Turn On The Dab Radio; Scanning For Radio Stations; How To Reset The Dab Radio - Hitachi KC 1105D Instruction Manual

Dab/fm/ cd alarm clock radio
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Turn on the DAB radio

Extend the antenna found on the rear of the DAB radio. Press the Standby/on
button to switch on your radio.

Scanning for Radio Stations

For initial use, press the SCAN
button. The DAB radio will now
scan for DAB stations in your area
and store them in memory.
Once the scanning is completed,
the DAB stations will be displayed
in alphanumeric order. The first
station in the list will be selected.
Press < or > button to cycle
through the available stations.
Press the SELECT button to
select the chosen station.
Note: If no DAB signal is found in your area, it may be necessary for you to
relocate your radio. Alternatively, visit
http://www.ukdigitalradio.com/coverage to check that DAB coverage is
available in your area.

How to Reset the DAB Radio

You can delete all of the preset stations and return the radio to its factory settings
as following:
Press MENU button first, then Press < or > button
The display will show "press SELECT to confirm reset...".
Press the SELECT button
The presets are being erased and the radio is being returned to its factory
Note: If you do not wish to reset the radio, wait a few seconds without pressing
any buttons and the radio will revert to its previous operating condition.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents