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Casio fx-7400G Appendix

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Appendix A Resetting the Calculator
Appendix B Power Supply
Appendix C Error Message Table
Appendix D Input Ranges
Appendix E 2-byte Code Table
Appendix F Specifications



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  • Page 1 Appendix Appendix A Resetting the Calculator Appendix B Power Supply Appendix C Error Message Table Appendix D Input Ranges Appendix E 2-byte Code Table Appendix F Specifications...
  • Page 2: Appendix A Resetting The Calculator

    Appendix Appendix A Resetting the Calculator Warning! The procedure described here clears all memory contents. Never perform this op- eration unless you want to totally clear the memory of the calculator. If you need the data currently stored in memory, be sure to write it down somewhere before performing the RESET operation.
  • Page 3 Appendix Resetting the calculator initializes it to the following settings. Item Initial Setting Icon Angle Unit Exponent Display Range Norm 1 Fraction Reduction Automatic Mixed Fraction Display Graph Type Rectangular coordinate (Y=) Statistical Graph Automatic Variable Memory Clear Answer Memory (Ans) Clear Graphic Display/Text Display Clear...
  • Page 4: Appendix B Power Supply

    Appendix Appendix B Power Supply This unit is powered by two AAA-size (LR03 (AM4) or R03 (UM-4)) batteries. In addi- tion, it uses a single CR2032 lithium battery as a back up power supply for the memory. If the following message appears on the display, immediately stop using the calcula- tor and replace batteries.
  • Page 5 Appendix (Should a battery leak, clean out the battery compartment of the unit immedi- ately, taking care to avoid letting the battery fluid come into direct contact with your skin.) Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. If swallowed, consult with a physician immediately.
  • Page 6 Appendix u u u u u To replace the memory back up battery * Before replacing the memory back up battery, switch on the unit and check to see if the “Low battery!” message appears on the display. If it does, replace the main power supply batteries before replacing the back up power supply battery.
  • Page 7: Appendix C Error Message Table

    Appendix Appendix C Error Message Table Message Meaning Countermeasure 1 Use d or e to display the Syn ERROR 1 Calculation formula contains an error. point where the error was generated and correct it. 2 Use d or e to display the point 2 Formula in a program contains an error.
  • Page 8 Appendix Message Meaning Countermeasure Stk ERROR • Execution of calculations that • Simplify the formulas to keep exceed the capacity of the stack stacks within 10 levels for the for numeric values or stack for numeric values and 26 levels commands.
  • Page 9: Appendix D Input Ranges

    Appendix Appendix D Input Ranges Internal Function Input ranges Accuracy Notes digits As a rule, However, for tan (DEG) | | < 9 G G G G G accuracy is 90(2 +1):DEG (RAD) | | < 5 15 digits G G G G G 1 at the /2(2 +1):RAD...
  • Page 10 Appendix Internal Function Input ranges Accuracy Notes digits < 1 ’ ” As a rule, 0 < accuracy is 15 digits 1 at the | < 1 10th digit. Sexagesimal display: ’ ” | < 1 > 0: –1 < <...
  • Page 11: Appendix E 2-Byte Command Table

    Appendix Appendix E 2-byte Command Table Spaces in the following commands are indicated by “]”. OPTN menu commands (, Max(, Min(, Mean(, Median(, Seq(, Dim, Fill(, Sum, List VARS menu commands Y, Xt, Yt, Xmin, Xmax, Xscl, Ymin, Ymax, Yscl, Tmin, Tmax, Tptch, Xfct, Yfct, Q , F]Start, F]End, F]pitch, Commands available with the W key If, Then, Else, IfEnd, For, To, Step, Next, While, WhileEnd, Do, LpWhile, Return,...
  • Page 12: Appendix F Specifications

    Appendix Appendix F Specifications Model: fx-7400G Calculations / Graph Function Basic calculation functions: Negative numbers; exponents; parenthetical addition, subtraction, multiplication, di- vision (with priority sequence judgement function - true algebraic logic) Built-in scientific functions: Trigonometric/inverse trigonometric functions (angle units: degrees, radians, grads); logarithmic/exponential functions;...
  • Page 13 Appendix Graph Types: Rectangular coordinate: Parametric: ) = ( (T), (T)) Inequality: > < > < Graph Function Memory: Graph function storage, editing, selection, drawing Graph Functions: View Window parameter setting; trace; scroll; overwrite; list graph; zoom [box, factor (zoom in, zoom out, original size)]; sketch [plot; line; horizontal/vertical lining]; manual graphing;...
  • Page 14 Appendix Program capacity: 7 kbytes (max.) General Display system: 13-character 6-line display; 10-digit mantissa and 9-digit mantissa and 2-digit ex- ponent when using exponential format for calculations: displays sexagesimal, frac- tion values Text display: Function commands, program commands, alpha characters within remaining memory capacity Error check function: Check for illegal calculations (using values greater than 10...
  • Page 15: Program Mode Command List

    Program Mode Command List [VARS]key V-WIN MENU Xmin Xmin [OPTN]key Xmax Xmax STAT LIST Xscl Xscl DRAW List List_ Ymin Ymin DrawOn Dim_ Ymax Ymax [PRGM]key DrawOff Fill Fill( Yscl Yscl GRPH Seq( Tmin Tmin GPH1 S-Gph1_ Tmax Tmax Then Then_ GPH2 S-Gph2_...