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Zone 1
2320 Industrial Parkway
Elkhart. IN 46515
(21 9) 295.5226
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2920 Avenue "E" East
Arlington, TX 76011
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Zone II I
14441 Bonelli St.
City of Industry, CA 91746
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866 Langs Drive
CambrIdge. Ontario
N3H 2N7 Canada
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4528-E/Servi ce
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  • Page 1

    -.B)pzGGq S E R V I C E United States SALES OFFICES DOMETIC SALES CORP. Zone 1 2320 Industrial Parkway Elkhart. IN 46515 (21 9) 295.5226 SALES DOMETIC CORP . Zone II 2920 Avenue “E” East Arlington, TX 76011 ( 81 7) 649.5726 DOMETIC SALES CORP.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    12/110V. These Service Instructions cove r the Dometic Models RM24, RM36C, RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67, RM76, RM77. LIST OF CONTENTS Description...

  • Page 3

    1. . TECHNICAL FEATURES RM24 The cabinet has a so called “Full Finish Casing” and can be used freestanding or built-in. RM24 is a compact refrigerator, ideal for campers, fitted with front frame and seals. This refrigerator is fitted with right-hand door with change over facility to left- hand door and exchangeable front door panel in an aluminium framed door.

  • Page 4

    Door models will be delivered with right hand door hinging, but it is possible for the customer to change the door hinging from right to left hand. R e p l a c e m e n t door panel is possible without removing the door. Only the side profile of the door frame has to be removed.

  • Page 5

    An opening to the outside at floor level of the refrigerator compartment must be provided for ventilation of heavier-than-air fuel gases, The lower vent in the Dometic kits is provided with proper size openings. Gas connect ion Hook-up to the gas supply line is accomplished at the manual gas valve, which is furnished with a 3/8”...

  • Page 6

    BREAKER POINT RELAY r ---- <- > REFR CAUTION Do not operate therefrigerator on 12 Volt when the vehicle is parked.You will run out of battery in a rather short time. ’ If possible the installation of a 12Volt ope- rated refrigator should be completedwith a relay mounted either in the car or in the...

  • Page 7

    Kit No. 1 Upper side vent (Dometic 123) comprising: Lower side vent (Dometic 183) Kit No. 2 Upper side vent (Dometic R M 1 2 2 ) comprising: Lower side vent (Dometic RM2217) Kit No. 3 comprising: Roof vent (Dometic V 2019)

  • Page 8

    RM66, RM67 47 l/2” 59” RM76, RM77 70 l/4” PROPER VENTING IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE BEST PERFORMANCE Kit No. 1 - RM24 UPPER VENT comprising: side vent (Dometic 123) Upper Lower side vent (Dometic 183) (see Fig. 4) VENTILATIOX Fig. 4...

  • Page 9

    Kit No. 2 - RM36C comprising: LOWER VENT Upper side vent (Dometic RM122) Lover side vent (Dometic RM2217) (see Fig. 5) Kit No. 3 - RM36C, RM46, RM47 RM66, RM67, RM76, RM77 comprising: Roof vent (Dometic V 2019) Lover side vent (Dometic RM2217) (see Fig.

  • Page 10

    MEASUREMENTS Cabinet and recess dimensions in inches. Cabinet Door Built-in space p r o - Refrigerator Overall dimens ons required models jection Depth Width Height Depth Width RM24 18 13/16 19 l/8 22 l/8 1 7/16 18 l/4 19 l/4 RM36C 21 7/8 20 l/4...

  • Page 11

    Grounding It is imperative, for personal s a f e t y , t h a t all refrigerators equipped with a t h r e e - p r o n g (Grounding) plug be used only with properly grounded wall receptacles, See fig.

  • Page 12

    any reason If for the gas cock lever has come off position in the driving plastic disc, check alignment, Proceed as follows: Turn downwards the driving plastic disc "A" to stop "B" (see fig. 13). Turn downwards the lever "C" of the gas cock as far as possible (fig, 13). Pull the driving disc "A"...

  • Page 13

    Combustible Material Storage Combustible material such as ether, gasoline, hexane, naphtha, benzine, butane, p r o p a n e , a l c o h o l s , acitone, benzol, lacquer solvent, or natural gas SHOULD NOT BE stored in a refrigerator.

