • Some components may not support all functions. Refer (➔ page 72). to the manuals supplied with your Onkyo components. • While Zone 2 is on, the System On/Auto Power On and Direct Change functions do not work. En-20...

  • Page 21: Turning On & Basic Operations, Turning On/off The Av Receiver, Connecting The Power Cord

    Turning On & Basic Operations the same circuit. If this is a problem, plug the AV receiver Turning Off into a different branch circuit. • Do not use a power cord other than the one supplied with Press ON/STANDBY on the front panel. the AV receiver.

  • Page 22: Firmware Update Notification, About The Hybrid Standby Indicator, Initial Setup

    Turning On & Basic Operations Initial Setup Firmware Update Notification Use / on the AV receiver or remote controller to select one of the following When a new version of the firmware is available, the This section explains the settings that we recommend options, and then press ENTER.

  • Page 23: Source Connection, Remote Mode Setup, Network Connection, Terminating The Initial Setup

    Turning On & Basic Operations Follow the instructions on screen to perform Source Connection Remote Mode Setup the network checking. This step checks the connection of source With this step, you can enter remote control codes for The checking is complete when the message components.

  • Page 24: Using The Automatic Speaker Setup

    Turning On & Basic Operations Measurement procedure Using the Automatic Speaker Setup Note • Make the room as quiet as possible. Background noise and To create a listening environment in your home With the supplied calibrated microphone, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can disrupt the room theater that all listeners will enjoy, Audyssey MultEQ Audyssey MultEQ ®...

  • Page 25

    Turning On & Basic Operations Turn on the AV receiver and the connected TV. Adjust the subwoofer volume level to 75 dB, Use / to select an option, and then press and then press ENTER. On the TV, select the input to which the AV ENTER.

  • Page 26

    • Writing Error! This message appears if saving fails. Try saving again. If this message appears after 2 or 3 attempts, contact your Onkyo dealer. • Speaker Detect Error This message appears if a speaker is not detected. “No” means that no speaker was detected.

  • Page 27: Performing Wireless Lan Setup

    Turning On & Basic Operations ■ PIN code method Performing Wireless LAN Setup Use / to select “Network Connection”, and to select “Wireless”, and then press 1. Use / to select “PIN Code” and then press ENTER (➔ page 67). ENTER.

  • Page 28

    Turning On & Basic Operations Manual wireless LAN setup Select “OK” and press ENTER. Use / to select the Access Point you wish to Connection to your Access Point starts and Wi-Fi connect to, and then press ENTER. indicator flashes. After the connection to your Depending on your encryption settings, the Press RECEIVER followed by HOME.

  • Page 29: Playback

    TV. Switching the input on the TV is also • “Controlling Other Components” (➔ page required. Select the input to which the AV • “Using the Onkyo Dock” (➔ page receiver is connected by using the TV remote controller. * For the CEC compatible TV and the AV components connected with HDMI connections, switching the input is automatically performed.

  • Page 30: Controlling Contents Of Usb Or Network Devices

    Playback TOP MENU REPEAT Controlling Contents of USB or This button displays the top menu for each media or Press this button repeatedly to cycle through the repeat Network Devices service. modes. (➔ page / and ENTER These buttons navigate through the menus. •...

  • Page 31: Understanding Icons On The Display, Playing An Audio From Bluetooth-enabled Device

    Playback Pairing the AV receiver with a Bluetooth- Understanding Icons on the Display Playing an Audio from Bluetooth- enabled device enabled Device This section describes icons that appear on the AV Pairing is an operation where Bluetooth-enabled receiver’s display during media playback. About the Bluetooth Wireless Technology devices register with each other beforehand.

  • Page 32: Playing A Usb Device, Listening To Tunein

    • The model name appeared on the display of your The network service screen appears, and the Bluetooth-enabled device is “Onkyo TX-NR626”. This section explains how to play music files from a NET indicator lights. If it flashes, the AV receiver USB device (e.g., USB flash drives and MP3 players).

  • Page 33

    Playback Setting an TuneIn account • Adding TuneIn radio stations or programs to My Use / to select a station or a program, and Presets then press ENTER. To create a user account for TuneIn, open a browser Select "TuneIn", and press ENTER button to display Playback starts.

  • Page 34: Registering Other Internet Radio, Changing The Icon Layout On The Network Service Screen

    Playback Click “Save” to save the Internet radio station. Registering Other Internet Radio Changing the Icon Layout on the The Internet radio station is then added to “My Network Service Screen You need to connect the AV receiver to your home Favorites”.

  • Page 35

    Playback Windows Media Player Setup On the “Stream” menu, select “Turn on media Use / / / to select “DLNA”, and press streaming”. ENTER. ■ Windows Media Player 11 Setup A dialog box appears. Use / to select a server, and then press This section explains how to configure Windows ENTER.

  • Page 36: Playing Music Files On A Shared Folder

    Playback ■ Creating a shared folder Playing music files on a shared folder Playing Music Files on a Shared Folder In order to enjoy Home Media, you must first create a Right-click the folder that you want to share. This section explains how to play music files on a shared folder on your computer.

  • Page 37: Remote Playback

    Playback Click “OK” to close the dialog box. Adjusting the Volume. Remote Playback This completes the Windows Media Player 12 You can adjust the volume by adjusting the You need to connect the AV receiver to your home configuration. volume bar in the “Remote playback” window. network (➔...

  • Page 38: Listening To Am/fm Radio

    Playback ■ Tuning into stations by frequency Listening to AM/FM Radio Press TUNING / . You can tune into AM and FM stations directly by Searching stops when a station is found. entering the appropriate frequency. This section describes the procedure of using the buttons on the front panel, unless otherwise specified.

  • Page 39

    Playback ■ ■ What is RDS? Displaying Radio Text (RT) Press MEMORY again to store the station or RDS stands for Radio Data System and is a method channel. Press RT/PTY/TP once. of transmitting data in FM radio signals. It was The station or channel is stored and the preset The RT information scrolls across the AV developed by the European Broadcasting Union...

  • Page 40: Playing Audio And Video From Separate Sources

    Playback ■ Listening to Traffic News (TP) RDS program types (PTY) Playing Audio and Video from Separate Type Display Sources You can search for stations that broadcast traffic None None news. You can listen to the audio of one input source while News reports News watching the video of another.

  • Page 41: Using The Listening Modes

    Playback PURE AUDIO button and indicator (North American and Taiwanese models) Using the Listening Modes (European, Australian and Asian models) This button selects the Pure Audio listening mode. About Listening Modes When this mode is selected, the AV receiver’s display The AV receiver’s listening modes can transform your and analog video circuitry are turned off.

  • Page 42

    Playback ■ Input Source Onkyo-Original DSP Listening Modes The following audio formats are supported by the listening modes. Listening Mode Description Input Speaker Source Layout This is mono (monophonic) sound. Orchestra Suitable for classical or operatic music, This is stereo (stereophonic) sound. Two independent audio signal channels this mode emphasizes the surround are reproduced through two speakers.

  • Page 43

    Playback Listening Mode Description Input Speaker Listening Mode Description Input Speaker Source Layout Source Layout T-D (Theater- With this mode you can enjoy a virtual In this mode, audio from the input source Dimensional) surround sound even with only two or is output without surround-sound D S D three speakers.

  • Page 44

    Playback Listening Mode Description Input Speaker Listening Mode Description Input Speaker Source Layout Source Layout DTS-ES Matrix This mode is for use with DTS-ES Matrix Dolby Pro Logic IIz Dolby Pro Logic IIz Height is designed soundtracks, which use a matrix- Height to more effectively use existing program a t r i x...

  • Page 45: Displaying Source Information, Using The Sleep Timer

    Playback Displaying Source Information Using the Sleep Timer Note (North American and Taiwanese models) This You can display various information about the current With the sleep timer, you can set the AV receiver to listening mode is not available. input source as follows. turn off automatically after a specified period.

  • Page 46: Setting The Display Brightness, Changing The Input Display, Muting The Av Receiver

    • Muting is automatically cancelled when the AV receiver. receiver is set to standby. Changing the Input Display When you connect an -capable Onkyo component, you must configure the input display so that can work properly. This setting can be done only from the front panel.

  • Page 47: Using The Home Menu

    Playback connected through HDMI, you can easily switch a short while after the AV receiver is turned on. Using the Home Menu between inputs as their previews are displayed on Please wait until it becomes operable. a single screen. Press ENTER to display the network service The Home menu provides quick access to frequently Press ENTER to display the main preview screen.

  • Page 48: Advanced Operations, On-screen Setup, Using The Quick Setup

    Advanced Operations In addition, previews of the video streams coming Using the Quick Setup from HDMI inputs (HDMI IN 1/2/3/4/5) are displayed. Use / to select an input source and view the related information. Pressing ENTER switches to Advanced Operations the selected input source.

  • Page 49: Using The Audio Settings Of Quick Setup

    Advanced Operations • This setting cannot be used with the NET, USB and Phase Matching Bass Using the Audio Settings of Quick BLUETOOTH input selectors. Setup Only when you have selected “Custom” in the “Picture ■ Phase Matching Bass Mode” (➔...

  • Page 50

    Advanced Operations Speaker Levels • The setting is stored individually for each input selector. Music Optimizer Late Night ■ ■ Subwoofer Level Music Optimizer –15dB to 0dB to +12dB in 1 dB steps. ■ Late Night ■ Center Level For Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus sources, The Music Optimizer function enhances the sound –12dB to 0dB to +12dB in 1 dB steps.

  • Page 51

    Advanced Operations CinemaFILTER ■ Cinema Filter Turn this setting on to soften overly bright movie soundtracks, which are typically mixed for reproduction in a movie theater. CinemaFILTER can be used with the following listening modes: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic IIx Movie, Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Dolby Pro Logic IIz Height, Multichannel, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6...

  • Page 52: Using The Setup Menu (home), Setup Menu Items

    Advanced Operations Main menu item Sub menu item Using the Setup Menu (HOME) Setup Menu Items 7. Hardware Setup Tuner (➔ page HDMI Main menu item Sub menu item Remote Auto Standby 1. Input/Output Assign Monitor Out indicator (➔ page Network HDMI Input Initial Setup...

  • Page 53: Input/output Assign, Speaker Configuration

    Advanced Operations Explanatory Notes 1. Input/Output Assign Note • The “HDMI Through” setting is only available for the HDMI 2. Speaker Setup Monitor Out OUT MAIN jack (➔ page 65). ■ Resolution Speaker Configuration On the “Monitor Out” settings, you can select whether or not to have the video sources’...

  • Page 54

    Advanced Operations ■ HDMI Input BD/DVD, CBL/SAT, GAME, PC, AUX, TV/CD, Component Video Input PHONO If you connect a video component to an HDMI input, If you connect a video component to a component HDMI1/MHL, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, HDMI5, you must assign that input to an input selector. For video input, you must assign that input to an input HDMI6: example, if you connect your Blu-ray Disc/DVD player...

  • Page 55: Speaker Setup

    Advanced Operations Digital Audio Input 6ohms: 2. Speaker Setup Select if the impedances of all speakers are If you connect a component to a digital audio input, between 6 and 16 ohms. Here you can check the settings made by you must assign that input to an input selector.

  • Page 56

    Advanced Operations ■ by the subwoofer instead of the speaker. Refer to Surround Back Ch Speaker Distance your speaker’s manuals to determine the optimum 1ch: crossover frequencies. Select if only one surround back speaker L is This setting is set automatically by connected.

  • Page 57: Audio Adjust

    Advanced Operations Level Calibration With this setting, you can broaden the width of the 3. Audio Adjust front stereo image when using the Dolby Pro Logic IIx Music listening mode. With the Audio Adjust functions and settings, you can This setting is set automatically by adjust the sound and listening modes as you like.

  • Page 58: Source Setup

    Advanced Operations Note Note • If the “Front High” settings is set to “None” (➔ page 56), Narrow • For best results, we recommend setting “ ” to 20° ■ Neo:6 Music this setting cannot be selected. and “Wide” to 40°. •...

  • Page 59

    Advanced Operations ■ Dynamic EQ play at reference level when the master volume About Audyssey Dynamic EQ ® control is set to the 64 position. At that level you can Audyssey Dynamic EQ solves the problem of hear the mix as the mixers heard it. deteriorating sound quality as volume is decreased by Audyssey Dynamic EQ is referenced to the standard taking into account human perception and room...

  • Page 60

    Advanced Operations IntelliVolume – “HDMI CEC (RIHD)” is set to “On” (➔ page 64) and Name input area you’re listening through your TV speakers. • A/V Sync is disabled when the Pure Audio (European, ■ IntelliVolume 4 - 4. Name Edit BD/DVD Australian and Asian models) or Direct listening mode is –12dB to 0dB to +12dB in 1 dB steps...

  • Page 61

    Advanced Operations ■ Picture Adjust mode. See “Monitor Out” for details on the Film Mode *2*4 monitor output setting (➔ page 53). Video: Using Picture Adjust, you can adjust the picture “Film Mode” detection is not applied and the ■ Picture Mode quality and reduce any noise appearing on the input signal is handled as a video source.

  • Page 62

    Advanced Operations ■ Audio Selector Setting the Incoming Digital Signal (Fixed *1*2*4 Mode) –50 to 0 to +50 ■ With this setting, you can adjust the color hue Audio Selector ■ between “–50” and “+50”. ARC: Fixed Mode The audio signal from your TV tuner can be sent Off: ■...

  • Page 63: Listening Mode Preset, Miscellaneous

    Advanced Operations • For the “BLUETOOTH” input selector, only “Digital” 5. Listening Mode Preset 6. Miscellaneous is available. You can assign a default listening mode to each input Volume Setup ■ Analog/PCM/Digital source that will be selected automatically when you With this setting, you can specify the listening mode select each input source.

  • Page 64: Hardware Setup, Osd Setup

    Advanced Operations OSD Setup 7. Hardware Setup Note • When the setting is set to “On” and the menu is closed, the ■ On Screen Display Tuner names of connected -compatible components and “RIHD On” are displayed on the AV receiver. “Search…”...

  • Page 65

    Advanced Operations ■ ■ ■ HDMI Through Audio TV Out (Main) Audio TV Out (Sub) BD/DVD, CBL/SAT, GAME, PC, AUX, TV/CD, PHONO: This preference determines whether the incoming This preference determines whether the incoming Selects the input source for which the HDMI audio signal is output from HDMI OUT MAIN.

  • Page 66

    Advanced Operations ■ ■ Audio Return Channel InstaPrevue Default setting: On (European, Australian and Asian models), Off (North American and These settings apply to “InstaPrevue” of the Home Taiwanese models) menu and specify the preview display of Auto: (➔ page HDMI video streams.

