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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Spezialnähmaschine Betriebsanleitung Instruction manual Postfach 17 03 51, D-33703 Bielefeld • Potsdamer Straße 190, D-33719 Bielefeld Telefon +49 (0) 521 / 9 25-00 • Telefax +49 (0) 521 / 9 25 24 35 • Ausgabe / Edition: Änderungsindex Teile-Nr./Part.-No.: 09/2010 Rev.

  • Page 2

    Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Eigentum der Dürkopp Adler AG und urheberrechtlich geschützt. Jede, auch auszugsweise Wiederverwendung dieser Inhalte ist ohne vorheriges schriftliches Einverständnis der Dürkopp Adler AG verboten. All rights reserved. Property of Dürkopp Adler AG and copyrighted. Reproduction or publication of the content in any manner, even in extracts, without prior written permission of Dürkopp Adler AG, is prohibited.

  • Page 3

    Foreword This instruction manual is intended to help the user to become familiar with the machine and take advantage of its application possibilities in accordance with the recommendations. The instruction manual contains important information on how to operate the machine securely, properly and economically. Observation of the instructions eliminates danger, reduces costs for repair and down-times, and increases the reliability and life of the machine.

  • Page 4: General Safety Instructions

    General safety instructions The non-observance of the following safety instructions can cause bodily injuries or damages to the machine. 1. The machine must only be commissioned in full knowledge of the instruction book and operated by persons with appropriate training. 2.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page: Part 2: Installation Instructions Class 888 – Original Instructions Scope of delivery ..........Transport packing of assembled machine .

  • Page 6

    Contents Page: Sewing test ..........

  • Page 7: Scope Of Delivery

    Scope of delivery The purchaser can order a complete machine, or some components only. Prior to setting up, please check that all the required parts are present. This description refers to a special sewing machine, of which all individual components can completely be delivered by Dürkopp Adler AG.

  • Page 8: Transport Packing Of Assembled Machine, Assembling The Stand Components

    Transport packing of assembled machine If the machine is supplied in assembled condition, the following transport packing must be removed: – Safety straps and wooden battens on the machine head and stand. – Safety blocks and straps on the sewing drive. Assembling the stand Assembling the stand components –...

  • Page 9: Assembling The Table Top

    Assembling the table top 3.2.1 Assembling the table top in the machine with the motor on the table top – Turn the table top (1) upside down. – Screw the drawer (2). – Put the oil sump (3) on the recess in the table top and slide it in the arrow direction (4) till the relevant protrusions of the oil sump are seated on the recess contour.

  • Page 10: Assembling The Table Top With The Motor On The Machine Head (direct Drive)

    3.2.2 Assembling the table top with the motor on the machine head (direct drive) – Turn the table top (1) upside down. – Screw the electric cable channel (2). – Screw the pedal position sensor (3). – Screw the electric cable clip (4). –...

  • Page 11: Mounting The Pressure Regulator For The Sewing Foot To The Table Top

    3.2.3 Mounting the pressure regulator for the sewing foot to the table top – Put the pressure regulator (1) in the holder (9) and secure it using the nut (10). – Mount the components of the pneumatic circuit to the table top as shown in the illustration below.

  • Page 12

    Connect the components of the pneumatic circuit according to the drawing below.

  • Page 13: Setting The Working Height

    Setting the working height – The stand height is adjustable between 750 and 900 mm. – Loosen the screws (1). – Set the required table top height and make sure that it is identical on both sides. To do that, use the scale on the stand feet. Set the stand height so that it corresponds with the operator’s body proportions.

  • Page 14: Fitting The Machine Head

    Assembling the machine head Fitting the machine head – If the sewing machine is equipped with a motor on the table top, insert the machine head (1) vertically in the recess in the table top. – If the sewing machine is equipped with a motor (drive) on the machine head, tilt the machine head (2) and insert it in the table top recess.

  • Page 15: Fitting The Machine Head Drive With A V-belt

    Fitting the machine head drive with a V-belt This paragraph applies only to the machines with the motor on the table top. – Mount the V-belt pulley (1) and the V-belt (2). Both items are included in the set of parts. –...

  • Page 16: Fitting The Belt Guards

    Fitting the belt guards – Disassembly the hand wheel (1). – In the machines with the motor on the table top mount the guard (2) on the machine head (the guard is included in of the motor part set) and mount the guard (3) on the motor (the guard is included in the motor package).

  • Page 17

    Adjustment of pedal position – Adjust the side position of the pedal (1) so that its center lies on the needle axis. – Adjust the draw rod (2) so that the foot axis is perpendicular to the pedal surface. Caution! Risk of injury! Failure to keep the determined pedal position can cause damage to the operator’s locomotion system.

  • Page 18

    Fitting the knee lever and oil pump pipe – Lift the sewing foot with the hand lever. – Tilt the machine head (1). – Slide the shaft (3) in the lever (4). – Screw the screw (5) with the washer (6) in the shaft (3). –...

  • Page 19: Fitting The Proximity Switch

    Fitting the proximity switch – The proximity switch (1) is mounted to certain positioning motors (drives) only. In that case it is part of the drive supply. – Slide the proximity switch (1) in the arrow (2) direction on the hand wheel shaft so that the carrier pin (3) fits in the proximity switch groove.

  • Page 20: Fitting The Connecting Cable, Control Panel And Sewing Diode Lamp On The Machine Head

    Fitting the connecting cable, control panel and sewing diode lamp on the machine head – The connecting cable (1) is supplied with every machine with the positioning motor (drive). – The control panel (2) had to be ordered separately (optional equipment).

  • Page 21: Electrical Connection To Low Voltage Network

    Electrical connection The machine drive is supplied from the low voltage network. Caution! All work on the electrical equipment of this special sewing machine may only be carried out by qualified electricians or other appropriately trained persons. Remove the mains plug before carrying out any work! Electrical connection to low voltage network According to the selected type the machine drive has a one-phase or three-phase supply.

  • Page 22

    5.1.1 Sewing lamp transformer connection to network voltage Caution! Risk of electric current injury! The sewing lamp transformer is not switched off by the main switch (EN 60 204-31)! At the sewing lamp installation and repair inside the transformer box, e.g. at a fuse replacement, the mains plug must be disconnected from the power outlet.

  • Page 23: Grounding

    Grounding – The grounding conductor (1) is included in the accessory package of the machine head. – Connect the conductor (1) to the plug (2) and pull its opposite end under the table top. – Screw the opposite end of the grounding conductor to the relevant grounding point of the drive (indicated –...

  • Page 24

    Connection of the head to Efka DC1550/DA321G drive Efka DC1550/DA321G direct drive is fixed directly on the machine head. The motor synchronizer is incorporated in the motor body and it is not located on the hand wheel (this applies, however, only for the 1:1 gear reduction motor –...

  • Page 25: Mounting The M-control Pcb

    Mounting the M-Control PCB – Mount the M-Control PCB 1 to the right of the set value initiator 2. – Connect the compressed air hose 4 to the compressed air maintenance unit 8. – Fix the two compressed air hoses 7 from the machine head onto the throttle valves / solenoid valves 5 and 6.

  • Page 26: Setting The Switch On The M-control Pcb

    Setting the switch on the M-Control PCB With machines having a disconnectable needle bar the switch 1 on the M-Control PCB has to be in position “2".

  • Page 27: Setting Of Positioning Motor (drive) Parameters, Setting Of Parameters By The "autoselect" Function

    Adjustment of Efka positioning motor (drive) The function of the positioning motor (drive) is defined by its program, drive parameter setting, and the machine stopping positions. If the machine is supplied in the disassembled condition, the drive setting must be carried out by the purchaser. If the sewing machine is supplied in assembled condition, the drive is already set by the sewing machine manufacturer.

  • Page 28: Setting Of Machine Positioning, Position Definition, Setting The Machine Positioning For Dc1550/da321g Drive

    6.1.3 Values of parameters specific for this class 888 Parameter change for machines with gear rate of 28/28 teeth Parameter Original value New value Parameter description 290* Class of the machine Max. sewing speed Reference position (see chapter 6.2.2) Parameter change for machines with gear rate 18/28 teeth Parameter Original value New value...

  • Page 29: Checking Of Set Positions, Master Reset

    6.2.3 Checking of set positions Position 1 – Switch on the network switch. – Tread the pedal forwards shortly and release. The machine is stopped in the position 1 (see chapter 6.2.1). – Check the angle on the hand wheel scale (225° ± 5°). Position 2 –...

  • Page 30: Pneumatic Connection

    Pneumatic connection CLASSIC machines with pneumatics. Attention! The special sewing machine’s operating pressure is 6 bar. – Mount the maintenance unit 1 to the stand brace as shown in the illustration. – Screw in the elbow fitting 2 (in the accessories) and connect the hose 3 from the machine head to the elbow fitting 2.

  • Page 31: Lubrication

    Lubrication Before start, the machine must be lubricated properly with oil according to chapter 9.2 in the operating instructions. Sewing test This test can be carried out only after the machine is set completely. – Thread in the bobbin-winder thread. (see operating instructions). –...

  • Page 32


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