  • Page 14

    To change the door panel. Model RM24. Remove the top decoration strip (2) with its two screws (1). pull outward on the top of the door panel and lift slightly free the panel from the bottom groove. If a new panel is being installed, a s s u r e that it is the same size as the old panel, Install the new panel by inserting...

  • Page 15: Replacement Of Door Gasket

    REPLACEMENT OF DOOR GASKET ON RM24 The construction of the door complete is an aluminium extruded door frame foamed in place with the door pan and magnetic door gasket, i.e. the door pan cannot be removed, Therefore, a special door sealing gasket for service purposes has been produced for the above model.

  • Page 16

    Replacement of door gasket on models RM36C, RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67, RM76, RM77 Remove the door shelves. Unscrew the upper hinge bolt, incline the door outwards and lift off the door. Lay door on flat surface with door pan facing CAUTION: Be sure to protect door panel prevent scratches and dents.

  • Page 17

    C A U T I O N : It is of great importance that the screwdriver is applied in front of one of the plastic tongues which hold the inner panel and the door front together. Replace the sealing gasket round the inner panel and snap the inner panel and the door front together.

  • Page 18

    REPLACEMENT OF EVAPORATOR DOOR GASKET ON RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67 Remove the door as previously described. Unscrew the hinge plates (A fig. 29). Put shutter on a flat surface with the sealing gasket up. Pry the shutter front avay from the inner pan by means of a screwdriver (fig.

  • Page 19

    To change the door from right to left-hand opening and vice versa on m o d e l s RM36C, RM46, R M 4 7 , RM66, RM67 Unscrew and remove upper hinge bolt (A fig. 31), incline the door outwards and lift off the door.

  • Page 20

    8. . THE ABSORPTION REFRIGERATOR SYSTEM Sealed system construction The sealed system of the absorption refrigerator is constructed of velded steel piping which contains the refrigerant charge. The charge consists of ammonia, water. parts associated hydrogen and There are no moving vith the absorption system, CAUTION: When servicing an absorption system...

  • Page 21

    WATER SEPERATOR Cooling Unit 315A gas/electrrc operation for model RN47 with defrosting device Cooling Unit 317A gas/electric operation for model RM46 without defrosting device Fig. 3 6 Cooling Unit 351A gas/electric operation for model RM67 with defrosting device Cooling Unit 352A gas/electric operation for model RM66 without defrosting device...

  • Page 22

    OPERATION ANALYSIS FOR COOLING UNIT It is obviously important that all external factors affecting the unit should be checked properly before a unit is condemned as faulty and that emphasis has been p l a c e d u p o n t h e n e c e s s i t y f o r c o r r e c t i n s t a l l a t i o n , u p r i g h t r e f r i g e r a t o r , c o r r e c t h e a t i n p u t , b a f f l e p o s i t i o n , e t c.

  • Page 23

    COOLING UNIT REPLACEMENT RM24 If it is necessary to replace the cooling unit, proceed as follows: Turn off the gas b ttle. Disconnect gas line to inlet valve, CAUTION : Use a back-up wrench to prevent undue rotation. Unplug the electric line. Check that refrigerator is empty and remove ice tray.

  • Page 24

    COOLING UN IT REPLACEMENT - RM36C, RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67 Remove the refrigerator from its recess as follows: Check that refrigerator is empty and remove ice tray. Turn off gas bottle. Disconnect gas line to inlet valve CAUTION: Use a backup wrench to prevent undue rotation.

  • Page 25

    Remove the connection block cover on the side of the boiler case and disconnect two electrical wires where they join the heater leads in the connection block. Remove the grounding screws “A” (see Fig. 46) on the lower part of the boiler case.

  • Page 26

    Fig. 46 Replacement of absorption unit on models RM76, RM77 When replacing the absorption unit it will be necessary to remove the refrigerator from its recess (paragraph 10). Remove the 6 screws at the bottom of the freezer compartment (“A” fig. 47). Remove the thermostat capillary tubes by loosening the two screws “B”...

  • Page 27

    Fig. 47 Fig. 48 Remove the connection block cover on the side of the boiler case and disconnect the two electrical wires where they join the heater leads in the connection block. Remove the grounding screw, Remove the flue and the flue baffle, Remove the screws “B”...

  • Page 28

    11. GAS EQUIPMENT FOR RM24 ‘J Fig. 49 Description Item Item Description N O . S.I.T. t h e r m o - e l e c t r i c f l a m e f a i l u r e d e v i c e Screw Lock nut Gas cock...

  • Page 29

    DUAL ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT 12/11OV FOR RM24 Fig. SO / v-12 Item Description Heater, 12/11OV, 95W, TYPE 173 Terminal block Description Item Cable clamp Thermostat knob Terminal block cover Dial Screw Screw Spire speed nut Switch cover Washer Screw Switch Gas cock with bracket Cable clamp Screw Screw...

  • Page 30

    GAS/ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT lZ/llOV FOR RM36C, RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67, RM76, RM77 Fig. 51) (See GAS EQUIPMENT PARTS Flue baffle Blow protection Burner tube Burner housing Burner jet Feeler point Flame failure safety device By-pass screw Gas thermostat Knob for fuel selector Pressure test gage connection G a s f i l t e r Plugs for capillary tubes...

  • Page 31

    . . : : ___[____* i.:. Fig. 51...

  • Page 32

    THE GAS THERMOSTAT V- 35 The gas thermostat V-35 consists of three main parts: Be 1 lows sys tern Mechanism , Bellows system inlet )‘alvc housmg Valve housing, see fig. 52 and fig. 53. SCREW BY-PASS “ C O L D ” AOJUSMENT SCREW TYPE V35 l_evL...

  • Page 33

    THERMOSTAT REPLACEMENT To replace the thermos tat, remove capillary from its clamp on the fresh food evaporator fins, Remove the two sealing plugs, one on the outside and one on the inside of the cabinet. Straighten the capillary and pull it through the cabinet, Remove the thermostat by mscrewing it from the gas filter and the flame failure s a f e t y d e v i c e .

  • Page 34

    TEE FLUE SYSTEM The flue system consists of the following parts: 1) Central tube (built-in part of the boiler system and cannot be removed) 2 ) F l u e 3) Flue baffle with support wire The purpose of the flue system is to provide a draft which vi11 pull the burner flame in to the central tube and supply sufficient primary and secondary air to...

  • Page 35

    THERMOELECTRIC FL&!! FAILURE SAFETY DEVICE (see fig, 58) A l l models equipped with an automatic failure device. ‘1 Fig. 58 A l l gas operated or combined gas/electric refrigerator models dealt with in this service instruction are equipped with an automatic failure device. The purpose of incorporating an automatic flame failure device in the burner assem- bly is to prevent unburned gas to escape from the burner and to avoid a fire hazard, if, for some reason or other, the flame has been extinguished or blown out,...

  • Page 36

    REPLACEMENT TXE THEM- ELEMENT OF THE THERMOELECTRIC FAILURE SAFETY DEVICt; FLAME Fig. 59 replace the thermo-element of the thermoelectric flame failure safety devxce ( s e e f i g . 5 9 ) . l;nscrew plug A f ram the valve housing Loosen the position nut C and lock nut Screw off nut C, remove spacer G and nut D.

  • Page 37

    REPLACEMENT HEATER The electric heater is positioned in a pocket which is welded to the boiler tube, A wire clip holds the heater securely in the pocket (see fig. 61). RM36C, RM46 RM24, RM76, RM77 Wire clip RH66, RM67 Fig. Fig.

  • Page 38: Wiring Dia Gr Ams

    WIRING DIAGRAMS Thermostat RM24 Terminal hlnrk 12 Volts “.__.. B l a c k Black Brown 110 Volts P-.4 Heating element Terminal block Switch Fig. 64 1lOV for RM36C, RM46, RM47 RM66, RM67, RM76,RM77 Heater Thermostat Fig. 6.5 l2V/llOV for RM36C, RM46, RM47, RM66, RM67 Terminal block IlOV ‘LP Gos...

  • Page 39

    PRESSURE XEASURING DEVICES The pressure at the burner should be checked at the time the refrigerator is started up, After connecting the pressure gauge, set the thermostat dial at Turn on "i.'ky". the gas at the union cock and light tile burner. At the “:Xx” setting the pressure reading should be 11”...