  • Page 67

    Advanced Operations ■ ■ Network MAC Address Proxy Port This is the AV receiver’s MAC (Media Access If you’re using a Web proxy, enter a proxy port This section explains how to configure the AV Control) address. This address cannot be changed. number here.

  • Page 68: Remote Controller Setup, Lock Setup

    Setup start pairing. 1, 2, or 3 Locked When several Onkyo components are used in the Unlocked same room, their remote ID codes may overlap. To When “Locked” is selected, the setup menus will be • If pairing setting is not set, “Ready” appears on-screen differentiate the AV receiver from other components, display.

  • Page 69: Zone, Making Zone 2 Connections

    Advanced Operations Zone 2 In addition to the main listening room, you can also enjoy playback in another room, or as we call Zone 2. And, you can select a different source for each room. Making Zone 2 Connections Connecting Your Zone 2 Speakers Directly to the AV receiver Connecting the Zone Speakers to an Additional Amplifier This setup allows you to select different sources for Main room and Zone 2.

  • Page 70: Controlling Zone 2 Components

    Advanced Operations Controlling Zone 2 Components Press ZONE2, then point the remote controller • To unmute, press ZONE2 followed by MUTING again. ■ at the AV receiver and press RECEIVER. Operating on the AV receiver Zone can also be unmuted by adjusting the volume. Zone 2 turns on, the Z2 indicator lights on the AV Input selector buttons Note...

  • Page 71: Controlling Other Components, Preprogrammed Remote Control Codes, Looking Up For Remote Control Codes

    If the desired brand name is not found: assigned for the REMOTE MODE buttons. However, BD/DVD Onkyo Blu-ray Disc player (➔ page these buttons also work as input selector buttons, so to select “Not Listed”, and then press...

  • Page 72: Remapping Colored Buttons, Remote Control Codes For Onkyo Components Connected Via Ri

    Controlling Onkyo components without Resetting the Remote Controller • If any other button than the colored buttons is pressed, the If you want to control an Onkyo component by operation will be cancelled. pointing the remote controller directly at it, or you You can reset the remote controller to its default •...

  • Page 73

    Controlling Other Components Controlling MHL-Enabled Mobile Device Controlling Other Components Press the appropriate REMOTE By programming the supplied remote controller with MODE button first. By pressing the REMOTE MODE button that’s been the appropriate remote control code, you can use it to programmed with the remote control code for your operate your MHL-enabled mobile device.

  • Page 74

    Controlling Other Components ■ ■ ■ TV operation DVD player/DVD recorder operation Satellite receiver/Cable receiver operation Available buttons Available buttons Available buttons Number: 1 to 9, 0 TOP MENU GUIDE , INPUT, TV VOL / , SOURCE SOURCE MUTING Number: +10 DISPLAY DISPLAY / / / , ENTER...

  • Page 75: Using The Onkyo Dock

    AV receiver will RI Dock For the latest information on the Onkyo Dock automatically switch to the input to which the RI Dock components, see the Onkyo web site at: With the RI Dock, you can easily play the music of is connected.

  • Page 76: Controlling Your Ipod/iphone

    DS-A2 RI Dock. code (without ). In this case, make an This button does not turn the Onkyo DS-A2 or DS-A2X connection and enter the remote control code 81993 RI Dock on or off. Also, your iPod/iPhone may not...

  • Page 77: Appendix, Troubleshooting

    Make sure that the polarity of the speaker cables is correct, AV receiver before contacting your Onkyo dealer. and that the bare wires are in contact with the metal part of Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, wait five To reset the AV receiver to its factory defaults, turn it each speaker terminal.

  • Page 78

    Appendix ■ Noise can be heard If the input signal format is set to “PCM” or “DTS”. Set it to When Powered Zone 2 is used, playback in the main room “Off”. (➔ page is reduced to 5.1channels and the front high and surround Using cable ties to bundle audio cables with power cords, speaker cables, and the like may degrade the audio back speakers produce no sound.

  • Page 79

    COMPONENT VIDEO OUT. (➔ pages 15, 54) or the FM STEREO indicator doesn’t light If it’s an Onkyo component, make sure that the cable If the video source is connected to a composite video input, Relocate your antenna. and analog audio cable are connected properly.

  • Page 80

    Appendix ■ iPod/iPhone doesn’t work properly If there is more than one access point in the network, RI Dock for iPod/iPhone Try reconnecting your iPod/iPhone. separate each access point. ■ There’s no sound It is recommended to place the Wi-Fi router (access point) and the AV receiver in the same room.

  • Page 81

    Appendix ■ functions don’t work The AV receiver supports USB devices that support the Music Server and Internet Radio USB mass storage device class. However, playback may To use , you must make an connection and an ■ not be possible with some USB devices even if they Can’t access the server or Internet radio analog audio connection (RCA) between the component conform to the USB mass storage device class.

  • Page 82

    Appendix ■ If the picture on your TV/monitor connected to • We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any Radio Wave Caution the HDMI output(s) is unstable, try switching the error or damage of network environment or access DeepColor function off device resulting from the use of this apparatus.

  • Page 83

    LAN device. • We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any Onkyo is not responsible for damages (such as CD damages resulting from the use of this apparatus rental fees) due to unsuccessful recordings caused except in the cases deemed acceptable under the by the unit’s malfunction.

  • Page 84

    Appendix DISCLAIMER Video Resolution Chart Through this device you are able to link to other services or websites which are not under the control of any company which has designed, manufactured or distributed/have distributed this The following tables show how video signals at different resolutions are output by device, and its affiliates (collectively, “Company”).

  • Page 85: Firmware Update

    (➔ page 64). choose from the following two methods: update via own risk. Onkyo will not be liable and you will have • Turn off the controller device connected via network. network, or update via USB storage. Choose the one no remedy for damages for any claim of any kind •...

  • Page 86

    Onkyo Support. Errors during an update via network Congratulations! You now have the latest Error Code Description firmware installed on your Onkyo AV receiver. Updating the Firmware via USB -01, The Ethernet cable was not detected. Reconnect the cable properly.

  • Page 87

    (Alpha-numeric characters on the program. When this occurs, you can still view the front display are denoted by asterisks.) Refer to the Download the firmware file from the Onkyo update progress on the AV receiver’s display. following table and take appropriate action.

  • Page 88: About Hdmi

    Appendix About HDMI Supported Audio Formats About Copyright Protection • 2-channel linear PCM (32–192 kHz, 16/20/24 bit) The AV receiver supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Designed to meet the increased demands of digital Digital Content Protection) , a copy-protection TV, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a •...

  • Page 89: Network/usb Features

    ■ • Onkyo accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or Internet Access (for Internet radio) ■ damage to data stored on a USB device when that device...

  • Page 90

    Appendix ■ ■ • Operation is not guaranteed for all USB devices, which WMA Lossless (.wma or .WMA) LPCM (Linear PCM) includes the ability to power them. • Sampling rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, • Sampling rates of 8 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 12 kHz, •...

  • Page 91: License And Trademark Information

    Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of Audyssey Laboratories,Inc. Music Optimizer™ and “WRAT” are trademarks of Onkyo such marks by Onkyo is under license. Other trademarks Corporation. and trade names are those of their respective owners. “DLNA ®...

  • Page 92: Specifications

    Appendix Specifications 6 Ω - 16 Ω Bluetooth Section Speaker Impedance (North American and Taiwanese) 4 Ω - 16 Ω (Others) Communication system Amplifier Section Bluetooth Specification version 2.1 + Video Section EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Maximum communication range Rated Output Power Input Sensitivity/Output Level and Impedance All channels: 95 watts minimum continuous power...

  • Page 93

    Appendix ■ General Audio Outputs Analog ZONE2 LINE OUT Power Supply AC 120 V, 60 Hz Subwoofer Pre Outputs (North American and Taiwanese) AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz (Others) Speaker Outputs Main (L, R, C, SL, SR, SBL/FHL, Power Consumption 6.3 A (North American and Taiwanese) SBR/FHR) + ZONE2 (L, R)

  • Page 94

    Appendix Memo En-94...

  • Page 95

    Appendix Memo En-95...

  • Page 96

    Tel: 86-21-52131366 Fax: 86-21-52130396 http://www.cn.onkyo.com/ Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa Please contact an Onkyo distributor referring to Onkyo SUPPORT site. http://www.intl.onkyo.com/support/ The above-mentioned information is subject to change without prior notice. Visit the Onkyo web site for the latest update.

  • Page 97

    Using Internet Radio Using Internet Radio Using Multiple Accounts Pandora ® internet radio The AV receiver supports multiple user accounts, –Getting Started (U.S. only)..... 2 which means you can freely switch between several Common Procedures in Internet Radio logins. After registering user accounts, login is Menu performed from the “Users”...

  • Page 98

    Pandora uses to create your personal radio After you have created your account and stations stations. you can return to your Onkyo receiver and press I’m tired of this track: PANDORA, the PANDORA logo, and the Pandora enter to begin listening to your personalized...

  • Page 99

    Music Guide: remote control. account at You can play tracks from Genres, Top Artists, Enabled buttons: www.rhapsody.com/onkyo Top Albums, Top Tracks, New Releases, and , RANDOM, REPEAT If you have an existing Rhapsody account, select Staff Picks. Note “Sign in to your account”...

  • Page 100

    If you have an existing SIRIUS account, you can The playback screen for the selected channel Your Onkyo AV receiver includes a free trial of sign in by selecting “Sign In”. Enter your user appears and you can listen to SiriusXM Internet SiriusXM Internet Radio.

  • Page 101

    “Sign in to your Account Info: Your new Onkyo AV receiver is very clever. If you account”. Enter your user name and password in Confirm your account information. have a free Last.fm account, it will keep track of all the next keyboard screen.

  • Page 102

    Using Internet Radio You can control the tracks with the buttons on Using Slacker Personal Radio the remote control. If you do not have an account, create one on Enabled buttons: the Slacker website (www.slacker.com) with ■ Menu Items your computer. Rate Song as Favorite: If you already have a Slacker account, select Stores information to server, making it more likely...