  • Page 40: Gas Operation

    Unsatisfactory refrigeration also results from improper operation by the user due to misunderstanding or carelessness. Each refrigerator contains a pamphlet called “INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE” which should be followed to assure the best refrigeration results. The servicer, as well as the user, should become thoroughly acquainted with the contents.

  • Page 41: Electric Operation

    Turn off the gas valve (C), its handle vi11 then be pointing avay from the back of the cabinet. Turn the voltage change switch (A) to the required setting, then connect the r e f r i g e r a t o r t o t’ a appropriate voltage supply, When the electrical supply cord is connected to a 110 volt A.C.

  • Page 42

    3. Turn the thermostat knob G to setting 4. Kate: When the refrigerator is equipped for 110 volts and 12 volt operation the turning movement of the knob A should be made as follows: In gas OFF position the knob is pressed and turned clockwise to the 12 volt position, If 110 volt operation is desired press once more and continue the clockwise turning to the 110 volt position marked “ELEC”.

  • Page 43: Cleaning, Travel Latch, Door Seal

    STORING FOOD IN THE REFRXGERATOR Proper refrigeration requires free air circulation within the food storage coar partment. Restricted air circulation within the food storage compartment will cause higher cabinet temperatures, Rearrange foods. It is also essential that the shelves are not covered with paper or large storage containers.

  • Page 44: Odors Insid E The Refrigerator, Odors From Fumes, Flame Blow S Out, Flint Lighter

    Failure of the door gasket to contact the front of the cabinet can be determined visually when the door is closed. Run a piece of thin cardboard along tne door s e a l , inserted between the seal and the cabinet front, Nowhere should the card- b o a r d f e e l l o o s e .

  • Page 45: Piezo Lighter

    . &!I ! _ - / i. &l,/ ’ , , , ’ ,.,’ /’ Fig. 15 Fig. 76 T o r e p l a c e f l i n t , f o l l o v t h e s e s t e p s : Remove the outer burner shield by means of loosening the two screws A (Fig.

  • Page 46

    The Piezo lighter does not normally need any maintenance. If by any reason the electrode or the lighter must be replaced, proceed as follows: Replacement of electrode only. Unscrew burner outer shield. Loosen fastening screw “A” (Fig. 78) holding the electrode against side of burner housing.

  • Page 47: Refrigerators

    TROUBLE SHOOTING - ELECTRIC OPERATED REFRIGERATORS Remedy Cause The refrigerator r’aes n o t c o o l s a t i s f a c t o r i l y Turn the thermostat dial to a higher number, Thennoatat at wrong setting.

  • Page 48

    TROUBLE SHOOTING - GAS OPERATED REFRIGERATORS Remedy Cause T h e r e f r i g e r a t o r d o e s n o t c o o l s a t i s f a c t o r i l y Air circulation over cooling unit Remove any restriction, r e s t r i c t e d .

  • Page 49: Failed Refrigerating Unit

    FAILED REFRIGERATING UNIT There are many things to consider before determining that the unit is faulty. Leveling of the refrigerator V e n t i l a t i o n Cleaning and proper size of burner orifice Cleaning and proper size of by-pass screw Cleaning of thermos tat valve Proper gas pressure Correct flame...

  • Page 50

    OPERATION ANALYSIS FOR REFRIGERATORS OPERATING ON ELECTRICITY S Y M P T O M C A U S E Note: It will be noted in this tabulation that several causes can be responsible for the one effect. The real cause or causes u .r( should bc determined by a process of elipi- G -4 o...

  • Page 51

    The correct flame, at “MAX” setting., should have a bright bl:d crovn at the base of the flame. See Fig. 79. OPERATION ANALYSIS FOR LP GAS REPRICEltATORS SYWTOH CAUSE Note: It will be noted in this tabulation 0” that several causes can be responrible for the one effect.

  • Page 52: Periodic Maintenanc E

    PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Once or twice a year depending on use, it is recommended to clean and ad just the burner assembly, Proceed as follows: Disconnect the gas pipe from the burner assembly, Bemove the burner housing. Remove the jet, the jet with alcohol and compressed air ONLY. Clean Clean the burner tube and especially the gauze with a brush.

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