  • Page 103

    Using Internet Radio Playing Contents on the AV Receiver The track at the top of the music list is automatically Using MP3tunes played back. Listen to your music collection on your home stereo in Use / to select a track and press ENTER or complete digital fidelity without a personal computer •...

  • Page 104

    Utilisation d’une webradio Utilisation d’une Utilisation de plusieurs comptes Pandora ® internet Radio L’ampli-tuner AV prend en charge plusieurs comptes –Pour commencer webradio utilisateur, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez librement (États-Unis uniquement)......2 commuter entre plusieurs connexions. Après avoir enregistré...

  • Page 105

    « au repos » et Pandora ne la lira compte et de vos stations, vous pouvez retourner plus pendant un mois. à votre récepteur Onkyo et appuyez sur entrée Create station from this artist : PANDORA, le logo PANDORA, et l’habillage pour écouter votre webradio Pandora...

  • Page 106

    à partir de , RANDOM, REPEAT albums, des meilleures pistes, des nouveautés et www.rhapsody.com/onkyo Remarque des sélections du personnel. Si vous possédez déjà un compte Rhapsody, • Sur les canaux Rhapsody, certaines touches ne Rhapsody Channels : sélectionnez «...

  • Page 107

    L’écran de lecture du canal sélectionné s’affiche pouvez y accéder en sélectionnant « Sign In ». et vous pouvez écouter SiriusXM Internet Radio. Votre ampli-tuner AV Onkyo comprend un essai Saisissez votre nom utilisateur et votre mot de gratuit de SiriusXM Internet Radio. L’écran « Account Vous pouvez contrôlez les pistes avec les...

  • Page 108

    « Neighbours ». pouvez vous y connecter pour sélectionner Votre nouvel ampli-tuner AV Onkyo est très intelligent. « Sign in to your account ». Saisissez votre Account Info : Si vous avez un compte Last.fm gratuit, il garde une nom utilisateur et votre mot de passe dans Vérifiez les informations de votre compte.

  • Page 109

    Utilisation d’une webradio Vous pouvez contrôlez les pistes avec les Utilisation de Slacker Personal Radio touches sur la télécommande. Si vous ne possédez pas de compte, créez-en Boutons activés : un à partir du site Web de Slacker ■ Eléments du menu (www.slacker.com) à...

  • Page 110

    Uso de Internet Radio Uso de Internet Radio Uso de múltiples cuentas Pandora ® Internet Radio El receptor de AV permite múltiples cuentas de –Primeros pasos (solo EE.UU.)....2 usuario, lo que quiere decir que se puede cambiar Procedimientos comunes en el menú libremente entre varios usuarios.

  • Page 111

    Una vez creada su cuenta y sus I’m tired of this track: PANDORA, el logotipo de PANDORA logo, y la emisoras, puede regresar al receptor Onkyo y Si se cansa de un tema, puede “silenciarlo” de imagen corporativa de Pandora son marcas...

  • Page 112

    Para utilizar Rhapsody, necesitará una cuenta. Si todavía no tiene una, puede crear una nueva en Music Guide: Puede controlar las pistas con los botones del www.rhapsody.com/onkyo mando a distancia. Puede reproducir canciones por géneros, artistas Si ya tiene una cuenta Rhapsody, seleccione principales, álbumes principales o canciones...

  • Page 113

    Aparecerá la pantalla de reproducción de la seleccionando “Sign In”. Escriba su nombre de emisora seleccionada y ahora usted podrá Su receptor de AV Onkyo incluye una prueba gratuita usuario y contraseña en la pantalla de teclado escuchar SiriusXM Internet Radio.

  • Page 114

    “Uso de múltiples cuentas” (➔ página 1). Se Ban this track: Radio sin anuncios en su receptor de AV Onkyo sin puede iniciar sesión desde la pantalla “Users”. Se guarda la información sobre la canción en el necesidad de un ordenador.

  • Page 115

    Uso de Internet Radio Puede controlar las pistas con los botones del Uso de Slacker Personal Radio mando a distancia. Si no tiene una cuenta, cree una en el sitio web Botones activados: de Slacker (www.slacker.com) con su ■ Elementos del menú ordenador.

  • Page 116

    Y1212-1 SN 29401478IRUS * 2 9 4 0 1 4 7 8 I R U S *...

  • Page 117

    Using Internet Radio Using Internet Radio Using Multiple Accounts The AV receiver supports multiple user accounts, Using Last.fm Internet Radio ......2 which means you can freely switch between several Common Procedures in Internet Radio logins. After registering user accounts, login is Menu performed from the “Users”...

  • Page 118

    “Sign in to your Account Info: Your new Onkyo AV receiver is very clever. If you account”. Enter your user name and password in Confirm your account information. have a free Last.fm account, it will keep track of all the next keyboard screen.

  • Page 119

    Internetradio verwenden Internetradio verwenden Verwendung mehrerer Konten Der AV-Receiver unterstützt mehrere Nutzerkonten, Verwendung von Last.fm Internet Radio ..2 was bedeutet, dass Sie frei zwischen mehreren Allgemeine Verfahren bei den Logins umschalten können. Nach der Anmeldung der Nutzerkonten wird das Login vom „Users“ Bildschirm Internetradio-Menüs aus vorgenommen.

  • Page 120

    Verwenden Sie / , um „Sign in to your Lieblingsmusik merkt... Library“, „Your Neighbourhood“ und „Your account“ auszuwählen und dann drücken Sie Recommendations“). Ihr neuer Onkyo AV-Receiver ist äußerst clever. Wenn Sie ENTER. ein kostenloses Last.fm-Konto eingerichtet haben, werden Profile: Wenn Sie über einen bestehenden Last.fm Konto darin alle kürzlich abgespielten Titel gespeichert.

  • Page 121

    Remote Control Codes Remote Control Codes While holding down the REMOTE MODE button to which you want to assign a code, press and hold down [DISPLAY] (about 3 seconds). The REMOTE MODE button/Remote indicator lights. On Integra products, button names are capitalized. For example, “Remote Mode” button and “Display”...

  • Page 122

    Remote Control Codes Codes de télécommande Códigos de control remoto Tout en maintenant enfoncé le bouton REMOTE MODE auquel vous souhaitez Manteniendo pulsado el botón REMOTE MODE para el cual desea introducir un associer un code, pressez et maintenez enfoncé le bouton [DISPLAY] (pendant código, pulse y mantenga presionado el botón [DISPLAY] (aproximadamente 3 environ 3 secondes).

  • Page 123

    Remote Control Codes Codici del telecomando Fernbedienungscodes Tenendo premuto il tasto REMOTE MODE al quale si desidera assegnare il Halten Sie die REMOTE MODE-Taste gedruckt, fur die Sie den Code eingeben codice, premere e tenere premuto [DISPLAY] (per circa 3 secondi). mochten, und drucken Sie (ca.

  • Page 124

    Remote Control Codes Afstandsbedieningscodes Fjärrstyrningskoder Houd terwijl u de REMOTE MODE toets ingedrukt houdt waarvoor u een code Håll ned knappen för det REMOTE MODE som du vill tilldela en kod samtidigt wilt toewijzen de [DISPLAY] toets ingedrukt (ongeveer 3 seconden). som du trycker och håller ned [DISPLAY] (i cirka 3 sekunder).

  • Page 125

    Remote Control Codes 遥控代码 按住想指定编码的 REMOTE MODE (遥控模式)按钮的同时,按住 [DISPLAY (显示)] (大约 3 秒钟) 。 REMOTE MODE (遥控模式)按钮 / 遥控指示灯亮起。 Integra 产品上的按钮名称单词首字母大写。例如, “Remote Mode (遥控模 式) ”按钮和 “Display (显示) ”按钮。 注意: • [RECEIVER (接收机)] 和多区域按钮不能输入遥控编码。 • • 只能为 [TV (电视)] 输入电视遥控编码。 •...

  • Page 126

    Remote Control Codes Cable Set Top Box Cable Set Top Box Cable Set Top Box Cable/PVR Combination 02254, 02769 Neuf TV 03107 Visiopass 00817 Time Warner 01376, 01877, 02187 02769 Noos 00817 01376 01582 Arris 02187 01068, 01060 WideOpenWest 01877 Videotron 01877 AT&T...

  • Page 127

    Remote Control Codes IPTV/PVR Combination Neuf TV 03107 Harman/Kardon 70157 Rotel 70157 Onkyo 70868 Philips 02294 Hitachi 70032 70157 Sony 70490, 70000 Scientific Atlanta 00858 Integra 71817, 70101 Sansui 70157 TEAC 72977 03107 70072 SAST 70157 Yamaha 70490 Verizon 02378...

  • Page 128

    82228 Alba 01284 Centrex 01457 Durabrand 01284 Logitech 82182 Allvision 01334 01413, 01567 Echostar 00775, 00853, 01323, 01409, 02527 Onkyo 82990, 81993, 82351 Amstrad 00847, 01175, 01662, Chess 01334, 01626 01693 Eco-Star 01413 Polk Audio 82228 CityCom 01176 Ansonic 02418...

  • Page 129

    Remote Control Codes Satellite Set Top Box Satellite Set Top Box Satellite Set Top Box Satellite Set Top Box Hama 01567 Leiko 01626 Pace 00847, 00853, 00887, Sat Industrie 01611 01175, 01323, 01356, Hanseatic 01100 Lemon 01334 SAT+ 01409 01423, 01662, 01693, Hirschmann 00173 Lenoxx...

  • Page 130

    Remote Control Codes Satellite Set Top Box Satellite Set Top Box SAT/PVR Combination SAT/PVR Combination Star 00887 00642 Canal+ 02657 SKY Deutschland 02754 Stream System 01300 00879, 01356 CanalSat 02657 SKY Italia 01693, 01850 Strong 00853, 00879, 01284, United 01251, 01626, 02418 Cyfrowy Polsat 02527 SKY New Zealand...

  • Page 131

    Remote Control Codes Television Television Television Television Akura 10171, 10037, 10714, Belstar 11037 Classic 10499 DMTech 12001 10668, 11037, 11363, Beon 10037 Clatronic 10037, 10714, 11324 Domeos 10668 11585, 11667, 11709 Berthen 10556, 10668 Clayton 11037 Drean 10037 Alba 10037, 10714, 10668, Bestar 10037 Condor...

  • Page 132

    Remote Control Codes Television Television Television Television Ferguson 10037, 10625, 10560, Goodmans 10556, 10037, 10625, Hoeher 10714 Karcher 10714, 11324 10195, 11037, 11585 10714, 10560, 10668, Hornyphon 10037 Kathrein 10556 10634, 11037, 10499, Fidelity 10171, 10037, 10512 Hugoson 11666 Kendo 10037, 11037, 11585 11585, 11667 Finlandia...

  • Page 133

    10556, 10037 10178, 10037 Phocus 10714, 11652 Onix 10698 Medion 10556, 10037, 10714, Naiko 10037 Phoenix 10037 Onkyo 11807, 13100, 13500 10668, 11037, 10698, Nakimura 10037 Phonola 10556, 10037 10512, 11248, 11585, 11667, 11709 National 10508, 10208 11667, 12001, 12719...

  • Page 134

    Remote Control Codes Television Television Television Television Profitronic 10037 Rowa 10037, 10698 Siera 10556, 10037 Svasa 10208 Proline 10037, 10625, 10634, Saba 10625, 10714, 10560 Silva 10037 Swisstec 11614, 11775 11037 Sagem 10618 Silva Schneider 10037 Sylvania 10171, 11394, 11864, Prosonic 10037, 10714, 10668, 11886...

  • Page 135

    Remote Control Codes Television Television Television Telefunken 10037, 10625, 10714, Ultravox 10037 Wharfedale 10556, 10037, 11324, ReplayTV 20616 10560, 10698, 11585, 11667 11614, 11775 Sonic Blue 20616 11667 White Westinghouse 10037 Unic Line 10037 TiVo 20739 Telefusion 10037 Wilson 10556 Uniden 12122 Telegazi...

  • Page 136

    30741 Durabrand 30675, 30713 Irradio 30646 Sanyo 30713 30741, 31602 Dynex 32596 30503, 30539, 30623, Schneider 30539, 30646, 30713 30867, 31597, 31602, Onkyo 30503, 30627, 31612, Dyon 33052 Schoentech 30713 32855 32147, 30571, 31634 eBench 31152 Scott 31394 Kendo 30713...

  • Page 137

    32414, 32432, 33444 SilverCrest 31152 Victor 31597 Philips 30646, 31340 Momitsu 33052 Skantic 30539, 30713 Vizio 32563 Pioneer 30631, 32860 Onkyo 32147, 32900, 32910, SM Electronic 31152 Vtrek 32587 33100, 33101, 33500, 30646 Smart 30713 33501 Waltham 30713 30522 Sony...

  • Page 138

    Remote Control Codes TV/DVD Combination TV/DVD Combination Centrum 11037, 30713 Sunstech 12001 Crown 11037, 30713 Sylvania 10171, 11394, 11864, 11886, 30630, 30675 DMTech 12001 TEAC 10698 Dual 11037, 30713 Technica 11037, 30713 Dynex 12049 Telefunken 10698 Elfunk 11037, 30713 Teletech 11037, 30713 Emerson 11394, 11864, 11886,...

  • Page 139

    Remote Control Codes Memo...

  • Page 140

    Y1212-1 SN 29401471CODE (C) Copyright 2013 Onkyo Corporation Japan. All rights reserved. * 2 9 4 0 1 4 7 1 C O D E *...

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  • Ronel J. Enano Jan 11, 2017 11:28:
    Amazing...​.I need to download the operating manuel, it's because even me in my working place I read some other lines exact detail and correct the set up..and additional knowledge of some devices to set up...thank you..
  • Francis Hodson Jul 02, 2014 04:56:

    I have the Onkyo TX-NR626 and two subwoofers and I'm wondering how to link both up correctly at both ends. I own two separate single male to male RCA leads. I understand that one end of each of these go into both of the 'Sub-PreOu​ts' on the back of the Onkyo, but I do not understand where to link these up on my two subwoofers​.

    For the subs, I own one 'Q Acoustics 7070Si Series 8 Inch Subwoofer' which came as part of the 'Q Acoustics 7000i' 5.1 speaker package, and I bought an additional subwoofer which is the 'Wharfedal​e Diamond SW150'. Both subs have a Left and Right RCA input. The '7070Si' is marked 'Left/Mono​' in white and simply 'Right' in red on the other input. The 'SW150' is marked with simply 'Left' (in white) and 'Right' (in red) for the RCA inputs.

    W​hich input do I use?

    Also​, I notice that on the back of the Onkyo TX-NR626, there is a 'L' and 'R' marked to the left of the pre-outs, though this might pertain only to the 'Zone 2' inputs?